People from all walks of life have found relief at EZCare Medical Clinic in San Francisco

At EZCare Medical Clinic, we offer online services to patients who need immediate attention. We also provide individual care for long-term health care. With a plethora of medical knowledge, our doctors deliver care of the highest quality to all our patients. 

What sets EZCare Clinic apart from other medical clinics is “Our history of teamwork and our long-standing commitment to excellence all over the US”. 

The physicians and team of health professionals at EZCare Clinic are dedicated to incorporate new medical technologies in our integrative medicine approach to health care.  We utilize integrative medicine as a treatment modality that includes: medications, nutritional support, behavior change, counseling, and exercise regimens.  

Through our personalized care, we can identify the root causes of your illness and provide healthy lifestyle advice and treatment approaches to prevent and cure illness and diseases.   

Our mission is to help all our patients work towards a better lifestyle through the use of integrative medicine. 

Meet Our Team Of Experienced

Dr Umar

Dr. Umar Javed


Cheryl Lynn


Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez, MD

Preventive Medicine / Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Albert Keith Nakanishi, MD

Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine / Pediatric / Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Providing You Quality E-Health Services

Explore our list of qualified counselors who are available via Telehealth. Take control of your health today by requesting an appointment with our licensed health experts!

What Our Patients Say About Us!

Joshua Korbel
Joshua Korbel
23:34 04 Jan 18
This clinic is very professional. My Dr. Is attentive, understanding and professional. The treatment plan has been working great for me. There's a guy in the front office, I think his name is Eddie, he is very knowledgeable,friendly and super helpful. I had some questions regarding paperwork, he went out of his way to explain everything to me and prevented me from making a mistake I would have seriously regretted. Thanks Eddie!read more
Gabriela Revilla
Gabriela Revilla
20:32 31 May 18
Went in for services and were quick and attentive. Saw a physician quickly and got everything taken care of. Great place to go!read more
Mikey D.
Mikey D.
2023-05-10 11:07:15
If you pay you def will get what u want I'm doing this so I can get a coupon because it's def pricey and I do need my meds actually need my meds and they...read more
Nicola C.
Nicola C.
2023-04-13 09:49:02
I have been dealing with Anxiety for a while now. I finally decided to do some research online, therefore, I found EZ Care. They have been wonderful with...read more

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