lose weight and keep it off

10 Ways to Lose Weight Before the Holidays

lose weight and keep it off

The holidays are notoriously a time where many indulge in special treats and dinners with friends and family. For many, losing weight during the holidays can be more challenging, but there are some things you can do to help lose weight and keep it off during the holiday season. Consider trying these methods to lose a few pounds and keep the weight off so you can feel fit and stay trim. 

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1. Eat Healthy Snacks

One of the easiest ways to keep the weight off without having to do without snacks is to buy and eat healthy foods. Consider packing some healthy snacks to go along with you through the day, and when you begin to get hungry, you can easily reach for them instead of buying unhealthy food or succumbing to the urgent to get food from a vending machine. Before you leave, make sure to throw a few snacks in your travel bag, purse, briefcase, or leave them in your car. 

2. Drink More Water

Most people stay dehydrated throughout the day, which can cause them to believe they are hungry rather than thirsty. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and the urge to eat or snack will usually dramatically decrease. Travel with a water bottle, take drinks frequently and refill it several times to ensure you’re getting enough fluids. Even in the cooler months, dry air and heaters can rapidly cause dehydration through the skin. 

3. Throw out Unhealthy Food

One of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off is to throw away all of the unhealthy foods lurking in the kitchen and the freezer. Go through everything and throw away the junk food and replace it with nutritious snacks and meals or even whole foods that can be used to make great treats and meals. Make a list of some of the foods that would be beneficial and replace the kitchen and refrigerator items.

lose weight and keep it off

Keys To A Successful Weight Loss Journey

4. Eat in Moderation

Don’t overeat, and it will be easier to keep the weight off for good. One way to easily accomplish this is to eat slowly. This strategy will give your body time to register that you’ve eaten enough and are full before you have time to overeat. 

5. Order Wisely

When you are dining out at a restaurant, be sure to order a healthier option. Make an effort to look at the ingredients for each meal and choose vegetable-based rather than potatoes or starchy food. This decision will help keep you on track and make it easier to stick to a diet while reducing calories. 

6. Cut Calories

There are many ways you can cut calories in your diet. Some of the easiest ways to accomplish this are to substitute carbs for vegetable-based products or even cut dairy out and substitute them with plant-based milk and cheeses. Those who want to keep dairy in their diet can opt for low-fat or reduced-calorie products. There are many reduced calories options available at your local grocery store or whole food outlet. 

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7. Include Exercise

Start an exercise routine and stick with it. Every morning, wake up earlier and take some time to participate in an activity that can help shed pounds. Some examples are jogging, yoga, and weight lifting. You can also squeeze in an evening walk to reinforce your efforts if your schedule allows for it. 

8. Get Enough Sleep

One of the best ways to keep the pounds off and maintain your weight is to get enough sleep. The recommended amount is at least 7 hours per night. This strategy will help keep hormones in check and prevent the production of leptin [1*]

lose weight and keep it off

Sleep And Weight Loss

9. Remain Focused

Stay on track with your weight loss efforts, and don’t get discouraged. It may take a little while to see results, but there will be noticeable weight loss if you keep at it. Don’t start making exceptions by eating unhealthy foods because old habits will begin to impede your progress.

10. Enlist Help From a Friend

Team up with a friend or co-worker to exercise and hold each other accountable and plan your exercise routine together. This strategy will help keep you on track, and they will also lose weight, which is an ideal situation for both parties. 

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Try these tips to help you lose weight and keep it off this holiday season. You will look and feel better while cementing healthier eating habits that can benefit you throughout your lifetime. 

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