Mental health issues are some of the most common health problems in the US with the CDC projecting that more than 50% of the population will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in life.

When your mental health is poor, you may find it difficult to concentrate, sleep, and even perform daily activities.

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Read on to find out more about mental health in the USA including common disorders as well as treatment options.

Facts on Mental Health Issues in America

One of the surest ways to get the real picture of mental health is by looking at statistics. Numbers also help in informing change on how to promote mental wellbeing for those affected.

Here are a few facts about mental health in America:

  • According to Mental Health America, 1 in every 5 adults will suffer from a mental health condition in any given year. Currently, over 44 million people in the USA live with a mental illness.
  • California ranks 33 out of 50 states in Youth Ranking which shows the prevalence of mental illness and access to care in youth. Countries ranked from 1 to 13 have less vulnerable youth and more access to care, while 39 to 50 have the opposite.
  • Over 2 million youth have major depression
  • Although mental health disorders affect both genders, it is more prevalent in women than in men. However, men are less likely to receive treatment for mental health issues than women.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children are commonly affected by:
    • ADHD
    • Behavioral problems
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
  • 17.4% of US children aged 2-8 years have mental health problems [1*] as per the National Survey of Children Health data.
  • Half of lifetime mental health illnesses start by age 14.
Boost mental health

Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

In case you suffer from mental health disorders, don’t be shy to seek professional help as you are not alone.

It can be as simple as searching mental health doctors near me on google and scheduling an appointment with a licensed healthcare provider.

This way, you can find the help you need in the form of medication or even an emotional support animal to help you cope with the symptoms and effects of your condition.

Common Mental Health Problems Affecting US Citizens

There is an endless list of mental health problems. However, some conditions are more common than others.

Below are the most common mental health problems affecting US citizens: 

1) Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is the most prevalent mental health disorder affecting over 40 million people aged 18 and older in the USA. It is characterized by extreme and uncontrollable worry.

Anxiety disorders include conditions such as:

2) Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental issue that causes extreme mood changes. Patients experience manic episodes of elevated energy levels, and depressive episodes or emotional lows.

3) Major Depressive Disorder

Depression is the leading mental disability globally and is also highly prevalent among US citizens especially of ages 25 to 44.

Major depressive disorder is usually accompanied by:

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How EZCare Clinic Can Help You Restore Your Health and Wellbeing?

You should seek help from licensed mental healthcare providers if you are struggling with your mental health. You may also search online for mental health doctors near me to find out the nearest facilities where you can find assistance.

EZCare Clinic offers mental health solutions for a wide range of mental health problems to help you take control of your mental health.

Seeking treatment will not only help alleviate your symptoms and restore normalcy to your life but also boosts your confidence and improve your quality of life.

Treatment Options

Treatment of mental health problems varies depending on the severity of the condition and may include the following.

  • Medication: This involves prescription medications to help deal with mental health problems such as antidepressants for anxiety.
  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy and counseling services focus on thoughts and emotions to alleviate mental health issues and improve the wellbeing of patients. It is highly effective when paired with medication.
Signs of mental illness

Major Signs of Mental Illness

Your doctor may also recommend an emotional support animal as part of your treatment and management strategy.

In such a case, you will need an ESA certification to help you live and travel with your emotional support animal in California without worrying about no-pet policies.

The good thing is that you can either adopt an ESA or convert your existing pet to an ESA by entering it into the emotional support animal register.

EZCare Clinic can help you acquire an ESA letter in case your condition warrants an emotional support animal.

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If you suffer from anxiety, ADHD, depression, or any other mental health problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

EZCare Clinic is available to help you improve your mental well-being through the use of personalized treatment plans.

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