Body Scan Meditation: The Procedure and Benefits for Mental Health

The skill of identifying the potential reasons for unpleasant sentiments can be facilitated by increasing your attention to bodily sensations. Gaining a deeper awareness of your physical self makes it easier to address various issues, enhancing both physical and mental wellness. But how to achieve such a level of mindfulness? One simple technique is practicing body scan meditation.

In body scan meditation, the sensations of the inner body are brought to awareness without judgment. Both beginners and expert meditators alike can carry this out. When done every day, it takes a minimum amount of time to reap the greatest benefits.

We’ll look into the procedure and benefits of body scan meditation in this article, helping you decide whether you’d like to try it. So let’s get started.

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What Is Body Scan Meditation?

Body scan meditation (BSM) is a meditation technique in which you focus on the sensations going on in various body areas. Practicing it regularly makes a person more conscious of their physical sensations, emotions, and feelings.

A body scan is founded on the belief that emotional states are connected to physical experiences. You might not even be aware that stress and other emotions like anger or grief can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, heartburn, and chest tightness. The exercise guides you to be present in your body even when you are experiencing unpleasant sensations like pain and discomfort.

This form of meditation aims to tune into your body to re-establish a connection with your physical self and pay attention to any sensations you experience. The objective is to teach the mind to become more accepting and open to sensory stimuli. The body scan will also improve your ability to concentrate and be completely present in your life over time.

Body Scan Meditation Script

The traditional body scan meditation as taught in MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) lasts about 30–45 minutes. For this exercise, lying down is the best position, but sitting on a chair is allowed too. The founder of MBSR, Kabat-Zinn, purposefully chose to have the practitioner lie down since many of his initial patients were in too much discomfort to sit still for a 30-minute meditation.

The meditator is told to keep their body awareness during the entire period. If their awareness wanders or they become distracted, they are encouraged to just go back to a certain body part and start over.

A major element of body scan mindfulness is deep breathing. Due to breathing deeply and slowly, our body can relax, and the mind becomes more conscious. You should try to ignore external noises as you do a body scan. Start to turn your focus inward rather than outward. Simply be aware of this and return your attention to your breathing if outside noises in the space are distracting you.

Steps to Do Body Scanning Meditation

The whole procedure of guided body scan meditation is simplified for you in a few steps.

Step One

Ease yourself

Relax first. The most comfortable position is lying down, supporting your head, especially if you’re performing BSM right before sleep. You may also sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and keep your back straight but not stiff. Close your eyes or maintain a delicate glance while keeping them open.

Step Two

Start deep breathing

Instead of breathing from your chest, use your belly. Put one hand on your tummy and the other on your chest. You’ll probably notice that the upper hand is moving less than the bottom hand as you continue to breathe deeper. Breathe in via your nose, hold it in your abdomen for 5–10 seconds, and then exhale out through your mouth.

Step Three

Start scanning from your feet

For the next step, bring your awareness down to your feet and pay attention to your sensations. If you experience pain, accept it, along with any accompanying thoughts or feelings, and take a few more breath-ins and breath-outs.

Step Four

Focus on different parts of the body

Now, work your way up your body, focus on your legs, shoulders, arms, and neck until you reach your head. Stop for a few seconds at each body part and notice your sensations and feelings, both pleasant and unpleasant. Take a deep breath and observe what happens. Imagine the tension vanishing into the air as you breathe it out of your body. When you feel ready, continue, moving your attention to another body part.

Step Five

Focus on your body as a whole

After you’ve completed the exercise, take a moment to notice how your body feels overall. To end the meditation, take a few more breaths, move your toes and fingers to get back to reality, and softly open your eyes when you are ready.


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Body Scan Meditation: Benefits

Body scanning helps you become deeply aware of your bodily sensations and understand how they relate to your emotions. You might acquire insight into your emotions and ideas by noticing where in your body you retain your stress and tension. It is beneficial for your physical and emotional welfare. A meditation body scan can help you to enhance the aspects listed below:

Reduce Anxiety

Physical tension is a common symptom of anxiety, and according to research, practicing mindfulness meditation may help to lessen it. However, even if not a sign of some health conditions, it can bring discomfort to life. Fortunately, in mild cases, your mind and body will be calmed by daily body scan practice. It can aid in reducing bodily tightness and muscular tension as well as other stress-related symptoms like tension headaches and sleeplessness. Remember to visit a doctor and get proper treatment if the symptoms don’t go with time or interfere with your daily activities.

Increase Self-awareness

You can better let feelings go and run their course by using a body scan. This exercise can help you notice what’s happening in your body and mind without needing to hold on to them. The degrees of self-awareness, mindfulness (the capacity to observe your thoughts and sensations without reacting), and psychological well-being are raised in people who perform a body scan as an act of self-care.

Improve Quality of Sleep

Many people struggle to sleep soundly at night. Regularly practicing meditation can help you reduce the tension that’s keeping you awake. A body scan technique will relax you, help you eliminate ruminating thoughts, and make you feel calmer overall.

Body scan meditation for sleep may be incredibly beneficial when done before bed. In this case, it raises your chances of getting to sleep faster and remaining asleep longer. Try listening to your body signals while gradually concentrating on relaxing your body from toes to face while lying in bed. This can also aid in calming down the “noise” in your thoughts and putting your mind at ease, which will make it simpler to fall asleep.

Manage Pain

If you’ve ever had severe pain, you know that it is difficult to focus on anything else. Many patients with chronic pain go through this every day. This kind of discomfort may have a very bad effect on your life.

Pain may not always be reduced by meditation. However, it can be a good supplement for medications and may alter how you perceive that discomfort. An enhanced outlook may result from a greater understanding and acceptance of pain.

Enhance Focus

Like other types of meditation; body scan meditation depends totally on your capacity for concentration. Daily practice can help you become more adept at paying attention, concentrating, and focusing, which will help keep your mind fresh.

Improve Emotional Regulation

Self-image, and outlook on life can be improved by meditation techniques like body scanning. Once you develop mindfulness and are always aware of your surroundings, you swiftly let your feelings go. You can see thoughts and patterns as they emerge in the mind when you practice, as you sit and pay attention to your breath. Working with the ideas that come to mind is based on this approach, which generates an open psychological space.

Takeaway Message

The body scan meditation is deceptively simple to perform because all that is required is applying your full attention to each of our body parts. It establishes the groundwork for additional mindfulness techniques and cultivates crucial abilities necessary for leading a more mindful life.

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