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7 Ways to Manage ‘Back to Uni’ Anxiety

anxiety management

Most people often feel anxious when they have to go back to doing something they’ve not done in a while. This feeling can be debilitating; however, we are here to inform you that this feeling is entirely normal, it happens to almost everyone, and it’s to be expected.

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Going back to school after extended periods of not being able to either because of medical emergencies or maybe having to go on holiday can make you a little anxious. Still, you have to find ways of overcoming these fears.

These fears come about because you’re forced to leave your home, friends and go back to college where you’ll have to take on responsibilities such as studying, staying with a roommate, managing heavy workloads, and, most importantly, finding your identity.

So, if you feel like you find the idea of going back to college a bit challenging, then you shouldn’t worry because we are going to provide you with seven simple tips on how you can overcome these fears and get to enjoy the days that you’ll get to go back to your studies.

Carefully look at these simple suggestions and try to find ways of implementing them in your back-to-college routine to help you reduce your anxieties.

University students mental health

University Students and Mental Health

Get Rid of Anxiety: How Do You Go About This?

1. Don’t avoid the problem

If you have any issues with going back to college, then the best strategy for you is to face them head-on. It would be best if you didn’t try to ignore them because they will never solve themselves.

Ignoring them helps the anxiety grow over time. If you have problems with your classes, you should try and read ahead, which will help you build more confidence when you start your studies.

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2. Practice self-care

You should join the gym, stay fit, and try out new hobbies that’ll make you feel more confident and more at ease. Burning those extra calories in the gym or relaxing your mind while playing a musical instrument can go a long way in calming down your anxieties and reducing your worries.

Doing this helps build up your confidence and self-esteem and help you get ready to study and make new friends when you go back to school.

3. Get in touch with your college friends

If you’ve been out of college for a long time, you’ve probably not been keeping in touch with your college friends. Now that you’re going back to college, you should get in touch with your friends, see what they are up to, and what they feel about going back to university.

Sharing your feelings with your friends will help you externalize your fears and help you look at them differently. Getting in touch with your friends will also help you have friends you can relate to and socialize with when you get back to college.

4. Make plans and have goals

Success without a plan is just a dream. It would help if you made a plan for when you get back to college, which will help you stay focused throughout the semesters. Have a list of milestones that you’ll celebrate whenever you pass them; this will motivate you, give you something to look forward to, and help you stay focused.

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Ways to Manage Back to Uni Anxiety

5. Remind yourself of what you liked about college

If you look back at your previous college semesters, then you’re probably aware of some of the things you used to enjoy doing. It might have been playing football, joining the college choir, or even performing in the art club. If you focus on these extra-curricular activities will fill you with positive vibes, which will help you anticipate the day you’ll get back to college.

6. Go to the college prior

Going to college prior will help you demystify the whole experience and make the feeling more real. It will help you get more reacquainted with the whole idea of college and help you deal with your anxiety challenges. You could go to the fields and the classes, if they are accessible, and you’ll find out that college is just that. A place for students to socialize and study.

7. It’s all in your mind

The fear of going back to university is all in your mind, and you have the power to control it and determine the results. Do not be afraid to tackle the issues that make you anxious when you think about going back to college because the same way the mind makes up problems is the same way it comes up with solutions.

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