100 Best Speakers On Mental Resilience


Are you looking for a boost in your mental resilience to help you deal with the challenges of life? You are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 100 best mental resilience speakers.
Our list includes an exclusive list of speakers who have a record of superb mental fitness.
Irrespective of the challenges that you are going through, our selection of speakers will provide you with the inspiration you need to push through your setbacks.

These speakers are held in high standards in the field of mental health and will provide you with the courage to press on.

#1 Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama


Early stress in life from poverty or abuse leads to negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, and anger, which turn into violence.


As the 14th Saint of Tibet, Dalai Lama has done a lot to help the emotional and mental wellbeing of human beings across the globe. He stands for peace, love, and happiness. He urges human beings to always seek forgiveness and embrace the virtues of self-discipline, mental strength, and high ethical values. As a Buddhist monk, he applies the advanced system used by Tibetans to solve the mental problems using core wisdom. He combines meditation with modern education to help contemporary society solve their issues. He’s an expert in monastic discipline, Buddhist philosophy, arts, and medicine. As an author of over 110 books, Dalai Lama has a huge following that includes astrologists, psychologists, quantum physicians, and fellow authors.

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#2 Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle


Anybody who lives in presence predominantly contributes to a change in the world and what I call new earth.


Eckhart Tolle is a mental health expert and spiritual teacher. At a tender age of 29, Tolle wrote an international bestseller that was translated into over 52 languages. He has specialized in the field of mental peace and human liberation. His teachings are simple and emphasize transforming one’s mental consciousness to achieve maximum happiness. Most of his principles borrow largely from practices that have been applied in Zen, Sufism, and Buddhism. He has a huge following of people from diverse fields that include leaders, teachers, entertainers among others.

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#3 Sadhguru



In pursuit of happiness, we have ripped the planet apart, but still we are not any happier.


Sadhguru is a prominent figure in the area of mysticism. He’s determined to help people heal from mental issues through the use of traditional spiritual principles. As a mountain mystic and experienced chef, he likes to help people improve their mental well being through cooking. He also incorporates his creativity through writing books, poems and lyrics that help the masses to achieve mental peace. Sadhguru also a teacher about invention and loves to experiment with golf. He loves to travel widely to help people achieve mental peace through numerous ways. He also holds regular meditation in different yoga centers to help improve people’s mental health.

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#4 Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell


I’ll repeat: It can happen to anyone. It isn’t always mental illness that drives someone toward suicide, though it’s often a factor. There’s also abuse, injustice, grief. There are hope-sapping factors of unemployment, isolation, shame.


Alastair Campbell is an accomplished communicator, author, strategist, and public speaker. He’s the patron of Maytree and Kidtime which are organizations that help people heal from depression and fight suicidal thoughts. He heads Time to Change movement. He helped co-found Equality 4 Mental Health which successfully raised 600 million pounds that were channeled into mental health services. By speaking of his personal challenges with mental issues, he continues to break taboos and stigma that surrounds these topics. He motivated to film another documentary after the first one, Cracking Up and All in the Mind’ received huge attention from mental health charities.

#5 Alexander Stubb

Alexander Stubb


In order to be happy, you need to have body, mind, and empathy.


Alexander Stubb served as a prime minister in Finland. He’s now a champion for mental health resilience. He’s popular for his prowess in multilingual skills and a die-hard sports enthusiast. As a Ph.D. holder, he’s an authority in the fields of Economics, Psychology,, and Politics. He’s an advocate of new world disorder where chaos is considered the new normal. The common topics that he covers are leadership, change management, confidence, and resilience in life. Stubb is concerned by the alarming rate at which anger and stress are taking a toll on people. 36% Employees report indicate that behavioral health is an integral part of success at the workplace. Therefore, Stubb is an advocate for improved mental health at the workplace.

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#6 David Goggins

David Goggins


If you’re not physically and mentally prepared for what life is going to throw at you, then you’re just going to crumble, And then, you’re no good to nobody.


David Goggins, a retired navy seal, has practical experience in what mental resilience entails. He’s a strong believer that mental strength outshines physical strength in a way. Goggins is always looking to push his limits and has held the Guinness World Record for doing 4,030 pull-ups in only 17 hours. He uses his prowess in athletics to prove to people that mental strength and being proactive about life results in success. To demonstrate true mental strength, Goggins doesn’t keep a scoreboard of his achievements but is always on a path of self-discovery and self-consciousness.

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#7 Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson

It’s all fun and games until you serve someone the truth they were not prepared or want to hear.


Malin Andersson wears many hearts; she’s an advocate for mental health, a motivational speaker, and a mental health columnist for OK Magazine. Malin has experienced lots of trauma and sad events in her life. Some of the most traumatic ones include the loss of her baby daughter, Consy, and enduring an abusive relationship. To cope with the pain she was going through, she refused to leave her room for two months. Having dealt with the death of her mother, she knew she wanted to be alone. However, once she recovered, she made a conscious decision to help people remain strong despite traumatic events.

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#8 Nial Breslin

Nial Breslin


Worth saying that all the dialogue around the importance of mental health during and after this crisis, we currently spend just 6% of the entire health budget on mental health. Now would be a good time to explore that and figure out how we can do better.


Nial Breslin uses a wide range of ways such as songs, podcasts, books and free talks as platforms to advocate for mental health. He can expertly handle topics of mental health and accommodates diverse groups of audiences. He also heads ‘A Lust for Life’ which is an organization that helps strength mental health through social entrepreneurships. He has also written books touching on mental health disorders in children and has covered topics such as depression, anxiety and emotional awareness in great detail.

#9 Jordin Tootoo

Jordan Tootoo


There’s not quite so much going on, and that’s probably a good thing. I am always happy to see the fans, but I know I’ve got to be concentrating on getting a win.


Jordin Tootoo is a pacesetter and doesn’t believe in limiting the human mind. Tootoo takes credit in being the first player of Inuk descent in the NHL to suit up. Jordin is a philanthropist and set up Team Tootoo Fund in 20111 as a channel of giving back to the society. The Fund focuses on helping charities that are working on suicide awareness and prevention. He’s also keen on helping youth that are at a risk of mental imbalance.

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#10 Corey Dixon

Corey Dixon


Treat mental health like it matters. Don’t be afraid to share your story. Speak loud!


Following the above tweet, Corey Dixon became an advocate of mental health. Earlier in his acting career, Corey featured in Aladdin, Oliver and Willy Wonka. He has also won the best actor award from the Canadian media five times. He was a popular face in many global commercials. However, everything went south when he was diagnosed with depression due to bullying. He got into an accident that affect his mobility from the waist down. Upon recovery, Corey purposed to help people achieve mental resilience and continues to champion many campaigns against bullying. He has spoken to over 30,000 people and over 2,000 students on topics touching on mental health and bullying.

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#11 Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax


Why, when you have a mental disease, is it always considered an act of imagination? Why is it that every organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy except the brain?


Not only is Ruby Max a comedian and performer, she’s also a speaker on mental health issues. She’s has been an editor for numerous shows and TV series. She’s also been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her background in psychology has helped offer expertise in matters touching on brain structure and therapy. She advocates for bringing back sanity in a world that is filled with so much negativity. Ruby also manages groups that seek to enhance leadership skills. In 2012, she received the Mental Health Hero award.

