Stress and anxiety

How to Deal with Daily Stress and Work Anxiety

Stress and anxiety

When a deer finally outruns a lion, the fear/tension/ stress of being eaten alive dies right off. It’s a different story for human beings. At work, you sit across a badger of a boss, which means you are on edge 8 hours a day.

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You go through exasperating traffic and get home to bills and relationship troubles. Adrenaline and anxiety 24 hours every day. How do you live a happy and fulfilling life? At EZCare Clinic, we don’t have all the answers, but here is what we know:

Positive Thinkers Are Less Stressed in Life

We live in survival mode most of the time. That means that you are always preparing for the worst-case scenario. In the business world, they call it risk prediction. But this kind of thinking can be exhausting. Even when you are getting straight As, you don’t take the time to enjoy your wins because you are too focused on what could go wrong.

Positive thinking is a skill that can be immensely beneficial in stress management. A John Hopkins study found that people with a positive outlook were one third less likely to have a heart attack. Positive thinking is the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when you visit a psychologist for professional help. But you can learn and perfect it at home, work, or wherever you are. Here is how:

Thought charts: Whenever the fear of the unknown or negative thought creeps in your mind, recognize it and find its opposite positive thought. This technique can show you how untrue and unfounded your fears and worries are.

Positive affirmations: From a young age, we are taught that the glass is half empty. What if we chose to see it as half full? Brain imaging studies show that by affirming that you are well, loved, or successful, it makes things better.

Effects of positivity

Ways to Bind Your Mind With Positivity

Simple Stretching Restores Mental Balance

You need a break. With nearly a thousand emails to reply at work, you may sit through the morning to afternoon without moving an inch. Then you go for a short lunch break and return to the same seat until five. This way of life builds tension in your mind and body.

After a few minutes of fast thinking and heightened mental processing, it would be healthy to disengage for a minute to re-energize. Experts say that energy becomes stagnant after doing one thing for too long.

Push your chair back and stretch, if possible, after every 30 minutes. Stretching improves the energy supply and boosts blood circulation to your body and brain. This de-stressing technique streamlines mental function in the same manner as clearing cache speeds up a browser.

By stretching, muscular tension dissolves. Your body relaxes, and your mind sinks to a momentary space of quietness. It leads to a reduction in cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

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Progress Is Better Than Perfection

Type A personalities are the most stressed in life. The perfectionist trait is associated with over competitiveness, high achievement, and excellent time management. But these qualities come at a cost. These people set overambitious goals that keep them awake at night. They become easily exasperated with a slow-paced world and people that are not as competent as them.

You might not be a 100% type-A personality, but everyone gets moments of it. That is when you forget to pat yourself on the back for small achievements. It is when all your time goes into work, with no spare minutes left for family and relaxation. Your life could be way less stressful if you looked at and appreciated your progress in life instead of being compulsively obsessed with perfection.

How to relieve stress and anxiety

Fast-Relieving Tips From Stress and Anxiety

Time Makes It Better

You have to be a good time manager to cope with the burdensome demands of life. Give it a shot today. Organize your day by creating a work or study schedule. Plan for the time that you will spend on productivity, relaxation, and family and loved ones. Good time management leads to a less stressful balance of family and work responsibilities.

To improve your time management skills, we encourage list-making and task scheduling. Budget your time like money. Realize that just like overspending money can make you broke and unhappy, overspending time can lead to fatigue and unhappiness. And as you budgetize your time, remember to plan for

  • Breaks and vacations
  • Personal ‘me time’ and family time
  • Time for learning something new and skills improvement

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Healthiness and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Hormones drive stress and anxiety. In other words, it is all about your body. A healthy body and mind will be more resilient to the pressures of life. Eat the right foods, then sleep well and workout. These and the below recommendations can help you live better:

  • Practice awareness— Focus on the present as opposed to an unhappy past or a future worst-case scenario
  • Don’t forget to breathe— Breathe deeply from the belly and not the chest; shallow breaths worsen anxious thoughts
  • Laugh out loudLaughing activates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones
  • Listen to music— When anxious thoughts flood in, relaxing music can help

Stress and anxiety can hold you back from happiness and your true potential in life. At EZCare, we spend 90 % of our day treating stress, depression, anxiety, and similar conditions.

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