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EZCare is an online medical center that specializes in mental health care. We know how to deal with complex mental health problems and we create personalized plans for each of our clients.

Our treatment plans are designed to address all aspects of mental health. We offer different types of psychotherapy, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and medication management services to ensure our clients learn to maintain their mental health.

Get Online Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

You do not have to deal with your mental health condition alone. You can manage your bothersome symptoms with EZCare

Get Online Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

Severe mood changes
Severe apathy, low mood, and despair
Difficulty coping with day-to-day issues
Substance use problems
Untypical or “magical” thinking
Severe mood changes
Noticeable alterations in character, eating or sleep habits
Decreased enthusiasm for life or daily activities
Overwhelming hatred, anger, or violence
Thoughts about self-harm or suicide
Our medical professionals can diagnose and provide treatment for different mental health issues:
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Obsessive-compulsive disorder
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Mental health

Same-day appointments with licensed doctors are available from any place

No commuting saves you time and money

Mental health

Telemedicine is often less expensive than in-person consultations

Mental health

Receiving treatment online is just as effective as going to a doctor in person

Mental health

Convenient delivery of your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice

You can count on EZCare to assist you on your way. We will match you with the most qualified online MDs who can accommodate your needs and preferences.
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Check Your Access to Insurance Coverage

Find out if your health insurance plan includes telemedicine services. At our medical center, we partner with 20 insurance providers across 6 states and are actively looking to expand our network.
Our Care Team will inform you of how much you can save on mental health treatment with insurance. If your online visits are not covered, you can still book a visit for the standard rate and receive help from our professionals.

Yes, depression is a mental health disorder that can be treated at a mental health treatment center EZCare. Our doctors can help with anxiety and ADHD treatment as well, among other conditions.
There is a strong correlation between depression and mental health. Depression can cause persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness and can lead to a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can also cause difficulty concentrating, making decisions, and sleeping. Depression can also lead to social isolation and an overall decrease in quality of life. That is why noticing your symptoms and seeking help is essential.
People with ADHD may experience feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, frustration, and stress as well as the inability to focus and control their behavior. They may also feel overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed due to their chaotic thoughts and difficulty organizing their lives. Additionally, they may have difficulty maintaining relationships and experience social isolation. Taking control of your ADHD and mental health will significantly improve your life.
Yes, we provide online treatment of mental health issues across the US. Feel free to book an appointment and have a video call with one of our experts.

Start with Mental Health Assessment

Consult a doctor via a video consultation

Make an appointment with one of our specialists for a video consultation. Connect with a professional healthcare provider who can evaluate your symptoms and guide you in the right direction.

Get a diagnosis

During your appointment, your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms and medical history and perform standard diagnostic tests and questionnaires. After your mental health screening, they can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

1. Consult a doctor via a video consultation
Make an appointment with one of our specialists for a video consultation. Connect with a professional healthcare provider who can evaluate your symptoms and guide you in the right direction.
2. Get a diagnosis
During your appointment, your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms and medical history and perform standard diagnostic tests and questionnaires. After your mental health screening, they can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.
From November 11, 2023, to get an online prescription for controlled substances, you should have a referral letter from a primary care physician (PCP). Learn more here.

People live with signs of ADHD for years and even decades,
but appropriate management of symptoms makes life more fulfilling.

Yes, mental health counselors can provide online mental health screening and diagnose disorders based on standard tests, questionnaires, and assessments. At the EZCare Clinic, you will consult a licensed MD and get a legit diagnosis.
Mental health experts typically use a combination of methods to diagnose clinical depression, including a detailed clinical interview, physical exam, mental health assessment, and laboratory tests. Although online diagnosis is made based on talk assessment and questionnaires, at EZCare we conduct video consultations that allow the accurate screening.

Receive an Individualized Treatment Plan for Your Mental Health Condition

Once your doctor has made a diagnosis, they will create a personalized plan to help you treat it. This could involve medications to alleviate your symptoms and counseling to modify your behavior and help achieve enduring outcomes.

Enhance your quality of life by making your mental health a priority. See a doctor if you notice that some symptoms interfere with your life or make it unbearable.

A successful treatment plan can incorporate the following key elements:

Learn more about your symptoms and strategies for controlling them.
Consult with a doctor to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of taking medication. Get a prescription after the initial video consultation.
Attend regular sessions with a therapist to get help in forming new habits that can support sustained positive outcomes.
Lifestyle changes.
Speak with a mental health professional to determine if regular exercise, improved sleep habits, and a balanced diet can help you manage your symptoms.
Connect with people who have had similar experiences by joining a support group
After struggling with out-of-control anxiety, I found relief with EZCare. My doctor created an individualized treatment plan and taught me tips to reduce my anxiety. I’ve already seen an improvement, and I’m confident that with their help, I will make even more progress.
Martha, 28
I’m so grateful for the help I have received from EZCare for my ADHD. They have a comprehensive program that was adjusted to my individual needs and has significantly improved my symptoms. I have a much better understanding of my condition now, and I have learned the tools and strategies I need to better manage my symptoms. My therapist has been incredibly supportive and patient, and I have learned a great deal from their guidance. I would highly recommend EZCare to anyone who is looking for help with ADHD.
Robbin, 42
“I have been struggling with insomnia for years, but the EZCare doctor developed a tailored plan that included lifestyle changes and medication. I now fall asleep within minutes and wake up feeling well-rested and alert. I am so grateful to the EZCare team for developing such an effective treatment plan that has allowed me to finally get a good night’s sleep.
Benjamin, 35
I had been struggling with depression for a long time, and I was at my wit’s end. I had tried many different treatments, but none of them seemed to work. That’s when I decided to reach out to EZCare and see if they could help. From the very first appointment, I knew I had made the right choice. The team of dedicated professionals took the time to really understand my situation and develop a personalized treatment plan for my mental health. They were always available to answer my questions and provide support and encouragement throughout the process. With their help, I was able to make real progress in my battle against depression. I am now living a much happier and healthier life.
Katie, 31

