Weight Loss Pills

Phentermine vs Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Medications

Weight Loss Pills

For many people with the aspiration to drastically shed some pounds, highly advertised diet supplements are practically a wish come true.  The makers of the supplements make incredible promises about the products without providing any type of medical research behind the supplement. In fact, most over the counter supplements that assure to help you get to your goal weight is accompanied with serious dangers to your health. The dangers of diet supplements are highly recognized by the public but they still continue to be in high demand as their high profile advertisers swear by them. These so said supplements might seem to be effective as they allow your body to process water a lot faster than usual but are not helping you lose the fat. Over the counter weight loss pills tend to have a set of generic instructions for users to follow, unfortunately not all bodies react the same and not all risks are foreshadowed. A physician at EZCare Clinic can help you start a healthy weight loss plan today.

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Prescription Drug – Phentermine

Phentermine is a drug that is not available over the counter due to its very potent content which requires the regular monitoring of a doctor. Phentermine is only made available to individuals who have a prescription from their physician allowing them to acquire the drug. A prescription is a series of instructions written by a physician that authorizes a pharmacy to release the drug to the individual to proceed a treatment or medication as there are no signs that it will bring any harm to them.

Benefits of Weight Loss Prescription Pills

The benefits of having prescribed pills rather than accessible pills are that the prescribed pills have been given to you by your physician and they will have full knowledge of all the components that are entering your body unlike with the generic over the counter pills. Also, over the counter pills may have misleading labels falsely affirming the consumer that they’re naturally promoting health, while only providing your body with caffeine and diuretics. Weight loss promoting pills have been known to contain very potent components that should not be taken lightly as they can cause severe health risks.

Weight Loss

Over-the-counter pills VS Prescription Pills

Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Medications

Many high profile influencers are daily promoting pills, vitamins, detox teas, and other supplements with empty promises. These influencers are shoving all their skinny teas down your throat simply because they are being paid to. The influencers behind all these miracle products remain completely naïve as they have no idea that they’re basically persuading their audiences to take speed. The public admires these high profile individuals and trusts that their figure was obtained through the use of these products. The quick fix methods they present to their audiences only provides its host with laxatives, caffeine, and dopamine equivalent substances that get your heart speeding at a very risky rate. The possibility of these products actually working is slim to none but that doesn’t seem to bother any of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters as they still push these on their very young fans. All the fit tea success stories are about as real as Blac Chyna’s rear end.

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Weight Loss Medications Side Effects

The emphasis on how important it is to not trust the labels advertised over the counter weight loss drugs cannot be stressed enough but people still manage to ignore the warnings.

Most dieting pills contain fat blockers that decrease the absorption of nutrients which can cause the individual to have an upset tummy. Other effects of these pills may cause are constipation, headaches, and mood swings. Other common side effects include:

  • Chest pain
  • Less mobility
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fast, irregular, pounding or racing heartbeat or pulse
  • Migraines
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs
  • Swelling of the feet or lower legs
  • Trembling or shaking of the legs, arms, hands, or feet
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trouble with daily functions
  • Weakness
Weight Loss Pills

Potential Side Effects of Weight Loss Medications

Long-term weight loss involves a drastic change in your eating and exercise routine to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Taking pills as a quick-fix method does not encourage you to gain a better understanding of how your diet and exercise have a huge influence on your confidence. You are less likely to check food labels, keep track of your calorie intake, and fit in a little exercise to your daily schedule if you think a pill is going to do all the work for you. Taking pills for a short time is not bad but keep in mind that once you stop, you’ll be back to your poor habits and initial weight in no time at all.

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