Addiction Recovery

Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

Do you or someone you know struggle with drug addiction? Always remember that help is available to those who wish to find it. Addiction recovery is a difficult process and but it gets better when you have a stable support system to help you along the way. At EZCare Clinic, we understand the different symptoms associated with addiction recovery, and we are here to help you along the path to a better way of living. 

Addiction recovery requires the need to become a better person. Without a full commitment to yourself and your health, there is a higher chance of relapse. That is why the doctors at EZCare Clinic take the time to completely understand your addiction. Depending on the substance, counseling and addiction therapy may be recommended to assist with the physical and emotional changes connected with addiction recovery. Our doctors are also available to help patients recover from addictions to Opioids and other highly addictive drugs. 

Addiction Recovery Options

  • Suboxone ® – Fighting opioid addiction is a debilitating process that affects thousands of people every year in the United States. Some doctors may prescribe Suboxone ® to help relieve symptoms from opioid withdrawal. Suboxone ® is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone to combat opioid cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. This medication is a controlled substance that can be used with an effective drug addiction treatment program that encompasses medical, social, and psychological support. 
  • Vivitrol – Vivitrol can be used to help the body recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Vivitrol is naltrexone that is an injectable solution administered once a month. This medication helps with relieving symptoms of withdrawal and reducing the chances of relapse. Vivitrol is best when prescribed with effective counseling and necessary lifestyle changes.  

In addition to Suboxone ® and Vivitrol, EZCare Clinic also offers assistance with meditation techniques, relaxation strategies, exercise programs, counseling, and cognitive therapies. 

Many addictions are caused by some life-altering event such as an injury, PTSD, and even emotional distress. However, getting back on the right track to a productive and healthy life is achievable with the right help. The most important step is the first step, which is understanding you need help dealing with addiction recovery and reaching out for help. 

Addiction recovery begins by recognizing that you have a problem with drug abuse. Asking for help is the best decision you can make for your health and your family. The majority of people who attempt to approach addiction recovery alone have a greater chance of relapse and continued failure than those who sought the support of professionals who completely understand drug addiction. 

At EZCare Clinic in San Francisco, our doctors and health professionals can help you recognizing triggers, how to avoid them, and how to cope with life without drug dependence. For more information about addiction recovery programs with EZCare Clinic, to schedule an appointment for a consultation today. 

Support System for Addiction Recovery

Approaching addiction recovery is difficult, but finding the right place to help you on your path to a better life is the first great decision you’ll make for addiction recovery. Having an adequate support system for your recovery is crucial during the initial stages of your recovery. It is important to have someone you can trust and who will support you when a situation arises that may cause you to have thoughts of relapse. Whether a group or an individual, a support system can be there to listen to your fears and help you find solutions to the challenges of addiction recovery. 

Take The First Step to Addiction Recovery

Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from taking the first step to addiction recovery. Breaking the chains from opioid addiction can help you start living a happy and healthy life. Let the medical and addiction recovery professionals at EZCare Clinic guide you to the start of your new self. 

To start your addiction recovery today, call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to get on the path to addiction recovery. We are here to help.


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