13 Benefits of Working with a Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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A huge number of Americans are overweight, with more than two-thirds of adults suffering from obesity. Obesity is known to not only affect your appearance but also predispose you to a myriad of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Seeing as how excess weight is dangerous to your health, the best way to stay healthy is by losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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If you struggle with obesity, it is in your best interest to work with a medical weight loss clinic before you begin on any weight loss program. This ensures that you go about weight loss the right way without putting your health at risk and also increases your chances of success.

While it may seem like a cost-effective approach to lose weight on your own instead of consulting professionals, you may end up not achieving your weight loss goals. You may even end up endangering your life with risky weight loss plans. With this in mind, a medical weight loss clinic is your best alternative if you want to lose weight successfully without worrying about your health, or regaining the lost weight back once you are done with your weight loss plan.

If you have reservations about visiting a weight loss clinic, below are 13 benefits of working with a medical weight loss clinic.


1. They Make Weight Loss a Simple and Pleasant Experience

The process of losing weight is often not as simple as most people think. Sticking to a diet and adjusting your lifestyle can be quite tasking, which is why most people, unfortunately, don’t end up realizing their goals. However, with dedication and the right support from a weight-loss professional, you can make your weight loss journey a simple, hassle-free experience that is not only fulfilling but also rewarding in the long run.

The most common challenge for people trying to lose weight is sticking to a diet. The good thing is, weight loss clinics excel at this role. The professionals at a weight loss clinic will ensure that you attain your targets and stay away from unhealthy meals that may negatively affect your weight loss progress. What’s more, you will have a helping hand and encouragement from professionals who understand your situation so you can remain committed and consistent throughout your treatment.


Weight loss doctor diagnosis
Weight Loss Clinic: What Does a Doctor Do First?


When you work with a weight loss clinic instead of going through it on your own, they can make the process easier for you in the following ways.

  • Weight loss clinics don’t force their weight loss plans on you
  • They start with the most simple weight loss approaches and help you work your way up
  • Weight loss clinics create unique plans for each individual
  • They supervise and guide you every step of the way while offering any help you may need
  • They always choose the simplest but most effective weight loss strategies for you so you can easily maintain consistency and achieve your desired results


2. Each Case is Considered Individually Before Prescribing Treatment

When you visit a weight loss clinic, your doctor won’t prescribe you treatment before discussing with you in detail about your condition. This is because every person gain weight due to varied reasons, and one treatment can’t work for everyone. For this reason, the professionals you consult for your weight loss journey will first have to discuss the various available options suitable for your case before recommending a weight loss plan for you. Since they are experts in their field and have the necessary training and knowledge, you are assured of working solutions from brilliant minds.


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The first consultation is usually conducted by certified professionals so they can get an idea of your specific problem. This way, they can determine what best weight loss program will work for you before recommending it to you. As obesity is a huge problem globally, weight loss doctors can enlighten you on the right way to lose weight so that you don’t have to struggle with trial and error methods.

If you are curious about what professionals go through before recommending you treatment, below are the steps for prescribing a weight-loss treatment.

Step 1: Consultation with your doctor as you explain in detail about your problem

Step 2: Your doctor carefully examines your case

Step 3: The weight-loss professional go through your medical history for more insight on your condition

Step 4: Your weight loss doctor discusses your problem with relevant professionals and also explore all possible solutions

Step 5: Finally, the doctor prescribes you the best treatment option for your condition.


3. They Conduct Medical Screening Before Administering Treatment

Obesity is not all about the way you look, but also how healthy you are. No matter how eager you may be to shed excess weight, you should not proceed without considering the effects of the treatment on your health.

Since individuals who are overweight face a greater risk of developing health problems, a doctor must run tests before recommending any weight loss solution. This is necessary to avoid health issues that may arise or get worse as a result of the weight-loss treatment. The tests also help avert adverse after-effects that may end up wreaking havoc to your normal life and ensures that your health is safeguarded throughout your treatment.


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If you are wondering whether you will have to go through a lengthy screening process, you will be pleased to know that it is a simple and straightforward procedure. However, it is a highly detailed process and is usually carried out if you don’t have your previous medical records and documents. Below are the steps you will go through when you visit a weight-loss clinic.