Therapy for Managing Mental Health, Negative Thinking & Behaviors

Following the initial appointment, during which a personalized treatment plan is developed, follow-up sessions may include consultations with prescription providers and psychotherapists. Therapy sessions help you to reach your treatment goals more quickly.

During a 60-minute appointment, your therapist will guide you and make sure you:

Best Mental Health Therapy Practices at EZCare

Therapists often use different approaches when trying to help their clients. The types of mental health therapy they choose typically depend on the patient’s symptoms, diagnosis, life experience, and personal preferences. Here are some of the most common counseling approaches:
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective and widely used treatment for mental health issues. It focuses on how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interrelated. It uses a variety of techniques such as cognitive restructuring, problem-solving, and exposure therapy to help individuals identify and modify maladaptive thoughts and behaviors that lead to distress.
Mindfulness-based counseling
It is an evidence-based approach to mental health treatment that combines cognitive-behavioral therapy, Buddhist-inspired relaxation strategies, and mindfulness practices. It helps become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present moment in order to better understand how they affect your overall well-being. Through this awareness, you can learn to make more balanced choices to create positive change in your life.
Exposure therapy
Exposure therapy is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, and other anxiety disorders. It involves gradually exposing a person to their fear in a safe environment. It creates positive physical responses that result in desensitization to the trigger factors.
Psychodynamic therapy
Psychodynamic therapy explores the connections between past events and current circumstances. The therapist uses techniques such as free association, dream analysis, and interpretation of transference. This approach strives to comprehend the hidden desires and conflicting components of personality that may lead to mental health issues.
Interpersonal counseling
Interpersonal counseling resolves current issues and enhances interpersonal relationships to combat mental health difficulties. It focuses on increasing self-awareness, understanding of others, and the ability to effectively express emotions in order to reduce mental health difficulties and improve overall well-being.

Best Mental Health Therapy Practices at EZCare

Client-centered therapy
Maximizes an individual’s potential and supports their insights. It encourages self-reflection and self-actualization, promoting a sense of autonomy, purpose, and fulfillment.
Existential therapy
Helps to recognize your goals and limitations, enables you to determine and fulfill your needs, and maximizes your potential through a focus on the purpose of life.
Rational emotive therapy
Helps to gain control over your emotions and reduce distress by exploring the link between faulty thinking and suffering.
Reality therapy
Emphasizes being mindful of the present and recognizing that your behavior is shaped by your own choices and actions, stressing the need for personal responsibility for your life.
Constructionist therapy
Explores how cultural perspectives and influences shape the meanings of language, sparking a strong interest in linguistics.
Systemic therapy
Helps to understand how systems — such as family, work, and education — can affect your underlying difficulties and how to improve your personal and professional relationships.
Narrative therapy
Explores the stories you have created about yourself and develops new perspectives. You can expand your understanding of who you are and create fresh narratives for your life.
Creative therapy
Uses art and music therapeutically to express positive emotions and promote mental well-being. By being creative and adaptable, you can explore different art mediums to find what works best for you in releasing positive sentiments.

Therapy can be an effective treatment for a variety of mental health issues, but sometimes medications may be necessary too. A doctor can help you decide if medication is the right choice for you.

Get Mental Health Prescriptions Online

Combining online therapy with medication can be a powerful solution for improving mental health. At EZCare, you can get both online therapy and prescriptions to help manage your mental condition. Access these mental health treatments from the convenience of your own home and regulate your symptoms and emotions.

Online prescriptions are useful in the following ways:

Get started on your treatment today! Connect with your online therapist who can provide same-day counseling and the best online mental health prescription for you.
Mental health professionals who are authorized to prescribe medication include psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and physician assistants with the necessary education.
Get in touch with our Care Team to find out whether your insurance provider covers the cost of medications for your mental health treatment.

Learn More About Mental Health & Treatments Available

Visit our blog — a treasure trove of valuable information about mental health treatment. Find out more about the best therapy methods and medications to help you manage your condition.
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At EZCare, we provide personalized treatment for mental health disorders online. Get the help and support you need to manage your symptoms without having to leave your home.

With the right care from us, you can lead a successful and fulfilling life. We are committed to helping you achieve mental clarity and well-being.

Are you looking for help? Take the leap and make a positive change in your mental health with EZCare.