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    Benefits of Working With Us

    Work Flexibility

    Work Flexibility

    Manage your own work schedule. Work full-time or part-time from anywhere in the US.

    Reliable Income

    Reliable Income

    Earn a full-time or supplemental income through online mental health consultations.

    Focus On Care

    Focus On Care

    We allow you to fully focus on client care while we take total care of side operations.

    Complete Package

    Complete Package

    We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and training to grow in your career.

    Our Care-First Approach

    Culture of Care and Support

    Our Care-First

    We truly value our relationships with client,
    healthcare providers, and other supporting
    members of our community. We facilitate our team
    of healthcare professionals in every way through
    our amazing support staff. By joining our platform, you will become a part of our close-knitted family.

    Providing the Highest Quality of Care


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