Fidget toys for anxiety

The 15 Best Fidget Toys for Anxiety Relief

Fidget toys for anxiety

Fidget spinners were very popular a couple of years back. There was much more to these toys other than just passing the craze. Anxiety fidget toys are considered one of the best ways to release your anxiety. 

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Fidget toys have become popular in recent years due to their effectiveness in combating restlessness, which is the main symptom of anxiety.

These toys have also become effective for helping anxiety sufferers to maintain focus, which is key to tackling anxiety. Fidgeting is a natural way that allows the body to release restless energy. 

You can consider using fidgeting toys if you fidget a lot due to anxiety. Fidget toys can also help shape your kids’ hyperactive behavior into healthy behavior.

Hence, let’s learn about fidget toys that help with alleviating anxiety. We shall also find out which fidget toys are most convenient for calming anxiety. 

What Exactly Are Fidget Toys?

These toys are automated tools that help with:

Fidget toys are also referred to as sensory fidget toys. Fidget toys are designed to help with stimulating more than one sense.

While these toys could be more appealing to kids, they are also beneficial for their adult counterparts. 

Fidget toys are helpful in dealing with:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

These toys help persons suffering from the three conditions by:

  • Engaging their senses
  • Improve their sensory symptoms
  • Controlling their sensory needs

The Efficacy of Fidget Toys in School Learning

Children love playing with toys. Most schools are equipped with playrooms that provide kids with an enjoyable experience in-between their learning hours.

Benefits of Fidget Toys

Advantages of Fidget Toys for Anxiety

Though using fidgeting toys could sound like a new thing, these toys are quite beneficial. 

Fidget toys are beneficial for children living with:

  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • ADHD

Kids suffering from these two conditions quickly lose their focus and also get anxious and restless. This places them at a higher risk of developing an anxiety disorder. 

According to a study of the efficiency of fidget toys in school, fidgeting toys can help boost task behavior and enhance more attention to tasks among students with ADHD.

ADHD and anxiety are often interlinked due to their common features. 

Nonetheless, there is a need to conduct in-depth research to establish the category of students who stand to gain from fidget toys in their schools.

However, studies so far favor fidgeting toys in schools, particularly in schools and learning institutions where many kids are suffering from restlessness that hinders them from concentrating on their school activities. 

Anxiety Fidget Toys for Adults

Fidgeting isn’t only limited to childhood. Adults also fidget because of work stress, anxiety, and any other reasons. 

Fidgeting makes it difficult for adults to concentrate on their tasks because it robs them of their attention due to their inability to complete demanding tasks.

Fidgeting may make some adults feel embarrassed in their lives due to their lack of accomplishing demanding tasks. 

You might think that fidgeting toys are meant for children, as their name suggests. But these toys aren’t only meant for kids. Most of these toys are designed for adults.

  • Adults can use these toys to eliminate their anxiety during studies or work. 
  • An article featured in the Scientific American Journal demonstrates positive results that fidgeting can help people achieve their maximum level of arousal.
  • Fidgeting can help enhance their performance on mentally demanding tasks.
  • These toys are fun and low-cost tools that can enable some adults suffering from anxiety to focus better and improve their brain performance. 

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Where Does the Urge to Fidget Come From?

Kids need to develop automated skills to interpret information around their surrounding environment during their formative years without getting overwhelmed.

Such self-regulation skills are crucial for helping kids manage their emotions, behavior, and physical well-being when facing challenging situations. 

As a parent, you can provide your kid with several tools to help them manage their sensory processing capabilities. The toy can be a sleeping pillow to help your kid sleep well, or it can be a stop-crying toy. 

Your kid will reach adolescence or adulthood as time passes. 

At that point, your kid will have well-defined self-regulation and autonomic skills that will help them concentrate on demanding tasks in their workplace or their higher studies. 

You may find yourself twirling your hair, tapping your foot, or clicking on the pen cap. Fidgeting doesn’t necessarily mean there is a severe problem.

