Singer Julian Camarena Opens Up On Mental Health

The Julian behind that melodious voice and rich music is no different to us when it comes to facing mentally challenging conditions; hear it from the star himself opening up about mental illness and how he overcomes his daily obstacles and what keeps him going!

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Julian Camarena:

Julian Camarena, the award-winning American multitalented music writer, and producer have graced our screens for years with his emotive ballads and cheery love songs. His melodies evoke genuine, affectionate feelings, while the semiotic content inspires, motivates, and thrills.

Julian is more than his soothing melodies and mesmerizing rich music. Besides music, Julian has a life characterized by ups and downs, just like everyone else. Interestingly, the way Julian approaches everyday life obstacles and mental challenges will surprise you.

Read on to understand Julian’s unique approaches to life challenges.

As a talented and well-informed musician, Julian Camarena knows how to creatively compose and inventively produce music you would find stimulating. You may wonder how Julian’s career as a musician helps him handle daily mental and physical health problems.

Music is a creative art that informs and educates by implying key life issues. Music feeds the soul, provokes positive moods, and helps you maneuver through destructive emotions. When you listen to music, your body releases oxytocin, an essential neuropeptide ideal for encouraging feelings of hope and affection.

Julian uses music to vent negative emotions and soothe his mind when troubled. He says that you can use music to channel out those negative energies and stressors. When immersed in a world of soothing and encouraging music, you can address the effects of psychological stress.

Music creates an environment for you to reassess yourself. When busy listening and dancing to the tunes of a song that warns against something you often do, it gets you thinking, which could encourage positive change. When you listen to uplifting music while stressed and anxious, it hypnotizes and soothes your mind and soul, venting out all life stressors.


How would you define your music genre?


I would define my music as pop/world music. I try to incorporate influences from all different types of music and cultures.


At what moment in life did you realize that music is your passion?


I started playing music when I was 8 years old. The first instrument I played was the alto saxophone, and I played in a jazz band. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to do something related to music.

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As they say, music is food for the soul; how do you think does your music help heal the listener’s souls?


I absolutely believe music is food for the soul. I think different people resonate with different parts of the music. Some people connect with the lyrics, while others connect with the sounds and vibrations created from the instruments being played. Both having healing properties.


Lyrics are known to help with depression and anxiety; what do you have in mind while writing your lyrics?


The most important thing for me when writing a song is how I want to connect with the audience. I believe, there is music for different moods and different states of mind. I always try to keep a positive spin or outlook in my lyrics; even if I’m writing a sad song, there’s always phrases of hope. I want people to feel better after listening to the song and its lyrics.

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Do you think that music plays an important part in rejuvenating our minds and us as a whole?


Absolutely. Music allows us to reflect on our own lives by connecting with someone else, such as the artist, who may be going through something similar to you. Or music can also take you back to a time in your life of pure joy. There are many songs that I have connected with certain moments in my life or memories that when I listen to them I’m brought right back there.


How do you deal with depression and/or anxiety? What is your secret to keeping calm?


Music has and will always be my secret to healing. I’m the type of person who internalizes much of their emotions, and music allows me the ability to release those. One of my best friends is my piano.

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How do you deal with anxiety before a concert or during one?


The most nerve-racking time is right before a performance, so what I do is just try to focus on the feeling of when I’m already up on-stage performing because that is one of the best feelings in the world.


Music can improve mental health; Do you think there is a specific genre that aids the process?


I think everybody’s mind works a little different, so certain people resonate with different genres of music. I know some people that their mind is completely at ease when they’re listening to heavy metal. That’s what gives them a sense of calm, ironically.

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As a music artist, you can feel stressed. What is one effective way that you use to handle stress?


One of the main ways I deal with stress is exercising. I love going for runs or swimming. It allows me to clear my mind.


Mental health crises are a universal phenomenon. In your opinion, how can music be effectively used to deal with mental and psychological issues?


I’ve personally seen the impact music can have on someone dealing with even extreme mental health issues. My mother has suffered from schizophrenia for many years and one of the things that always puts her in a good mood and her mind at ease is when I play piano for her or she is listening to music. Music, healthy diet and exercise are the keys to healing and maintaining a healthy mind.

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