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#12 Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins


Trust me, I did not believe it either!


Mel Robbins uses her personal experience to help people realize how much they can achieve when they strengthen their minds. At 41, Robbins experienced serious turmoil in her life where she lost her job which took a toll on her finance and compromised her marriage. During this difficult time, she invented a 5-minute which helped her get through it. The rule involved counting 5 backward instead of 5 forwards. The rule improved her self-awareness and gave her mental peace. Robbins is an expert in mental power, productivity, optimization,, and helping people to be assertive. She has successfully helped people overcome depression, anxiety,, and negativity. Her audiobooks are full of wisdom and humor that is great for building mental resilience.

#13 Johann Hari

Johann Hari


Human beings have natural psychological needs. You gotta feel you belong, you gotta feel your life has a meaning and purpose.


Johann Hari is a re-known author. He has written two New York best sellers. His first book, ‘Chasing the Scream: the First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’ is being made into a Hollywood film under the directorship of Oscar-winning Lee Daniels. It will also be made into a non-fiction documentary series. His most recent book, ‘Lost Connections: Uncovering The Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions’ speaks to people from all walks of life and has been translated into over 28 languages. The book has been endorsed by leading personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton and Tucker Carlson. Others such as Elton John, Naomi Klein and Glenn Greenwald have highly praised the book. The book that has been shortlisted for the British Media Association awards, was described by the British Journal of General practice as, “one of the most important texts of recent years

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#14 Michael Landsberg

Michael Landsberg


I have a mental illness. I am not ashamed. I am not embarrassed. I am NOT weak!


Michael Landsberg is popular for his non-profit organization, SICK NOT WEAK. He came to the limelight after shouting, “Obviously I am sick, but I sure as hell am not weak. I am sick, not weak” during a debate on mental illness. To this day, many can relate to the slogan. He approaches mental wellness in an unconventional way. He believes that traditional methods such as clinical and whispering makes the affected person feel ashamed and reinforces the belief that they are weak. He doesn’t work with rules. He hates social stigmatization and isn’t limited to corporate agendas on medical issues.

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#15 Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes


I had some experience in dealing with people having mental health issues or depression but I could not see the signs in me. I did not ask for help because I didn’t know I needed it.


With a sporting career that spans 20 years, Clara Hughes believes that sports are a great way to build mental strength. She focuses on upcoming athletes who seek to overcome mental difficulty to succeed physically. Her love for cycling, speed skating and hiking made her the bearer of the Canadian flag for the 2020 Vancouver Olympic games. She’s also the ambassador for ‘ Let’s Talk’ campaign which aims at breaking the shackles associated with breaking the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. As a six-time Olympic medalist, she believes that her voice is powerful in raising awareness about mental health.

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#16 Kay Warren

Kay Warren


Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be alright, and the determined choice to praise God in all things.


Following her son’s death, Kay Warren co-founded Saddleback’s Hope for Mental Health which helps people heal from mental illnesses and thoughts of suicide. Kay together with her husband founded the Saddleback Church back in 1980.She also a member of National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. She has made immense contributions to theology and written many books touching on mental health. Some of the topics that she covers around the world include ADHD in children, grief, trauma, personality disorders and drug abuse. Some of the support groups supported by her initiatives include Fresh Hope, Grace Alliance, Nami and Celebrate Recovery.

#17 Dr.Gabor Mate

Gabbor Mate


We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.


Dr. Gabor Mate is an authority in topics touching on addiction, stress and child development. This well-known speaker worked with recovering hard core drug addicts at the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. He also served patients at the Vancouver Supervised Injection Site. He has over 20 years’ experience in family practice and is a leader in the latest research on various issues. He’s regularly engaged to speak to health professionals and educators all over North America. He’s also the co-founder of Compassion for Addiction which is an NGO that helps tackle addiction. He’s also a special advisor for Drugs over Dinner.

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#18 Brett Francis

Brett Francis


No one is broken. Our struggles are not our fault.


Brett Francis strives to empower her workers with knowledge about emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management and increased productivity. She has endorsements from Mental Health America, Canadian Mental Health Association and Mental Health Commission of Australia. The best selling author discusses with her audience various issues touching on mental health such as ADHD, OCD, panic disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome. She has also hosted a TV series, “ Breaking the Barriers” and frequents radio shows to raise awareness. She believes that education and open discussion are crucial in breaking stereotypes related to mental health. She also advocates for reduced stress at the workplace and getting rid of any conflicts of interests.

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#19 Michelle E Dickinson

Michelle E Dickinson


If kids know what mental health is, they will be talk about it and if they talk about it in times of crisis, they will get the help they need.


Having a bipolar mother helped Michelle E Dickinson learn about mental health. She’s a passionate advocate on the topic. As a volunteer at the Court Appointed Special Advocates, Michelle touched so many lives and helped improve their mental state. She’s a TED speaker with a career spanning 19 years in the pharmaceutical world. She has also written a book, “ Breaking Into My Life” Her focus is campaigns in school where that raise awareness on mental balance and healthy self-relationships among children.

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#20 Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl


Change your physiology, Change your mind!


Erik Wahl has international fame as a graffiti artist, entrepreneur and No. 1 bestseller. He’s a sought-after corporate speaker. He has re-defined the term ‘ keynote speaker’. He uses his talent as a painter when on stage to paint a visual picture of the topic he’s speaking about. His list of clients include AT &T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft and FedEx. He encourages organizations to strive for innovations and superior performance to become profitable.

#31 Dr. Helene Fisher

Dr. Helene Fisher


In successful relationships, it requires more empathy, dealing with your own stress and your own emotions and brain imaging on focusing the positives and overlooking the negatives which we call positive illusions.


Dr Helen Fisher is a PhD holder and her research touches on gender differences, brain mechanism and personality style. She’s a biological anthropologist at the Kinsey Institute Indiana University. Her talks are a combination of principles applied in science, neurology and psychology. She uses scientific evidence to talk about relationships.

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#32 Mark Henick

Mark Henick

People commit rape. They commit murder. But nobody has committed suicide in this country in the early 1970s when suicide was decriminalized. And that’s because suicide is a public health concern and not a criminal one.


Having suffered stigma and experienced the mental health system, Mark Henick decided to dedicate his life to helping create change. Some of his achievements include serving as the youngest president of provincial Canadian Mental Health Association division. He was also the youngest board member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. He’s also the national spokesperson of Faces of Mental Illness campaign. He’s a dedicated mental health counselor and manages trainings touching on mental health issues at the workplace.

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#33 Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines


I am beautiful, so are you. Life is the greatest gift that we have ever been given. Cherish it always!


Kevin Hines has survived suicide. He’s on a mission to help people realize and optimize mental finesse to better their lives. He has over 300 videos touching on mental health to inspire and educate the viewers and listeners. He has also done a documentary, “Suicide – The Ripple Effect” to show how a strong mind can save someone from complete mental breakdown and depression. Having survived life at the Coast, Kevin believes that he can conquer whatever life throws at him. He wants others to believe in their mental resilience as well. Kevin has dedicated his life to helping people recover and give them hope of a better life. In 2016, he received the Mental Health America award for his efforts in improving people’s lives. He’s a member of the Bipolar Foundation and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He’s also an ambassador of the National Council for behavioural Health.