  • Visit a weight loss clinic
  • Explain in detail to your doctor about your condition
  • The doctor runs medical tests
  • Your doctor explores possible treatment strategies depending on your condition
  • Based on the results of your assessment, your doctor chooses the best treatment option with the least health effects
  • The doctor tests the treatment before settling on the best weight-loss option for you


4. Weight-Loss Professionals Help Patients Achieve Their Goals

Every individual who struggles with being overweight has a different reason for visiting a weight loss clinic and wanting to lose excess weight. These can range from the desire to lose weight successfully with the help of a professional to the need to be fit and healthy. Some people may want to boost their confidence levels by improving how they look. Regardless of your reason for visiting a weight loss clinic, you can rest assured that the weight loss professional will help you visualize your goals and hold your hand so you can actualize them.

When you visit a weight loss clinic, you may have to explain to your doctor why you want to lose weight. Your weight loss professional will then classify your goals into two; short-term and long-term. After understanding your condition, listening to your reasons, and noting what you seek to achieve after your weight-loss program, the certified professional will then come up with a solution based on your individual needs. The good thing is that your doctor will guide you through the process and ensure that whatever meals or routines you go through positively contribute to your goals and health.


Physician tips for weight loss
A Physician Provides Tips and Resources


Other than helping you visualize your weight-loss goals, a weight loss clinic will help you achieve them by;

  • Examining your condition carefully before recommending a suitable weight-loss strategy
  • Identifying short-term and long-term goals for your weight-loss journey
  • Creating results-driven weight loss programs to help you attain your goals smoothly


5. Weight Loss Clinics Only Give You the Best Treatments

Medical weight loss clinics not only help you identify your goals but also recommend only the best weight loss treatments for you. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time trying out plans that don’t work for you.

The professionals at a medical weight loss clinic use the following pointers to identify a suitable treatment for you.

  • Your exercise routines
  • Food preferences
  • Your lifestyle
  • Whether or not you have taken supplements in the past
  • Your daily water intake
  • Whether or not you already follow a weight loss program or tried a weight loss treatment in the past
  • Your medical history

Since there are numerous ways to get rid of excess weight, your doctor will first consider all the above factors before prescribing a suitable treatment plan. You should never adopt any weight loss treatment you find before consulting a professional. If you are determined to lose weight, the best way to go about it is to seek recommendations from a doctor.

Weight loss doctors know when you should go for a particular treatment, be it surgery, medication, or injection, as they understand the safety of such procedures depending on your situation. This is because some treatments may result in side effects depending on your condition and, therefore, may not be safe. With this in mind, you should always volunteer all the necessary information to your doctor with the utmost accuracy, so you don’t put yourself at risk.


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If you want to lose weight, below are some of the non-surgical treatments that your doctor may recommend.

  • Exercise: Exercising is one of the most practical and simple ways to lose weight. It boosts your metabolism, which aids in burning calories and breaking down the fats in your body. The good thing about working out is that you don’t have to do it only when you want to lose weight as it is a great way to stay fit and healthy.
  • Healthy diet: Some diets are helpful when you are trying to lose weight. These include the Paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, the Keto diet, and General Motors (GM). If you know nothing about these diets, don’t worry. Your doctor will recommend the best diet for you, which doesn’t include unhealthy meals like junk food.
  • Hormonal treatment: Adiponectin is a protein hormone that works to regulate glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acid and can be used to aid your weight loss. Your doctor may increase the concentration of this hormone to speed up your metabolism so you can lose weight if it suits you, depending on how you weigh.
  • Weight-loss drugs: Weight loss drugs such as Belviq and Osymia can help you lose weight. Your doctor may prescribe weight-loss drugs if diet and exercise did not produce the desired results.
  • Cryolipolysis: This is a procedure that aims to reduce fat deposits by using extremely low temperatures to freeze fat and reduce fat pockets. It is usually administered and supervised by a doctor and works by cooling and breaking down body fat without harming the surrounding bones and tissues. Cryolipolysis has the approval of the FDA and is ideal for reducing fat in the abdomen, under the chin, and thighs. The fact that this weight loss procedure is non-invasive means you don’t have to worry about surgery or pain. Cryolipolysis is administered and supervised by a weight loss doctor.


