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Best for You: How to Choose an Online Mental Health Platform

August 11, 2022 Mental health0

The boost in technology development makes “convenience” the word of the XXI century. Everything becomes more available and happens faster, and this continues to evolve. From grocery delivery to online prescriptions for antidepressants, we can get what we need in a few clicks. Decreased time span allotted to make decisions shouldn’t mean that we can […]

Belsomra vs Ambien for Insomnia

August 11, 2022 Medications0

Insomnia is a condition that affects one’s quality of sleep by making it difficult to either fall or stay asleep. The usual approach to treating it is using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). However, when this fails, other sleeping aids like medications are required. Some of the common drugs used for treating insomnia are Belsomra and Ambien. […]

Mental health jobs at EZCare Clinic

August 7, 2022 Mental health0

EZCare Clinic is offering an opportunity for medical professionals looking for more fulfilling mental health jobs. Set your own working schedule, decide on the number of hours you want to work per week, and receive decent remuneration with us. Join our mental health platform and enjoy working in an experienced, loyal, and result-oriented team. Got […]

Belsomra for insomnia

August 4, 2022 InsomniaMedications0

Insomnia (trouble falling or staying asleep) is a widespread problem. Fortunately, there are many approaches used for its treatment. And while psychotherapy is the first-line help, in some cases, sleep medicine is required too. One commonly prescribed medication for insomnia is Belsomra (Suvorexant). Assisting in sleep regulation, it contributes to improving the quality of life. […]

Difference Between Zoloft and Prozac

July 29, 2022 Medications0

Zoloft and Prozac (with generic versions sertraline hydrochloride and fluoxetine, respectively) are medications that help improve a person’s mood. These two drugs fall under selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) because they work by preventing the reabsorption of serotonin by neurons. If reabsorption of serotonin is low, its concentration becomes high and improves message transmission in […]

ADHD Therapy for Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is one of the well-studied neurodevelopmental conditions that begin in childhood and may proceed into adulthood. More often, ADHD cases diagnosed in adulthood were missed in childhood. While the risk factors and causes of ADHD remain largely unknown, and the condition has no 100% cure, it’s quite manageable. Adults […]

Celexa vs. Lexapro for Anxiety

July 21, 2022 Anxiety Treatment1

Celexa and Lexapro are drugs used to treat the major depressive disorder (MDD), anxiety disorders, and other mental health issues. They are among many other medications that are used for treating these conditions, and knowing which to use can be a challenge. While a patient should rely on their doctor for guidance on the proper […]

Depression and isolation

July 20, 2022 Depression0

Depression is exacerbated by social isolation: withdrawal from social situations is one of the most typical symptoms of this condition. One intriguing relationship between depression and isolation is that they usually take the form of a cycle. Social isolation is frequently brought on by depression; conversely, self-imposed isolation worsens pre-existing symptoms, which only encourages additional […]

Effective OCD treatment: Best medication for OCD

July 15, 2022 Medications0

What Is OCD? Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a chronic mental health condition. It is marked by frequent disturbing urges and thoughts known as obsessions and corresponding repetitive actions and behavior known as compulsions. People without OCD may have their quirks and habits or have certain intrusive thoughts, but they can recognize them for what they are […]

Factors Affecting Mental Health

July 7, 2022 Mental health0

Understanding what causes mental illnesses can be quite difficult. Factors affecting mental health range from genetics to childhood experiences and societal issues. Also, these factors may change. So, do mental health issues arise from one’s genetic makeup? Or, do someone’s choices and experiences influence their mental health? Essentially, both one’s life experiences and biological makeup […]

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