#34 Susan Biali Haas

Susan Biali Haas


I chose a career in emergency medicine but I do panic under pressure.


Dr. Susan Biali is a high achiever. She’s a leading mental health coach, author and wellness expert. Her area of expertise is on burnout and depression onset especially for those in a medical career. For over 18 years, Biali has encountered thousands of patients where she helps them improve their lives. Her post on Psychology Today attracted over 9 million views. Her work has been applauded on Oprah.com, InStyle, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribute and Fast Company. She transverses Canada and even Mexico where those in medical and psychology fields praise her work and expertise. Due to her commitment to mental health propagation, Biali has received notable Rakesh Goel Prize and UBC Medal in Dietetics. She has also received the Woman of Worth Award in Health and Wellness.

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#35 Sheldon Kennedy

Sheldon Kennedy


We need to give confidence to the masses to understand, act and deal with these issues when needed.


Sheldon Kennedy’s career on the NHL spans 8 years. During this time, she won the Memorial Cup, World Junior Gold and was a skater for three teams. Kennedy is a courageous soul. His decision to charge his Major Junior Hockey league coach with sexual assault which he inflicted for 5 years proved that he didn’t allow fear to rule him. His courageous deed has made Kennedy a beacon of hope to millions around the world. His work has influenced changes in the Canadian law. His message has also been received by the International Olympic Committee and the US Senate. In 2006, Kennedy released a book, “Why I Didn’t Say Anything”; which takes a deeper look of years of abuse can affect one’s psychology.

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#36 Amanda Llindhout

Amanda Llindhout

With this breath I choose peace, with this breath I choose freedom.


Amanda’s story is one of courage, perseverance and mental strength. When her daughter was kidnapped, she was called upon to help communicate with the Somali-English speaking negotiator. She began answering calls from Adam who was holding the life of her daughter in his hands. As the negotiations went south, she felt alone and desperate but she never gave up home. Her story of never giving up and recovering after trauma is a source of hope for so many in desperate situations.

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#37 Yashi Brown

Yashi Brown

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. It’s okay to talk about it.


Yashi Brown chose poetry as her main channel of creative expression following her battle with depression arising from Bipolar Disorder and maniac attacks. She searched deep within her spirituality and desire to thrive which has helped her live with Bipolar type one. She was endorsed by Google to speak to its users about mental health privacy. As a leading public speaker, she frequently writes and contributes to SXSW, Blog Her Health, NEXUS, NAMI, LACMA Mental Health Culture Change and Mental Health First Aid summits. At We Rise 2018, she shared her personal experience which contributed greatly to mental health awareness campaign. She shared a platform with Common, Black Eyed Peas and Patrick Kennedy during this rally.

#38 Sean Mccann

Sean Mccann


One thing I know of depression is that it affects all of us. No one is new to depression.


Not only is Sean Mccann a leading advocate for mental health, he’s also the founder of Great Big Sea. Being a musician, he uses music to reach out to people including teachers, patients, students and inmates who are dealing with mental illness. By creating a comfortable space using music, people openly share their experiences which helps in healing. He also has podcasts that touch on mental health resilience, self-love and recovery. Sean believes in the healing power of music and uses it to help people recover from mental breakdown and addiction.

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#39 Jayson Greene

Jayson Greene

Trauma is a rip in your understanding of the universe.


In 2015, Jayson Greene and his wife, Stacy, lost their 2-year old daughter to a grisly road accident. To help cope with the grief, Greene sought solace in retreats and spiritualism. However, writing turned out to be the best therapy. His book is memoir of the misery they went through and provides vivid descriptions of how unbearable suffering can become. It shows how the couple survived despite all odds. It documents the struggles that they had to go through

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#40 Shanti Das

Shanti Das


Silence the Shame


Shanti Das runs a number of community outreach programs to help people achieve mental wellness. Her non-profit organization helps educate the masses about the importance of mental health. She’s an industry executive and marketing consultant. She’s also a philanthropist, author and speaker.

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#21 Wes Moore

Wes Moore


When I came back( from war), I wanted to talk to people, I wanted them to ask me about my experience. I want people to come and ask me – “How was it like?” Wes Moore!


Wes More is the CEO of the anti-poverty initiative, Robin Hood. As a combat veteran, he is passionate about issues touching on mental resilience especially among other veterans. He’s a best-selling author and his first book, “ The Other Wes Moore” touches on the aspects of society that touch on mental health. Oprah Winfrey wanted to base a film on it. Despite facing many tribulations in his childhood, Wes Moore went ahead and attained success from John Hopkins and Oxford. He served as White House Fellow to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Before heading Robin Hood, Moore dedicated his time to BridgeEdu that addressed organizational psychology principles.

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#22 Tyler Simmonds

Tyler Simmonds


I had no idea what was happening, sadness for no reason, nervous for no reason. How do you tell your family that you can’t feel happiness?


Tyler Simmonds uses his experience dealing with mental illness to encourage people that a recovery is possible. He emphasizes that creativity and meditation is important in achieving a healthy mental state. As a public speaker, his message resonates with many people. He uses Twitter to engage his huge following of 35,000 people on topics touching on life. The Huffington Post once named him the “10 Inspirational people under 30 that you should be following on Twitter.” He’s also a film maker.

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#23 Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha


The American Psychosomatic Society published a study showing how Michael Babyak and a team of doctors found that three thirty-minute brisk walks or jogs even improve recovery from clinical depression. Yes, clinical depression.


Neil Pasricha is a critical thinker and public speaker specializing in mental health. He loves remaining positive and his talking points revolve around happiness, gratitude, mental resilience and assertiveness. He has written seven books which have sold millions of copies around the world. His books cover various topics including guided meditation and the mental wellbeing in children. His podcasts are featured on iTunes, TED speeches, SXSW and on Google. He’s an expert on topics touching on mental health and change management.

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#24 Dr.Greg Wells

Dr. Greg Wells


There is a health crisis, and it’s being caused by three main factors: poor sleep, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition.


As the CEO of Wells Performance, Dr. Greg Wells is on a mission to help people improve the lives of people at work and in their personal lives. As a scientist and performance physiologist, he has had the privilege of working with high performing athletes even those in the Olympics. Some of the organizations that he has worked with include General Electric, BMO, Deloitte, KPMG and Air Canada. He is committed to helping youngsters and children where he engages school boards and international schools across the globe. His 3 best sellers: Super bodies, The Ripple Effect, and The Focus Effect are part of his many achievements. He has been a speaker on TEDx and Titan Summit. Some of the people he has shared a stage with include Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra. He also worked as the Sport Science director at the Canadian Sport Centre. During this period, he acted as a physiologist for over 200 athletes.

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#25 Steven Page

Steven Page


By avoiding our mental health issues and viewing them as a source of shame, we dissuade people from reaching out and seeking help. Sadness, grief, those are things we all deal with.


Steven Jay Page is a leading Canadian singer and song writer. He’s a founding member of Bare-Naked Ladies (BNL) where he was the lead singer, primary song writer and guitarist. However, in 2009 Page left the band and has been pursuing a solo career. Despite taking ten years of piano lessons, Page still claims he still hasn’t learnt how to play. In 2011, Page made public that he suffers from bipolar disorder. He’s self-medicated all along to help relieve the symptoms. His departure from BNL helped him focus on managing his illness. On several occasions, he has held talks touching on mental health.

