How to beat obesity with workout

Easy Solutions to Beat Obesity with Little Workouts

How to beat obesity with workout

Whenever you feel like your joints are getting a bit stiff, or you can’t cope with sudden physical activity and are generally very tired every day, you might want to check with your doctor whether obesity is the culprit.

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What Is Obesity?

CDC defines obesity as “Weight that is higher than what is considered healthy for a given height.” In other words, your body has more fat than what is taken to be ideal. A common determinant for obesity is your BMI (Body Mass Index); if your BMI index is 30 and above you are regarded as obese.

In the U.S. more than one in three persons are obese. The CDC puts the obesity prevalence rate [1*] at 42.4% and terms it a “common, serious, and costly disease.” However, your BMI index is just probationary. A doctor still needs to carry out more tests to indeed settle that you are obese.

how to get rid of excess weight

How to Get Rid of Obesity Effectively

What to Do for Weight Loss?

While it might seem like a death knell, obesity is manageable. Whether you’re actually obese, know someone with the condition, or your warning lights are already beeping, here are some easy workout solutions to beat it.

1. Walking

Your obesity-free journey could all begin with a walk around the block. The fact is, it’s the most popular form of exercise because it costs you literally nothing other than your time. A study in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition and Biochemistry found that women participants lost 1.5% fat and cut 1.1 inches around their waists after 50-70 minute walks three days a week for 12 weeks.

In addition to regular walking, here’s what you can do to increase how much fat you burn:

  • Increasing your pace
  • Walking uphill
  • Maintaining correct form and posture
  • Interval power walking

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2. Swimming

How about you put the fun in your workouts by regularly going swimming? Water has a way of making our bodies seem lighter which means you can burn excess fat without feeling so worn out and stretched. While in the water, you have 80-90 percent less weight pulling at your joints.

Swimming tips

  • Learn proper techniques, positions, and breathing skills
  • Start slowly by taking rests between laps
  • Use provided pool equipment
  • Do it with a friend

3. Throw in weights with the cardio exercises

Prolonged cardio exercises do help you shed some fat but they also make your muscles lean. If you’re in it for the long haul, you also need to lift a few weights for the sake of your muscles. The good news is that both exercises can be customized to your body needs according to your progress. And you get some motivation from lifting weights too. Seek help from experts to perform it effectively!

Weight lifting tips

  • Intensity-the The key is to work hard. Mostly 30 minutes of lifting is okay
  • Don’t always lift the same weights. More weights mean you burn more calories.
  • Train more than one of your body parts
  • Always aim to go past your comfort zone

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Health problems caused by obesity

Health Problems Linked to Obesity

4. Cycling

People have crossed countries on bicycles. Cycling may be a sport, a career to some, but it’s also a form of exercise. Moreover, even a stationary bike is good enough if you’re the kind that doesn’t like to be seen out cycling. But it’s better if you cycle with a friend; you won’t tell how time will fly. However, seek out one who’s at your level of fitness so you don’t have to burn out.

Cycling tips

  • A longer ride on flat terrain is better than draining yourself over hills especially for a beginner
  • Use a recumbent bike before you graduate to a standard one
  • To avoid over-heating, wear bigger clothes and airy helmets
  • Lastly, you can cycle in a group for fun and better support

5. Squatting

Have you noticed how popular squats are with professional sportspeople? It’s because they actually get the job done. Squats are good for your lower body. If you feel a bit heavy in that area, they’re the best exercise to keep overweight issues at bay.

Squat tips

  • Reach the right depth
  • Use the right positions, breathing techniques, and speed
  • Engage your core
  • Have firm heels

Take That Step

Everyone at some point stresses over their weight, but there are those that actually need to do something about it. Obesity is a disease that requires you to change the way you live because sadly, it has no known clinical cure. It’s also a major risk factor for chronic diseases [2*] like diabetes and hypertension.

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However, you don’t have to kill yourself to lose those 100 pounds or anything. There are professionals that can help you cope with all that comes with being obese. EZCare Clinic doctors understand that a weight loss plan is not the easiest thing and that you do have some limitations. That’s why they’re there to help you out all the way. Reach out today and remember who you’re doing it for.

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