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Naltrexone Weight Loss Treatment – The Complete Guide

weight loss
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Reducing weight is laborious work. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is something that requires discipline for it to be successful. Most people are suffering from weight gain. However, this is whereby Naltrexone weight loss comes in.

Naltrexone is clinically recommended for weight loss treatment. When blended with a given diet and an exercise program, it works wonders. However, if prescribed and fails to work within three months, the doctors recommend that it be discontinued. This will only happen if naltrexone weight loss of at least 5 % is not achieved.

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Naltrexone weight loss treatment is an adjunct to reduce calorie diet and increase physical activities to manage weight for chronic people with body mass index (BMI) of around 30 kg per m2.

For naltrexone weight loss treatment to work, it is combined with modest calorie reduction and lifestyle intervention. Within the first six months, the outcome of weight loss should be above 5 % of your initial total body weight.

Benefits of Naltrexone Weight Loss Treatment

The benefits of weight loss treatment are mentioned below.

Naltrexone Decreases Insulin Resistance

Using naltrexone weight loss treatment reduces insulin levels in your body by 40 %. Insulin resistance in the body always assists with weight loss.

weight loss

Advantages of Naltrexone Weight Loss Treatment

After naltrexone, weight loss reduces insulin levels; it indirectly leads to a reduction in androgen levels that lowers the androgen-related signs and symptoms in particular women.

Naltrexone Treatment Increases Growth Hormone in Some patients

This is imperative since the growth hormones only allow the development and maintenance of the lean muscle mass. More so, it increases fat burning that helps in weight reduction. Research claims that weight gain leads to a decrease in growth hormones.

Naltrexone Accentuates Appetite

Naltrexone weight loss treatment aims at normalizing appetite in patients who have damaged metabolism. Naltrexone helps in matching their appetite to their resting energy expenditure.

Naltrexone Serves as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

When the inflammation levels are high, various hormonal changes are experienced, thus leading to conditions that increase weight. This makes weight loss difficult. Naltrexone weight loss treatment relieves inflammatory cytokines that regulate hormonal inflammation levels allowing weight loss. Naltrexone acts as anti-inflammatory agents to make weight loss easier for specific chronic patients.

Naltrexone Improves Sleep and Sleeping Patterns

The study says that lack of sleep will lead to weight gain and inflammation. People with sleep apnea are likely to gain weight very quickly; also, weight gain leads to sleep apnea. Naltrexone weight loss treatment is clinically prescribed to improve the sleeping patterns of patients suffering from sleep apnea.

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Naltrexone and Thyroid Function

Thyroid hormone is known to increase body weight. Patients suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism are prescribed naltrexone weight loss treatment to improve their thyroid functions. Thyroid hormones interfere with hormonal regulations making it difficult for patients to lose weight.

Side effects and risks of naltrexone weight loss treatment.

Naltrexone makes you have some side effects after using them. The treatment will lead to some disturbing, unwanted effects that will make patients feel uncomfortable. Some side effects are adverse and may need you to seek medical attention immediately.

Here are some of the side effects of naltrexone weight loss treatment:

Naltrexone may lead to nausea, dizziness, headache, tiredness, anxiety, and having trouble sleeping may occur.

A small group of patients using naltrexone weight-loss treatment may experience mild opiate withdrawal signs and symptoms that include restlessness, abdominal cramps, muscle aches, joint pain, and running nose.

After naltrexone is injected into your body, it might cause adverse reactions at that injection site. It can lead to tissue death that may require you to undergo surgery.

Side effects of naltrexone

Disadvantages of Naltrexone

An injection reaction may not occur at that time; therefore, patients under naltrexone weight loss treatment should be keen enough to reach out to their practitioner for two weeks or get terrible over time.

Naltrexone has the possibility of hepatitis or liver damage. The following symptoms during naltrexone weight treatment should be a keen observer by patients:

In case these side effects persist, it is advisable to visit your doctor promptly. There are more naltrexone side effects that you may experience. However, a doctor’s prescription is meant to be more beneficial to your body than cause any dangerous effects. Most people that are prescribed for this treatment have minimal side effects.

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Bottom Line

The weight loss journey is not as easy as it may look. Burning calories and regular physical activities call for consistency and hard work. At EzCare clinic San Francisco, they understand how tedious it gets to lose weight. But with them, they hold your hand firmly throughout the journey until you are contented and achieve your weight loss goal.

At EZCare weight loss, they have professional weight loss practitioners who help you make a personalized weight loss plan that aligns with your lifestyle. They will offer you the support that you need for a successful weight loss plan that is sustainable and effective.

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