#26 Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley


There are serious problems with Hustle culture.


Bruce Daisley’s career spans in media and technology. He has worked for digital companies such as Twitter, Youtube, Google and Emap. During his work, Daisley felt the need to help make people’s jobs better. He believes that one’s routine shouldn’t be eat, sleep, work repeat. He believes in helping people escape the bad opinions and poor work culture that leaders have cultivated in the work place. They need to be replaced with evidence and facts.

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#27 Dr. Tim Sharp

Dr. Tim Sharp


I am well aware and the people including me are far from perfect. I am here to focus on what’s going well, to shine a light on what’s good in the world.


Dr. Tim Sharp wears many hats; he’s a psychologist, author and popular public speaker. He governs The Happiness Institute and is Australia’s version of Dr. Happy. He is known to spread the word on the importance of mental healing and inner strength. He is enlisted an expert in Lifestyle Suite Talent Management which seeks to promote mental health, philanthropy and life balance. He has authored three books: “The Good Sleep Guide”, “ 100 Ways to Happiness”, “ Live Longer” all of which have received millions of reviews. He also has skills that have helped him with his two podcasts: “Be a Man” and “ Body and Soul”.

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#28 Brian Cuban

Brian Cuban


Trauma and Shame are Gatekeepers to Happiness.


Dalla-based attorney, Brian Cuban, is the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and serial entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. He’s a graduate of Penn State University and an alumnus of The University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Brian has battled with alcoholism, cocaine abuse and bulimia since 2007. In his book, Shattered Image: My Triumph over Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” Brian shares with readers first hand details of managing and recovering from 27 years of eating disorders. He’s an advocate for addiction recovery. His other best seller, The Addicted Lawyer, Tales of The Bar, Booze, Blow, & Redemption also gives details of how him and other professionals found recovery and redemption from addiction.

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#29 Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson


I had perinatal anxiety with my son. I did not enjoy pregnancy as a result of it.


Anna Williamson is long time TV presenter and podcaster. She’s also a vibrant advocate for maternal mental health. She has been engaged by the NHS to speak to children about mental health and anxiety. AS a mother of two, she understands too well about pre and post-natal depression. She has also hosted a show on BBC’s Inside Out on topics about prenatal anxiety. In her book, “Breaking Mum and Dad- The Insider’s Guide Parenting Anxiety” she touches on delicate points of the human mind.

#30 Mia St. John

Mia St. John

My son was the light of my life and I will continue to battle for mental health until my last breath.


Mia St. John is a five-time World International Boxing champion. She’s also the CEO of EL Saber Es Poder Foundation. CNN has also given her the title of Mental Health Warrior. She has initiatives that speak on mental illness, addiction and poverty. She’s all about improvement of mental and physical wellbeing. Governor Amalia Garcia awarded her the role of a Goodwill Ambassador for her humanitarian work. She has also spoken at the Hispanic Caucus. Following the death of her son, Mia works at a free center that helps young adults that have lost loved ones to mental illnesses and addiction.

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#41 Hillary L McBride

Hillary L McBride


It is the perfect time to remind you that therapy is not a sign of weakness, it’s a marker of courage and strength to ask for help.


Hilary L McBride loves being a therapist. Her passion is seeing people thrive in their personal lives and relationships. She’s on a mission to make psychology and academic research available to all. She has a passion for counseling and she challenges herself to grow in various ways. She derives joy from watching someone transform tears of misery into those of joy. She’s happy when one’s life is healed and restored. She takes counseling as an opportunity to help people cope with challenges in life. Her aim is for people to achieve self-acceptance and purpose.

#42 John Elder Robison

John Elder Robison


People with Autism are often very weak socially; we are weak in spoken languages.


Due to life’s struggles, John Robinson dropped out of high school. Despite his studies ending prematurely, he had found two things that he had a passion for: music and electronics. At only 16, he was a member of a band as the sound engineer. In a few years, he had attained the necessary skills to help build equipment for Pink Floyd’s company. He also accompanied April Wine on tours to hockey rings in Canada. He also created special effects guitars for KISS. He’s keen on promoting research on treatments to help those struggling with autism. He’s a leading activity for those with autism and those with neurological defects.

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#43 Mike Veny

Mike Veny


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. Your perception shapes your reality.


Mike Veny has a fresh perspective on issues such as diversity and inclusion. As a best-selling author, Veny uses his voice to share stories to help fight stigma. As a person who has struggled with mental issues, he is an authority on the subject. He’s a sought-after corporate event facilitator and keynote speaker. He’s also enthusiastic about languages. His book, Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero & The Transforming Stigma Workbook has helped transform many lives. In 2017, he received the 2017 PM360 ELITE Award. He’s been recognized as a part of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare industry.

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#44 Andrew Marantz

Andrew Marantz

There are few Elites who control the world.


Since 2011, Andrew Marantz has been a resident writer fjenniferbotterill.comor the New Yorker. His work has been featured in popular publications such as the Harper’s, New York, Mother Jones and the New York Times. He’s also a contributor to Radiolab and the New Yorker Radio Hour. He has spoken at TED and granted interviews to CNN and NPR among others.

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#45 Scott Stossel

Scott Stossel


Generally speaking, the anxiety will pass, which is easy for me to say when I am not in the middle of an anxiety attack. When you are in the throes of one, it’s hard to feel anything other than utter misery and terror.


Scott Stossel is an editor with the Atlantic Magazine. He’s also written a best seller, My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread. He’s also written Search for Peace of Mind which has been short listed for 2015 Welcome Book Prize. His other book Sarge: The Life and Times of Sergeant Shriver has also won awards. Another of his books, My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind were top ten New York best sellers within the first week of publication. The Jed Foundation awarded Scott the “Voices of Mental Health Award” in 2014. The Erik Erikson Institute also awarded him the Prize for Excellence in Mental Health Media.

#46 Candy Chang

Candy Chang


I worry we are losing our humanity.


Candy Chang is an artist who envisions the future of ritual in public life. Her work looks at the dynamics that exist between the society and the psyche. She examines the threshold between isolation and community. Her expertise lies at the intersection of contemplative practice and built environment. She’s a holder of a Master’s degree in urban planning and an undergraduate degree in architecture and design from the university of Michigan. She has worked with communities in Nairobi, New York, Helsinki, Vancouver and New Orleans on experiments for more inclusive types of democracy. As a person who has survived grief and depression., she channels any questions that she may have into her work. Her public art project, Before I Die, is a reimagination of ways in which walls of the cities can make us struggle with mortality.

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#47 Adam Alter

Adam Alter


We’ve shown that disfluency leads you to think more deeply, as I mentioned earlier, that it forms a cognitive roadblock, and then you think more deeply, and you work through the information more comprehensively. But the other thing it does is it allows you to depart more from reality, from the reality you’re at now.


Adam Alter is a marketing professor at the New York University. He’s also an associate professor of marketing at the at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He has two New York best sellers: Irresistible which was released in 2017 and Drunk Tank Pink which was released in 2013. The former looks at why so many people have behavioral addictions while the latter investigates how the world around us shapes our behaviors and feelings.

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#48 Jennifer Botterill

Jennifer Botterill


As a group I thought we played connected. I feel like we had a lot of great shots, some great opportunities, and for us it is just bearing down a little bit and finishing. We believe in our team, for us we have confidence, we have respect and we know it is going to take a lot of hard work and playing together as a team.


