Debilitating Anxiety

Understanding Debilitating Anxiety and How to Get Rid of It?

Debilitating Anxiety

It is natural to fret about various things in life occasionally. From meeting a new date or walking into an interview room, there is usually a jittery feeling, sweaty palms, or a stuttering voice.

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However, some individuals endure debilitating anxiety that severely affects their mental and physical capabilities. 

When anxiety incapacitates, there is a high likelihood of victims leading a troublesome life, and in a lonesome cocoon.

It is worth noting that although simple anxiety can be easily handled through essential adaptations, a severe form of it can be extensively complex to bring under control. 

For this reason, let us delve straight into the proper definition of the condition, and symptoms of debilitating anxiety.

What Does Debilitating Anxiety Entail?

With various individuals portraying different forms of anxiety in recent times, it is not always easy to get a precise diagnosis of debilitating anxiety.

Before we expound on that, it is essential to understand, what is debilitating anxiety?

  • When going through debilitating anxiety, individuals struggle to partake in their daily activities and mingling with other people.
  • Sometimes, they may experience sudden terror feelings making it hard to focus and function normally. 
  • It is common for patients to experience:
  • In worse situations, patients encounter:
Symptoms of Debilitating Anxiety

Debilitating Anxiety Symptoms

Diagnosis of Debilitating Anxiety

Proper diagnosis of debilitating anxiety is quite confusing because it shares similar symptoms with other mental illnesses. 

However, a qualified psychiatrist should effortlessly pinpoint all kinds of mental health conditions and adequately manage to offer helpful psychotherapy.

  • Mainly, the first thing a medical expert does is performing a thorough physical assessment. 
  • In the process, they inquire a lot about individual personal life and how they tackle challenges along the way.
  • The main idea is to ascertain an individual’s relationship with other people, social life, and capability to handle stress.
  • If need be, competent doctors recommend blood tests as well.
  • Thankfully, intensive blood analysis points out other medical conditions with similar symptoms like hypothyroidism.
  • From the conclusion, it becomes easier to settle on a proper management formula and eventual healing.

Common Causes of Debilitating Anxiety

Unbelievably, about 40% of Americans suffer from debilitating anxiety. It is pretty challenging for researchers to determine the leading causes of debilitating anxiety [1*]  from such a vast number.

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Below are quick guidelines on probable causes of anxiety: 

  • Genetics

Often victims inherit anxiety traits from their blood lineage. Unfortunately, this tendency can progress in a specific family from generation to generation without proper management.

As a result, it may cause frequent feuds and misunderstandings among family members. 

  • Environmental Stress

Usually, this form of anxiety crops up from stressful circumstances that people encounter in life.

For instance, it can emaciate from:

    • Toxic marriage
    • Childhood neglect
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Stressful working environment
    • Financial strain
    • Death of close people in your life
  • Misuse of Drugs

There are several types of anxiety medications in the market that can positively or negatively impact the user’s life. Before taking any anxiety drug, the patients must get a proper prescription from reliable sources.

That way, it helps in preventing severe complications.  

Furthermore, anxious individuals tend to rush for quick fixes like substance abuse or alcohol to feel better. By the end of the day, the interdependence on drugs may escalate the disorder further.

  • Brain Chemistry

Although there is minimal evidence on this, some scientists argue that anxiety can initiate from the brain. This happens when an individual has faulty connections in the part of the human brain that controls emotions and panic.

  • Medical Complications

Sometimes, thyroid, lung, or heart conditions may worsen debilitating anxiety. For this reason, an intensive physical exam is necessary to define the exact causes of debilitating anxiety.

How to Cope With Debilitating Anxiety?

Coping from anxiety starts from realizing that you are not fighting the battle alone.

Debilitating Anxiety

What Factors Increase the Risk of Debilitating Anxiety?

The beauty of it all is that debilitating anxiety is manageable, and you should not be ashamed of it. 

Altogether, making positive strides starts from:

  • Proper diagnosis of debilitating anxiety
  • Positivity
  • Willingness to change

You can now book quick sessions with online therapists or walk in a clinic for one on one interaction. 

Whatever option you settle for, pick a competent medical expert with previous experience in similar conditions. Remember that different doctors give various guidelines on how to cope with debilitating anxiety.

Nonetheless, most therapists use the following therapies as a successful way of treating anxiety:

Other than that, doctors recommend a combination of:

Basically, psychotherapy is a collaborative approach that involves talk sessions with your therapist.

Medical experts help patients recognize, understand, and adjust underlying behavioral patterns that put them down through the process. 

To minimize symptoms of debilitating anxiety, therapists also advise affected victims on the importance of:

  • Self-care techniques
  • Regular exercise
  • Enough sleep
  • Less caffeine intake 

Bring Your Debilitating Anxiety to a Halt

It requires a proper combination of anxiety treatments to achieve encouraging results. As a matter of fact, therapy only aids in reducing symptoms of debilitating anxiety.

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Combined with a fundamental lifestyle change, one can easily manage to recuperate and gain control of their life. 

If you long for a life transformation and minimal health complications, look no further.

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