Pros of weight loss clinics
On View Advantages of Weight Loss Clinics


  • Laser fat reduction therapy: This treatment uses controlled heat to break down the fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Although this treatment uses heat, it is largely painless, and you won’t need any anesthesia during the process. Laser fat reduction therapy is a quick procedure that will take as little as 25 minutes of your time, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your schedules. Your doctor may recommend this treatment for the reduction of fat in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back.
  • Injectable treatments: Injectable treatments such as Deoxycholic acid helps you lose weight by digesting and breaking down fat pockets present in the targeted area. While Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in the body, administering it under the supervision of a weight loss doctor at specific problem areas reduces the fatty deposits in the injected area and promotes weight loss.
  • Ultrasound fat therapy: During ultrasound fat therapy, your doctor uses sonic waves on the problem areas to break down the cell walls of fats. This leads to the release of fats so that your body can metabolize them, thereby reducing your fat deposits and making you slim. Since the procedure destroys fat cells, they can’t grow back hence it produces long-lasting results if you maintain your weight.
  • Red light therapy: Red light therapy is among the latest non-invasive weight-loss remedies that help to reduce fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. Unlike other treatments that destroy fat cells, red light therapy cuts through fat cells, creating holes in them and liquefying the fat within the cells. The liquefied fat then causes the cells to be broken down by the body for energy, causing the cells to ultimately shrink in size and your body to become much smaller.


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While there are a lot of available treatments for weight loss, your doctor can only recommend a treatment option that will bring the most desirable results depending on your condition. You are therefore assured of the best possible solution that will ensure you not only lose the excess weight but also maintain your new weight with a healthy lifestyle.


6. Weight Loss Clinics Help You Maintain Consistency

One of the most difficult things that most people face when trying to lose weight is sticking to a diet. Although diet plays a significant role in any weight loss program, many individuals find it difficult to follow the recommended meal plans and end up relapsing to unhealthy eating habits. If you follow a weight loss program that seeks to cut fat from your diet, for example, you may find yourself getting tempted by the enticing junk food every once in a while. The more you fall for these temptations, the more you slow your weight loss progress due to inconsistency.

If you are struggling with maintaining consistency and sticking to prescribed meal plans and routines, a weight loss clinic can help you. They ensure that you stay on the path to your ideal body weight goals without negating your progress with inconsistency.

Some of the procedures that weight loss clinics do  to keep you on track include:

  • Giving you tips on how to stay committed to your weight-loss treatment
  • Checking your daily routines to ensure that you are following the doctor’s advice
  • Adjusting your mindset so that you can perceive your weight-loss program positively


Programs suggested by weight loss clinics
Additional Programs by a Weight-Loss Clinic


7. They Reduce Your Risk of Health Problems

It is no secret that excess weight predisposes you to a myriad of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and even arthritis and stroke. Individuals who struggle with obesity, therefore, need close monitoring so that whatever weight loss program they are on does not lead to unpleasant consequences that are detrimental to their health. This is especially true for people dealing with pre-existing conditions.

With different reasons for weight loss, unique circumstances, and different weight loss goals, it is important that any weight loss program is not only effective but also safe for the patient. Since it is nearly impossible to judge how safe a weight-loss approach is without the help of a professional, consulting a weight loss clinic remains the best option to help you avoid health risks as you try to lose weight.

A weight loss clinic minimizes your risk exposure by first identifying the root cause of your weight gain. They do this by carrying out a background check on you to establish whether your obesity is a result of an illness or not. Since health issues raise significant concerns when it comes to weight loss, weight loss clinics aid in cutting the risk of adverse health effects as they understand what is good for you.

As such, they ensure you don’t face any complications when under treatment using the below strategies:

  • Performing medical check-ups before prescribing treatment
  • Prescribing strategies, treatments, and approaches that don’t have severe side effects
  • Monitoring your medical condition throughout your treatment period


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8. They Ensure That Your Prescribed Treatment Works for You as Expected

When it comes to weight loss tips and advice, there are lots of recommendations for different techniques to experience results. Most of these recommendations do not provide the follow-up and support to ensure that your weight loss strategy is successful.

One thing you should always remember is to not take any advice if it doesn’t come from a professional. With this in mind, weight loss clinics are your most trusted source of information and advice regarding weight loss as they have the knowledge and experience to deal with weight issues. What’s more, they will walk with you every step of the way and ensure that your recommended treatment works for you as it should.

Since not every treatment you try will work for you, you should first consult a weight loss doctor before adopting any. A professional will assess your condition first to establish whether a weight-loss program will  work for you. This is because some strategies will work better than others, and some won’t work at all. As such, the initial evaluation plays a huge role in helping your doctor recommend a program that will help you lose weight successfully within a given timeframe.

So how do weight loss clinics ensure the success of their treatments?

A weight loss clinic will help you lose weight successfully using the following ways.