Jennifer Botterill was part of the Canadian women’s hockey team from 1997 to 2011. She has attended 4 Olympic games. She’s won gold at the Olympics in 2002, 2006 and 2010. She’s also a silver medalist in 1998. She’s a graduate of Harvard University and received Honors in her degree. She has also been named Most Valuable Player (MVP) in world championship tournaments, twice. She’s also a keynote public speaker and a performance psychologist. She pursues excellence in all she engages in.

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#49 Damon West

Damon West


Allow me to share with your company, team, school or organization, the incredible power within each person to positively change their environments and turn their pot of boiling water (LIFE) into a pot of coffee – just like the coffee bean!


Damon West is the author of best seller; Coffee Beans: A Simple Lesson to Create Change. He’s been sentenced to 65 years behind bars and suffered addiction in his early childhood years. At 9, he was sexually abused by the baby sitter and he started abusing drugs to cope with his feelings. He’s been working as a legal assistant at the Provost Humphrey law firm. He’s also a professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston Downtown.

#50 Mike King

Mike King

As a group I thought we played connected. I feel like we had a lot of great shots, some great opportunities, and for us it is just bearing down a little bit and finishing. We believe in our team, for us we have confidence, we have respect and we know it is going to take a lot of hard work and playing together as a team.


Mike King works solely for suicide prevention whch is a rising concern around him in New Zealand in young people, by curbing this cumbersome issue with an open dialogue by spreading an effective attitudinal change. Mike King wanted a new way for New Zealanders to think and approach their mental health to bring about positive social change. This led to the design of Key to Life Charitable Trust that aims to bring zero suicidal rate in New Zealand. Mike King believes that zero suicidal rate is achievable, not unbelievable. Mike King engages in digital communities, holds meetings and mental health clinical discussions along with mental health advocacy programs to foster positive outlook to life with complete mental well being. Mike King does tours and his latest was the “ I am Hope ” Aotearoa Tour 2018 in which he completed 70 talks by meeting 20,000 people that led to a $76000 raise for his initiative.

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#51 Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe


Sometimes you don’t have a choice about what happens to you, necessarily, but what you do have control over is how you deal with it.


Jessica Rowe is focused on eradicating taboo that surrounds mental health conditions. Her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and this taught her to balance her own personality. Rowe specializes in the intricate details of relationships and building of mental strength. She’s an ambassador for Beyond Blue. She’s also the patron of Beyond Blue Prenatal Mental Health Program. As an active member of the community around her, she uses fashion, psychology and aesthetics to cheer people up.

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#52 Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley


Work Incredibly hard to make your grade extraordinary. Then work twice as hard to make them the least impressive thing about you.


While pursuing his undergraduate education, Dudley realized that a one on one connection with the world was better than writing essays about it. During his student years, he engaged heavily in Canada’s post-secondary initiative which supports cystic fibrosis Canada. He went on to serve as the organization’s national chair. As his career progressed, he took up the challenge of forming the Leadership Development Program at the University of Toronto. He’s regarded as one of the most dynamic keynote speakers around the world. He has spoken to over 250,000 people across five continents. He’s also been featured in The Huffington Post, Radio America, and Forbes. TED talk has also named him among the top 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time.

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#53 Jeff Yalden

Jeff Yalden


Suicide Prevention in teens and adults isn’t rocket science when saving a life of an individual who is showing signs of suicidal ideation. In suicide prevention, what you do in the very early moments of crisis can save a life and prevent a forever decision.


Jeff Yalden is a celebrity teen and family life coach. He runs the Jeff Yalden Foundation to bring positive change to this group. Through mistakes that he has made in his own life, Yalden believes that he’s a voice on mental health for the youth. His journey has been filled with ups and downs and he has experienced an equal share of successes and failures. In his book, Swimming Out of Water, he encourages people to embrace 1 360-degree approach to life. People should embrace positive thinking and better emotional awareness.

#54 Silken Laumann

Silken Laumann


Working on mental health is like building a muscle. You get stronger as time goes on you continue to work, struggle and overcome.


Silken Laumann’s journey of achieving success in the Olympics was filled with broken bones and shattered muscles. She used her mind to master courage, perseverance and patience which helped her succeed. Following a bad accident, her doctors told her to stay away from any rowing activities. However, she remained resilient where she made a come back and won 3 Olympic medals. She also collaborates with Goodlife Kids Foundation to promote mental health and physical wellbeing.

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#55 Hayley Mulenda

Haley Mulenda

Do you focus on you can make an impact and how you can make a change.


Hayley Mulenda transverses the globe sharing her story of how she changed her pain into purpose. She’s an award-winning international speaker. At the age of 18, Hayley almost committed suicide. She was overwhelmed by the pressure of balancing her studies, business and personal life. She was concerned about the intense pressure that millennials were going through. She published the award-winning book, “The ABCs To Student Success”. Which gives tips on achieving mental wellbeing. She uses the alphabet in a unique way to empower and encourage people to continue holding on and never give up.

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#56 Gabe Howard

Gabe Howard


It’s very time consuming to constantly worry that I am screwing up and the panic attacks are, well they are horrific.


Gabe Howard lives with bipolar disorder. He’s the host of Psych Central Podcast that airs weekly and also co-hosts the Not Crazy podcast. He’s also an author and has written, Mental Illness is an Asshole and Other Observations. These books have appeared on several websites, podcasts and are available on media outlets. Howard’s entertaining articles have created awareness about mental illness. He offers practical advice and addresses the fears that people may have about mental health. He’s determined to help people thrive despite stigma associated with bipolar, anxiety and depression.

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#57 Kevin Breel

Kevin Breel


The world I believe in is one where embracing your light doesn’t mean ignoring your dark.


Kevin Breel is only 23 years old and he’s already an accomplished writer and comedian. His memoir, Boy Meets Depression, has won acclaims from critics everywhere. According to Forbes, it’s ‘a small book well worth reading’’. According to NPR, the book is honest and compelling. His story telling show has headlined theatres and colleges. At his tender age, he’s been a guest speaker on mental health at Harvard University, Yale and MIT. He has also spoken to employees of Fortune 500 companies. His talk, “Confessions of a Depressed Comic” was one of the most viewed on TED talks to date.

#58 Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani


It’s totally platonic, do I think we’ll become friends? Sure.


Jordan Axani is an influential entrepreneur with a creative spark which he uses to raise awareness on mental health issues. He has a unique background and relatable vulnerability which has made him a sought-after speaker on topics touching on mental wellness. He’s also good at speaking on leadership and change management. His approach is the use of simple conversations to approach mental health. His focus is helping firms to build safe work places that attract and retain the best talents. He’s also the co-founder of Shift Colab which is a leading mental health education firm in Canada.

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#59 Danny Bent

Danny Bent


Living life to the full has been the driving force of my life.


The best term to define Danny Bent is ‘happiness guru’. This storyteller and CEO of Project Awesome is listed as one of the top 100 happiest people in the United Kingdom. He’s also among the top 50 inspirational people in London. He’s an award-winning author and loves adventure. To him, life is an adventure and breaking free brings happiness into one’s life. He’s a Guinness Book of World Record holder.

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#60 Jamil Jivani

Jamil Jivani


As a lawyer, educator and author, I want to create opportunities and remove barriers for youth and their parents.


