Anxiety Symptoms in Men

What Are the 5 Anxiety Symptoms in Men? Causes and Treatment

Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Society reputes men as self-reliant and tough enough not to project their pain in public. In an actual sense, it’s almost impossible to get a man who openly talks about feeling anxious or depressed.

On the contrary, women are often more likely to give an opening and receive help before the matter escalates.

It is pretty unfortunate for an alpha man to bow down because of the stigma associated with mental health.

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This article intends to set at ease the frequent anxiety symptoms in men and how to tackle them effectively.

What Does Anxiety Symptoms in Men Look Like?

Symptoms of anxiety in men differ from one person to another. Sadly, this is a topic most people avoid leading to increased rates of untreated anxiety. Of course, there are several reasons for untreated anxiety in men.

We take into account five prevalent anxiety symptoms in men you should look out: 

1. Isolation

Although the prevalence of anxiety in men is slightly lower than in women, seclusion from peers or favorite activities should be a source of concern.

In short, affected men avoid social engagements or decline visits from close relatives as a part of their coping strategy. Without a doubt, this makes any human being feel more isolated, hopeless and overwhelmed.

The truth is, isolating yourself only aggravates the misery and does not help in any way.

Keep in mind that the main reasons for untreated anxiety in men [1*] revolve around failure to realize that there is a problem in the first place. Thus, normalizing the conversation around men and anxiety should take a leading position in the health industry.

Risk Factors of Male Anxiety

Male Anxiety Risk Factors

2. Sleep Disorders

Due to pressure stipulated on a boy child from the word go, some constantly worry about unmet goals or plans. It’s no surprise that a disturbed man has sleeping issues such as nightmares or insomnia.

Lack of enough sleep often causes:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Poor performance in work

Distraction is another symptom related to anxiety. It’s quite common for stressed people to struggle to focus on a particular task at hand.

In such a case, mind-wandering can become a chronic problem leading to forgetfulness and erratic behavior. Furthermore, there will always be some instances when the sufferer feels irritated by minor things like loud noise and hustle-bustle.

3. Anger Outbursts

At times, the competitive world can impinge on a male’s strong sense of power and reduce them to their knees. When this happens, an affected male patient feels more on edge and is likely to burst into an outrage if triggered by several factors.

In such a scenario, they may feel an inner urge to strike out at the person, making them uncomfortable or rudely antagonizing them. The anger is at an extreme level, leading to physical brawls and a whole load of implications like fines or jail terms.

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4. Poor Organization

Signs of anxiety in men also manifest themselves as poor organization or forgetfulness. It may be difficult to distinguish whether a male has an issue with memory loss or is just disorganized.

Whatever the case is, any male who frequently leaves items behind, forgets meetings, fails to keep time, or talks hastily will display symptoms of poor organization.

Several other conditions exhibit similar indicators, but anxiety takes the lead.

In the long run, poor organization leads to drawbacks in:

  • School
  • Work
  • Family setups

5. Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Substance abuse is a common problem often related to anxiety.

Anxious men will usually drink alcohol to calm their worries and suppress feelings of:

Some may turn to other substances such as coke, marijuana, or even prescription medications to hide these feelings.

Sometimes being intoxicated gives a sense of confidence and relaxation for the short term. However, in reality, it amplifies the underlying causes of their anxiety and creates a vicious cycle leading to addiction.

Tips for Men Coping With Anxiety

How to Treat Anxiety in Men?

What Causes Male Anxiety?

Even if there are gender differences in symptoms for anxiety disorders, it is tricky to tell the exact causes of anxiety symptoms in men.

According to experts, the number of women suffering from anxiety almost doubles their male counterparts. Still, men may be born with a predisposition for anxiety triggered by societal mindset or family history.

Other common symptoms of anxiety in men include:

  • Marriage issues
  • Financial constraints
  • Job loss

Thankfully, there are several tips for men coping with anxiety.

The breakthrough starts from first recognizing the principal basis of anxiety episodes and getting proper treatment right away.

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How Can You Help a Man Who Is Struggling With Anxiety?

Helping a man out of an anxiety situation is not easy as most people presume. Indeed, there are several anxiety treatment therapies: however, they have their limitations.

For the industry to reduce the prevalence of anxiety in men, a patient must first embrace warning symptoms and then fight them head-on.

All in all, before anything else, how can men get an accurate diagnosis of anxiety?

Start from seeking support from verified mental health experts like EZCare Clinic.

On that account, book an appointment here and go through a multi-modal approach plus behavioral coaching to diagnose and get proven tips for men coping with anxiety.


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