  • Offering the necessary support and follow up after prescribing treatment
  • Ensuring that you don’t suffer complications from your prescription
  • Tracking your progress to ensure that your weight loss journey goes as expected
  • Recommending an alternative strategy if the prescribed treatment does not produce desirable results


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9. They Also Address the Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Obesity

There are numerous weight loss clinics to choose from if you are looking for weight loss solutions. However, what sets excellent clinics apart from the rest is the way they address your problem. It is common for people who are overweight to suffer from psychological problems as they often become the subject of ridicule from society. The mental burden this creates may be so big that some people end up unable to function normally.

In order to deal with the emotional and psychological issues that come with being overweight, a weight-loss professional is necessary. An expert will efficiently and effectively tackle these problems while at the same time helping you shed weight. This way, your weight loss journey will end with you being physically and mentally, and emotionally fit.

Other than the psychological effects that result from weight loss, emotional and psychological issues can also be the root cause of being overweight. This is because, for some people, unhealthy eating is a consequence of behavioral or psychological issues. Stress eating, for example, can make you overweight if you don’t address how you cope with stress and find healthier techniques. Medication can also lead to excess weight if its side effects include making you feel hungry all the time. In such cases, a weight loss clinic is best equipped to deal with your weight issues as opposed to going at it alone.

Weight loss clinics address all the factors that contribute to a patient’s extra weight,  including emotional and psychological factors. They understand your relationship with food and can help you control your eating habits using strategies that keep you from losing track of your goals.

If, for example, you are a foodie, your weight loss doctor will come up with a plan which ensures that you cut down the consumption of junk food. This may be in the form of creating a healthy meal plan that only incorporates healthy options. Depending on your condition, a weight-loss professional will come up with an ideal strategy that adequately addresses your issues.


Calories intake by USDA
Calories Intake Suggested by USDA


Some of the ways that a weight loss doctor can help you attain low-calorie intake include:

  • Making a healthy diet mandatory when you start your day
  • Recommending healthy snack options and low-calorie drinks
  • Planning a diet that ensures that you don’t feel hungry all the time
  • Helping you create a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, and water
  • Supervising your meal portion sizes and recommending ways of reducing your food intake


10. Weight Loss Clinics Offer Personalized Treatment and Support

There are numerous weight loss programs published both online and offline, but none of them can give you the results that perfectly fit your unique situation. This is because most solutions are usually created as a one-size-fits-all, yet every individual is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. This is where weight-loss clinics have the upper hand.

Weight loss clinics personalize weight loss plans to fit your needs and condition by putting together a weight-loss program that seeks to address your unique needs. They do this by:

  • Going through the patients’ medical records
  • Running screening tests on patients
  • Formulating a customized weight-loss program for each patient based on the findings of patient evaluation


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11. Weight Loss Clinics Prioritize Long-Term Benefits and Results

If you are wondering why most people gravitate towards weight loss clinics and shun trying to lose weight on their own, the answer lies in the overall results and benefits. For many people, long-term benefits are more important than short-term results, and that’s why anyone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off opts for a weight loss clinic.

No one likes the idea of going through the weight loss journey over and over again just because they keep regaining the weight back. Unfortunately, most people who lose weight end up gaining it back since they don’t live healthy to maintain their weight in the long-term. Other than not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, adopting weight loss strategies that don’t completely get rid of fat leads to short term results that don’t last.

A sure way to prevent obesity from being a recurring problem is seeking professional help, and weight loss clinics are your best bet. They offer reliable solutions that work to help you lose weight and maintain your new weight in the long run, so you don’t have to keep struggling with the problem. Weight loss professionals understand the unique needs of every patient and ensure the most effective solutions depending on their unique situation without suffering adverse side effects.


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One thing you should always keep in mind is that losing and regaining weight affects your metabolic system. This is especially true when you are trying to lose weight by dieting without professional guidance. When you cut down your calorie intake, you also reduce your metabolic rate. If you decide that you have attained your ideal weight and you start eating normally, your body will have become accustomed to a slow metabolic rate. As such, it becomes a challenge for your body to break down the increased calories as required, which results in weight gain that washes all your weight loss efforts down the drain.

When you consult a weight loss clinic, the professionals make sure that you don’t regain weight immediately after losing it. This way, you don’t end up interrupting your body’s natural processes, and you end up maintaining your new weight for longer.

Some of the ways that weight loss clinics can help you achieve long-term results are as follows.