Jamil Jivani is the MD of Road Home Research & Analysis. He’s a Yale law graduate and has taught at the Osgoode Hall Law School. He’s the vice chairman of Children’s Aid Society in Toronto. In 2018, Jamil received the ‘’One to Watch’’ alumni award from the York University. In 2017. He was awarded the youth leadership award by the International Development and Relief Foundation. He’s also an author and his first book, Why Young Men, was published in Canada and the United States in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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#61 Dennis Simsek

Dennis Simsek


Through every mistake we learn something new about ourselves.


Dennis Simsek is the host of the Anxiety Guy which is a popular podcast where he shares his knowledge and experiences dealing with anxiety. The podcast received the Best of iTunes award in the health category due to its commitment to helping people deal with anxiety.

#62 Clint Malarchuk

Clint Malarchuk


Loyalty is all that matters to me. If you’re an honest person, I’ll be your friend for life. I don’t waste time with people who are fake or people who are trying to use you to get something. I don’t care about people who are afraid to say what they think


Clint Malarchuk is a mental health advocate in North America. As an NHL player and coach, Clint understands too well what mental resilience is all about. He has developed philosophies touching on leadership and getting over struggles of life. Malarchuk almost died when his throat slashed during a collision on ice. To get through this trauma, he got into depression and became dependant on alcohol for relief. The mental instability almost cost him his life and he even suffered a bullet in the head. Malarchuk and his wife, Joan, are part of the outreach ambassador group, IOCD. They are also on the board of visitors with Mclean University.

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#63 Kellylee Evans

Kellylee Evans


What I learned from my experience (of getting hit by lightening) was that I cared less about myself.


Kellylee Evans lives to tell her story of how she was hit by lightening which brought memory loss. To recover from the electrical injury, she taught herself mental self-care. She’s a sought-after keynote speaker and her performances are full of energy. She’s a strong advocate of mental wellness and promotes it to her audiences. She believes that good mental health through self-love helps soothe the mind, body and soul.

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#64 Chris Koch

Chris Koch


The other reason why growing up without arms and legs was easy, is a good sense of humor. We take life too seriously.


Chris Koch grew up with neither legs nor arms. He was born in Lethbridge, AB and lived in a community of small-scale ranchers and farmers. His family embraced his disability and decided to make the best out the circumstances. Despite lacking legs and arms, Koch had a good and functional brain. He testifies that his life has been a fun ride full of laughter and good cheer. During his talks and presentations, Koch likes his audience happy. Despite his challenges, Koch didn’t relent on achieving his goals. He’s on a mission to encourage people to overcome any challenges they may have and reach for greatness. He sets new goals for himself every time and believes that anyone can achieve greatness. Nothing should hold a person back.

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#65 Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson


Anxiety can disrupt your brain function. It disturbs memory.


Ian Robertson is an advocate for mental resilience. He’s a psychologist, scientist and author. He has written several Mind Sculpture”, “The Mind’s Eye” and “The Winner Effect” books; His books use principles of neuropsychology to address mental health issues. He’s a professor of psychology at Trinity College. He’s also a former fellow of Hughes and Cambridge. He regularly tours the world to deliver keynote speeches on mental health.

#66 Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes


By the time we’re in our thirties we’ve subconsciously conditioned ourselves to have automatic responses to stress: “I’m too tired,” “I can’t help myself,” or “things never work out for me.” These myths can lower the bar and prolong a rut you may find yourself in, making meh the new normal.


Jessica Holmes is a comedian and has curtain raised for popular stand up comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Leslie Nielsen, and Ellen DeGeneres. She has also hosted events for visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey. Her comedy has seen her perform with Second City and Just for Laughs. Recently, Jessica has gotten into write and penned a book, I Love Your Laugh: Finding the Light in My Screwball Life. Born and bred in Ottawa, Jessica’s major was in writing at the Ryerson’s Radio & Television Arts BFA program.

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#67 Robert Ashton

Robert Ashton


I go really down to things and make them happen. People listen to me not because I have prepared, carefree, planned, rehearsed presentations I deliver everywhere just the way everywhere. But I take the trouble to understand your issue and understand the things that are really really really bugging the people.


With an IQ of 155, Robert Ashton has been dubbed the ‘barefoot entrepreneur’. He went through a dysfunctional childhood and finds joy in helping people deal with inequality and mental health issues. His high IQ helps him connect better with people. He launched Swam, which is a program that provides apprentice training to people to help them achieve their dreams.

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#68 Elizabeth Manley

Elizabeth Manley

I was a survivor of negativity towards mental health and fought through it. I tell people that you can live a fulfilled life.


Elizabeth Manley has over 30 years’ experience in figure skating. She was the first Canadian woman to land a triple-double combination jump successfully. She has participated in two Olympic games where she won silver in 1988 and became an Olympic freestyle champion. She has also won six world championships and three national titles. During her talks, she gives her audience a behind the scenes look of what it takes to get to the top. Having lost her parents, Manley had to master mental strength to get through. During her quest to be a figure skating champion, Manley has overcome countless obstacles to emerge victorious. She believes that a positive attitude and perseverance are the key to achieving greatness.

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#69 Scott Ste Marie

Scott Ste Marie

Meditation is a gateway to see depression for what it truly isn’t. It’s not you.


For 12 years, Scott Ste Marie was using anti-depressants. He uses his speeches to raise awareness about depression and anxiety. He also uses Youtube and podcasts to create awareness on the topic. He believes that talking is therapeutic when one is depressed. Since he also suffered mental agony, he can relate with his audience. He’s on a mission to demystify mental health and provide people with a game plan. Scott Ste Marie regularly holds workshop to address the topic of mental health. Through his work for Canadian Mental Health Association, AdParlor and Health Canada, Scott has a lot experience on various mental health topics for diverse audiences.

#70 Dr.Shimi Kang

Dr.Shimi Kang


Love isn’t cancelled. Music isn’t cancelled. Self-care isn’t cancelled.


Dr.Shimi Kang is a Harvard trained doctor and specializes in how the mind works. As a researcher, he provides science-based solutions for issues touching on leadership, wellness and mental resilience. His area of expertise is in mental health neuroscience, addiction and optimal performance. This award-winning doctor has spent over 20 years researching and treating people from all walks of life. He tries to make science fun and simple to understand so that people can apply it in their daily lives.

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#71 Swish Goswami

Swish Goswami

I am a counter puncher in a world where everyone wants to be the aggressor.


Swish Goswami is a serial tech entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Trufan that recently acquired SocialRank. He’s also served as the LinkedIn Youth editor and as a UN Youth ambassador. At 23, he’s been a TEDx speaker three times and signed with the Speakers Spotlight and AAT Projects. He loves talking about mental wellbeing and entrepreneurship to schools and festivals. He has delivered keynote speeches at the at American Express, the United Nations, Staples Center, Haste and Hustle, Harvard University and Wall Street Journal. He’s also shared a stage with Gary Vaynerchuk and Richard Branson.

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#72 Anthony Mclean

Anthony Mclean


I am gonna accept myself the way I am. I am not the one that needs to change.


Anthony Mclean is a rapper and youth motivational speaker. He loves to inspire students with presentations on bullying, diversity and mental health. He has spoken on these issues across CANADA, THE United States and in Australia. He has made over 2000 presentations around the world. At the moment, he’s doing virtual presentations where he uses interactive games and activities to keep the audience engaged.

