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Best for You: How to Choose an Online Mental Health Platform

August 11, 2022 Mental health0

The boost in technology development makes “convenience” the word of the XXI century. Everything becomes more available and happens faster, and this continues to evolve. From grocery delivery to online prescriptions for antidepressants, we can get what we need in a few clicks. Decreased time span allotted to make decisions shouldn’t mean that we can […]

Mental health jobs at EZCare Clinic

August 7, 2022 Mental health0

EZCare Clinic is offering an opportunity for medical professionals looking for more fulfilling mental health jobs. Set your own working schedule, decide on the number of hours you want to work per week, and receive decent remuneration with us. Join our mental health platform and enjoy working in an experienced, loyal, and result-oriented team. Got […]

Factors Affecting Mental Health

July 7, 2022 Mental health0

Understanding what causes mental illnesses can be quite difficult. Factors affecting mental health range from genetics to childhood experiences and societal issues. Also, these factors may change. So, do mental health issues arise from one’s genetic makeup? Or, do someone’s choices and experiences influence their mental health? Essentially, both one’s life experiences and biological makeup […]

Experiential Family Therapy

May 30, 2022 Mental health0

Unlike traditional talk therapy, experiential family therapy focuses on practice and experiences. It promotes active participation through activities such as role-play, arts, and props. Read on to explore experiential family therapy’s key concepts! Looking for a reliable platform for online therapy? Click the button below to reach your destination. Get Mental Health Help Now! What […]

self harm scars

May 23, 2022 Mental health0

Individuals who suffer from chronic depression are at risk of exhibiting self harm behavior (such as making scars), in which they intentionally injure themselves. Traditionally, the practice of self-harm was tied to cultural rituals: sometimes, it’s been symbolic of pride, defiance, or self-punishment. However, if scarring or another form of self-harm is a symptom of […]

What Principle Underlies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a special kind of talking therapy focused on rationalizing erratic thoughts and behaviors. It’s achieved by challenging your cognitive errors and reframing the issues more rationally. But what principle underlies cognitive behavioral therapy? Although cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment should be tailored to individuals’ problems, it has 10 underlying principles that apply […]

Legal Protections for People with Mental Disabilities F

Every person living with a mental illness issue has a certain level of protection. Besides your right to the confidentiality of personal information, you may also qualify for mental disability protection. Assuming you can’t work due to your disability, you can receive monetary compensation in various forms. So, how much does mental health disability pay? This payment […]

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