  • They do not execute the whole treatment plan at once
  • Each step of your weight loss journey is carefully planned
  • They ensure that your weight loss program targets the problem areas and are tailored to fully get rid of the fat for good


USDA Food guidelines
USDA Recommendations


12. Weight Loss Clinics Give Your Confidence a Boost

Other than the numerous health risks that overweight people face, obesity also affects your self-esteem and confidence. Most people who are overweight are already not happy with the way they look, but it gets worse when you consider how society unfairly treat obese people just because of their appearance.

A majority of overweight people have to put up with the judging stares of people when you pass by and even harsh comments and bullying for being overweight. The bullying and judgment, coupled with your existing stress of trying to lose weight, can adversely affect your self-esteem, lower your confidence, and affect how you live your daily life. Sometimes, overweight people may even stop doing what they love for the fear of being mocked and judged.

Fortunately, weight loss clinics exist to help overweight people live healthily and also restore their confidence and enhance their self-image, which may have been shattered by the unfair treatment from society. The professionals in medical weight loss clinics understand the struggle that overweight people have to go through. Therefore, you are assured of kind treatment from weight-loss experts as they know how hard it is to survive in a society that discriminates against people based on how they look.


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Weight loss experts will help you cultivate body positivity and raise your confidence levels while you work towards your body goals. This way, you can feel good about yourself and get motivated to unashamedly do your level best to achieve your goals. Since the lack of confidence in overweight individuals mostly stems from being bullied and shunned, weight loss clinics can help build and regain the lost confidence in the following ways.

  • Organizing counseling sessions for patients for improved mental wellbeing and a positive mindset
  • Helping patients identify and face their fears with courage
  • Most importantly, helping patients lose weight the healthy way which results in them feeling good about themselves and therefore being more confident


13. Weight Loss Clinics Do Not Make Unrealistic Promises and False Claims

It is not uncommon to come across numerous weight loss methods that promise quick results without you having to necessarily work for it. These claims are usually false and unrealistic, which only results in you being disappointed when your expectations are not met. While it may sound fascinating and enticing, you shouldn’t fall for these claims as they will only waste your time. In the worst-case scenario, you may sign up for a weight loss program that will hurt both your physical and psychological health as a result of losing too much weight within a short time.

You may not understand the effects such drastic weight loss programs have on your health, but adopting a crash diet that you came across online may subject your immune system to devastating effects. What’s more, you could end up with extreme side effects such as lethargy, muscle weakness. It can even affect your cognitive abilities by reducing your ability to concentrate.


Water intake for losing weight
Water Consumption for Weight-Loss


Since most of the online weight loss programs are either a scam or dangerous to your health, you should be very careful when considering them. The best way to do this is by setting realistic weight loss objectives based on short time frames so you can monitor your progress effectively. This means that the goals you set for yourself should not exert too much pressure on you, such as losing a hundred pounds in a few weeks.

While you can lose as much weight as you dedicate your efforts to, you need to do so in a healthy way. To do this, you should have a guiding set of rules to adhere to from a health professional. This way, you don’t exert yourself to the point of harming your overall health, which will render all your weight loss efforts useless. This is why it is always advisable to talk to a health professional before starting a weight loss journey so you can end up with a healthy weight in a manageable manner.

So how do weight loss clinics manage to deliver what they promise?

Since weight loss clinics depend on customer satisfaction, they cannot afford to put their reputation on the line with fake claims. This will not only ruin their credibility but also lead to fewer customers in the long run as they will end up being termed as fraudulent for not delivering what they promise. To avoid tainting their reputation, weight loss clinics provide customer satisfaction by;

  • Not selling false hopes to patients
  • Setting realistic goals after an in-depth evaluation of the patient’s condition
  • They dedicate themselves to provide results within the given timeframe


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Final Take-Away

Weight loss clinics have proven to be quite effective in helping individuals attain satisfactory results. You can attribute this to personalized strategies and individualized attention that are tailored to meet the unique needs of every patient. With obesity becoming a huge problem for Americans, weight loss clinics are your best bet if you are trying to cut weight and avert the problems that come with being overweight. They will help you stay fit, achieve your weight loss goals, and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

If you would like a smooth weight loss journey, it is in your best interest to consult a weight loss clinic before starting off. Take time to do your research on the best weight loss clinics around before settling for one that best suits your needs and weight loss goals.

For any queries or more information about weight loss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we at EZCare Clinic are always available to help.


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