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#73 Alicia Raimundo

Alicia Raimundo


Top barriers for young people to seek out mental health care is that they are scared, there are less services and people simply don’t know what services are there.


From a tender age of 13, Alicia Raimundo has battled with anxiety. She’s the UN ambassador for Youth Mental Health Program. She holds positions in over 6 mental health organizations and co-chairs Jack.org think tank. She has played a major in suicide prevention in Ontario. Through more than 600 speeches, Alicia advocates for mental wellness and wholeness. She also manages virtual care at Foundry BC which provides resources on mental health for people between 12 and 24 years.

#74 Dr. Lisa Belanger

Dr. Lisa Belanger


Everybody needs solitude, an invisible space to escape too-even if just a silent time and then you need to connect- is when you are proactive.


Dr. Lisa Belanger is an award-winning research and behavioral change expert. She’s a speaker and facilitator who helps people take control of their habits to achieve better performance, health and happiness in life. She’s the founder of Conscious Works which is an initiative that helps people achieve their full potential in both professional and personal life. She helps develop radical life changes that people can incorporate in their daily lives to bring change and improve their wellbeing.

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#75 Pete Earley

Pete Earley


We put people in shame and of course that contributes to the stigma that I don’t want to admit this ( that I have mental illness)- Our whole society does that.


Pete Earley uses storytelling to herness mental health. He’s an author of 21 best sellers, and one of his books, “Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness’ was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. With over 14 years’ experience in journalism, Pete has dedicated his life to bringing mental health reforms. He’s an advocate for reforms in over 49 states. He serves on the board of Corporation for Supporting which focuses on eradicating homelessness. He’s a member of Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Committee where he advises on mental health policies.

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#76 Gab Bonesso

Gab Bonesso

If you are someone who has a mental disorder, I beg you to be honest and open about the condition.


Gab Bonesso loves satire and humor and uses both to advocate for mental wellness. She’s creative and approaches topics on mental health in a light hearted manner. She addresses topics on bullying and advocates for mental health in children and teenagers. Her ‘GabSquad’ is a place where art is used in a classroom style where people interact and talk about positive expression.

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#77 Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown


If you don’t do the self-work along with medication, it’s not going to be effective.


Tanya Brown faced a burn out; she was overwhelmed with grief, anxiety, stress, chaos, personal loss and unresolved pain. She believes that unresolved pain is the root of lack of mental wellness. By spreading hope, people in misery will be encouraged. Through the loss of her daughter, Tasha went through untold misery. She experienced untold suffering through the global criminal case, The Trial of the Last century’. She’s determined to talk about mental health and hardship.

#78 Malene Rydahl

Malene Rydahl


The society is built around 3 pillars: Trust, Freedom to be you, and Individual Responsibility.


Malene Rydahl is an executive coach and keynote speaker. She uses the Danish leadership model to specialize in wellbeing and improved performance. Her book, “Happy as a Dane” is a best seller and has been published in over 12 languages. It was awarded the most optimistic book in 2014. In it, she explores the reason why people from Denmark are considered some of the happiest in the world. She looks at how the country’s leadership style contributes to positive performance. She’s a frequent keynote speaker in international events, institutions and elite schools such as the OECD, ENA and INSEAD in Singapore as a TEDx speaker. She’s also a lecturer at the prestigious French business school HEC Executive Education and Sciences Po Paris.

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#79 Genevieve Clay Smith

Genevieve Clay Smith


I came out of depression with a growing faith when I was a teenager.


Genevieve Clay Smith directs films that focus on positive social change. She has a collection of stories from communities in Australia that touch on empathy and compassion. The Telstra Business Women Awards have awarded her as an emerging leader and has also received a media award from B&T Women. Her company and Bus Stop Films work closely with people from different backgrounds who are suffering mental disorders.

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#80 Samra Zafar

Samra Zafar


Challenge the limiting beliefs that hold you back. If you can dream it, you have the power to achieve it.


Samra Zafar founded Brave Beginnings, which is a non-profit organization that helps abuse survivors on their journey to recovery. Her work and inspiring story has been featured in prominent media publications such as Toronto Life, CTV, CBC, Global News and Yahoo. Through these channels, her message has reached tens of millions of people. She arrived in Canada as a child bride for a forced marriage in which she suffered serious oppression and abuse. Her efforts to attain an education were opposed. She didn’t give up and pursued her education despite being a single mother juggling multiple jobs to raise her two daughters. She has spoken at various platforms on topics of human connection, women empowerment, domestic violence, youth empowerment and education.

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#81 Dr.Robyne Hanley Dafoe

Dr.Robyne Hanley Dafoe


You have to belong to something (have a sense of belonging), whether it is a family system, your ethnic group, your culture, you need to have some type of a thing that you know is yours.


Dr.Robyne Hanley Dafoe is a psychology and education instructor. He specializes on topics of mental resilience and how to navigate stress at the workplace. He has been described as transformational and though-provoking. The award-winning speaker’s strategies provide practical strategies that are backed by global research and case studies. He’s always available for consultation and professional development. She provides one-on-one sessions or speaks at company initiatives.

#82 Petra Velzeboer

Petra Velzeboer


Being visible and authentic as we are is the single biggest important thing that can make difference in our lives.


Petra Velzeboer is a psychotherapist and trainer. She’s also a mental health consultant and international speaker. She backs her talks on her personal experience of battles with mental illness. She’s passionate about promoting mental wellness though early detection of signs. She’s a good speaker on topics of emotional intelligence and mental health resilience. She’s also a podcast host.

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#83 Delaney Ruston

Delaney Ruston


I wondered how to use personal stories to communicate on World Mental Health.


Delaney Ruston is a physician trained at Stanford and a committed advocate for social and mental wellbeing. She’s a filmmaker and her documentaries such as Screenagers dig into mental well being of today’s youth. Her father’s schizophrenia helped her better understand mental health issues and she can speak across the globe about these topics. She was appointed a faculty member at the University of Washington and has devoted her efforts to ckinics that are underserved.

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#84 Eve Ash

Dr. Lisa Belanger


What we can do is to stay away from negative scripts that hold you back.


Dr. Lisa Belanger is an award-winning research and behavioral change expert. She’s a speaker and facilitator who helps people take control of their habits to achieve better performance, health and happiness in life. She’s the founder of Conscious Works which is an initiative that helps people achieve their full potential in both professional and personal life. She helps develop radical life changes that people can incorporate in their daily lives to bring change and improve their wellbeing.

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#85 Dianna David

Dianna David

Have the balls to follow your dreams.


Dianna David is an award-winning artist. She uses urban hip hop dance combined with physical comedy, characterization and contact juggling to pass thought-provoking messages about self-discovery and social change. Dianna is a gifted entertainer who effortlessly blends the comic innocence of Mr. Bean with magnetic dance of Micheal Jackson into her one-woman shows. She is the founder of School of Moves. She has helped celebrities to model good behavior for the youths.

#86 Jeanette Bronee

Jeanette Bronee


If I could change my relationship with my body, then I won’t live in fear. I can live in awareness.


Jeanette Bronee is a internationally acclaimed speaker who helps people achieve professional ROI. As the CEO of Culture of Care, she speaks on various challenges that people face in their daily lives. She’s a two-time TEDx speaker and advocates for proper stress management. Her background is in business development and marketing. She’s certified in Integrative Nutrition and Meta-medicine health coaching. As an accomplished hypnotherapist, she’s familiar on a wide range of topics touching on mental health.

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#87 Gina Capobianco

Gina Capobianco


Let’s remember that we must continue to raise awareness and bring hope to the battle with mental illness. The only way we can End the stigma is to keep talking. Mental Health Disorders can be treated. We just need to make it ok to seek treatment. Be a voice for those who suffer.


Gina Capobianco is an advocate for mental wellbeing. She uses her poetry and personal experiences to connect with her audience. She shares her struggles with mental disorders to encourage her listeners. She has used writing and teaching as her therapy which helped her recover from depression and anxiety. She demonstrates that despite the challenges that people with mental disorders face, they can overcome and find healing. She’s the author of three books: Cognizant Introspection (2016), Conscious Connection (2017), and Curative Quest: Mental Health, Hope, and Healing (2018). She’s based in Southern California.

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#88 Meg Hutchinson

Meg Hutchinson


The songs have become my medicine.


Meg Hutchinson is a song writer and believes in the healing power of music. She tells peoples stories in her music thorough unique oratory skills and melodies. On winning the Kerrville New Folk Award, Meg begun to write on deeper topics suicide prevention on the Golden Gate Bridge. As a mental health advocate, she speaks about bi-polar disorder, religion, yoga, meditation and recovery

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#89 Erica Miller

Erica Miller


I like to be outside the box as I want to live forever.


Erica Miller is a holocaust survivor and a diverse speaker. She’s the author of best-selling books and one of her pieces, Chronologically Gifted, demonstrates how good mental health can allow live up to 123 years. Her other book, Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It, speaks about using mental power and resilience to achieve goals. She likes to speak on how one can overcome harshness in life.

#90 Stéphane Grenier

Stéphane Grenier

The problem is, we see mental health problems as huge, complex, chronic conditions and we as a result, the lay people, feel that unless you have a PHD, you can’t do anything helpful for the situation.


Stéphane Grenier is a popular face of mental health advocacy and innovation nationally. In 2015, he received an honorary Doctor of Law degree by the University of Guelph and Humber College due to his immense contributions to mental health at the workplace. He was also appointed the Order of Canada in 2018. He’s a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Canadian military where he served for 29 years. His overseas missions included 9 months in Rwanda in 1994/95 and six months in Afghanistan in 2007.

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#91 Mark Williams

Mark Williams

New parents can actually go through enough trauma before actually becoming parents which is my own personal experience.


Mark Williams is a dad and is keen on addressing mental health revolving around fatherhood. Having suffered depression and kept quiet about it, Mark is now a frontline campaigner for mental wellness. He encourages people to speak out when going through tough times. His campaign dubbed #howareyoudad is critical in the overall mental stability of fathers. He has met the Royal Family at the World Mental Health Day back in 2016.

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#92 Unni Turettini

Unni Turettini


We need courage to dare to be seen, to be vulnerable and to connect. When we are connected, we also feel understanding and compassion for others.


Unni Turettini works with women to empower them and encourage them to use their mental strength to overcome various challenges. She travels frequently and holds talks touching on topics of mental health. Her career in corporate law in France has helped her sharpen her public speaking skills. She’s multifaceted which makes her an impressive and relatable speaker.

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#93 David Granirer

David Granirer


I myself have depression. And there’s no better medicine than laughter.


David Granirer, RPC, MPCC, M.S.M is a stand-up comedian who uses his skill to help encourage recovering addicts and cancer patients. He founded Stand Up for Mental Health which is an award-winning show that teaches comedy to people suffering from mental illness since 20o4. His work has been featured in various media channels and in the Voice Award winning Passionate Eye documentary. He has partnered with various mental health organizations to teach comedy to help improve mental health in over 50 Canadian cities. He’s a recipient of the Award of Excellence from National Council for Behavioral Health for his contributions to mental health improvement.

#94 Dr Kristina Hallett

Dr Kristina Hallett


When I feel stressed, I take a few breaths and I make a plan to go for a walk- what I am doing is a different way of responding and the more I use that road, the more it becomes a resource.


Dr Kristina Hallett has a background in neuroscience and psychology. She talks about harnessing the power of stress into meaningful energy to better one’s life. Her slogan is. decide, believe and act. She loves to explain anti-burnout solutions to achieve mental resilience. She’s a member of the National Speakers Association.

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#95 Cheryl Pounder

Cheryl Pounder


When I speak to people, I want them to connect with material that they can identify with, that stimulates a thought process.


Cheryl Pounder who is a former Canadian Women’s hockey player has successfully transitioned from ice to stage. She’s an accomplished sportsperson with many medals and titles. Her success started early in her career where her ice hockey team won the Under-18 Canadian National championship in the 90s. She won her first gold in 1994at the IIHF World Women’s Hockey Championship. She has vast experience in public speaking. Her keynote clients include Tim Norton’s and Maple Leaf Foods. Her approach is full of positivity and passion. She easily engages diverse audiences.

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#96 Mark Aiston

Mark Aiston

Looking back now, I realize this( being rejected from a heartbreak at age 6) was so much more than a disappointing feeling. It was just the beginning of my mental health struggle.


Mark Aiston is a PR expert that hosts health podcasts. As a recovering addict, he uses his experiences to encourage others and boost their mental strength to recover from addiction. Due to his tough battle with addiction and depression, he was made the host of Mental Health Show. He’s also involved in radio hosting at Triple M Adelaide Mix and FiveAA.

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#97 Lawrence Hill

Lawrence Hill


Let’s just lose the shame about mental illness.


Lawrence Hill uses his creativity to address mental health issues. He’s an author and speaker where he touches on how the African American community has survived mental pressures despite years of human rights violation. He’s the author of ‘Book of Negroes’ that has received much praise. He encourages people to join mental health support groups to achieve mental balance. The support is good to ensure that those suffering from mental disorders such as depression take their medicine faithfully.

#98 Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon


It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive but those that can adapt to change.


Charlie Cannon takes credit for helping individuals and organizations attain greater heights of performance. He’s a re-known people performance specialist who is an expert in resilience. Charlie is full of high energy and delivers master classes like no one else. Through him, you will enjoy an experience. His personal experience and extensive research allow him to equip his audience with tools that provide sustainable results.

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#99 Melissa Doman M.A

Melissa Doman M.A


Mental health at work is not a trend.


Melissa Doman M.A has specialized in organizational psychology and is an accomplished mental health therapist. She promotes mental wellbeing at the workplace. She also addresses the issue on national and international platforms. Her career that spans 10 years has touched people globally. Her workshops, consulting sessions and coaching have impacted the public positively.

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#100 Stuart Ellis Myers Twitchy

Stuart Ellis Myers Twitchy


Yes, I am clinically insane. If you want to be a professional speaker then what the hell is holding you back


Stuart Ellis Myers aka Twitchy is a professional speaker Having battled a neurological disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, Stuart is well versed on matter touching on mental health. He has over 12 years in high level keynote speaking and uses humor to engage the audience on issues of depression, OCD and bipolar disorder. His light hearted approach to issues always strikes the right chord with his listeners.

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