However, fidgeting indicates that you need to pay more attention to tedious tasks at your workplace or during your higher studies. 

The primary cause of mild fidgeting lies in your inability to pay attention. Mild fidgeting can also result from being in an overwhelmingly anxious situation.

However, severe fidgeting can result from:

  • RLS (Restless Reg Syndrome)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • ADHD

How Does Fidgeting Help With Relieving Anxiety?

Everyone with a fidgeting problem may need to understand why they fidget in a tense situation.

The explanation for your fidgeting is that your body could have increased stress levels that are getting your muscles ready for a rapid exertion.

You might find other ways to distract yourself, such as:

  • Tapping your feet
  • Biting your nails
  • Moving your legs to distract yourself from anxiety

What Is Fidgeting?

The main characteristics of anxiety disorders are intense and persistent symptoms.

Muscle tension is one of the symptoms of anxiety disorders. A person suffering from muscle tension is most likely to fidget to avoid muscle tension. 

You could also fidget a lot if you suffer from specific anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder or persistent anxiety. 

Fidgeting can help calm your anxiety temporarily, but it cannot delete your anxious thoughts permanently. Nonetheless, fidgeting can distract you from those anxiety-causing thoughts.

How Do Anxiety Fidget Toys Work?

Fidget toys have become popular as anxiety relievers in recent times.

Their popularity comes from the fact that they help increase focus among persons suffering from anxiety by allowing their brains to filter excessive sensory information. 

Fidget toys help keep your hands engaged repetitively, consequently enabling you to avoid anything that could distract or make you anxious.

You are less likely to get distracted by crowded spaces and distracting sounds while using a fidget toy. Distractions can make anxiety severe among sufferers of anxiety. 

Fidget toys can help provide stress and anxiety relief since these toys offer a way to soothe your brain’s motor patterns.

Fidgeting can, at times, make you conscious of other people judging you. Luckily, a fidget toy can help you release anxiety without other people noticing you have anxiety. 

Fidget toys are readily available, handy, and relaxing, and hence you can carry them in your pocket wherever you go.


What Should You Consider While Picking Anxiety Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys come in all manner of sizes, shapes, and textures. However, the type of fidget toy you pick should meet your anxiety needs.

Make sure to choose a safe and straightforward fidget toy either for you or your kid.  A sophisticated fidget toy can distract you rather than help you alleviate your anxiety. 

Here is a guideline that will simplify the process of selecting a fidget toy for you. 

1. Select a Fidget Toy With Your Preferred Texture

You can either select a bumpy, squishy, or soft fidget toy, depending on your preferences.  Ideally, you should pick a toy with a texture that feels comfortable in your hands. 

2. Consider Your Needs and When, How, and Where You Will Use Your Fidget Toy

Take your needs into consideration while choosing a fidget toy. If you plan to use your toy at home, school, or workplace.

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For example, select a handy toy that you can easily attach to your keychain if you want to use it at work. 

Consider a  fidget toy that most schools accept if you are choosing a fidget toy for your kid. Most schools don’t allow kids to have toys since toys distract them from learning effectively. 

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3. Try Picking a Pocket-friendly Toy That Won’t Stretch Your Budget

Try to buy a fidget toy at a low price so that if you decide to change it or discard it, your budget won’t take a substantial hit.

4. Consider the Motor Movements While Selecting Your Toy

Consider whether the toy will allow for easy fidgeting by considering its motor movements. Consider buying a toy that suits your kid’s motor movement depending on the movements they like, whether shaking, pulling, or squeezing. 

5. Choose a Fidget Toy That You Can Customize

Choose a customizable fidget toy that meets your anxiety relief needs. Preferably, pick a toy with scents and lights, depending on your preference. 

The Top 15 Fidget Toys to Help You Alleviate Anxiety

We have seen the advantages of fidget toys in helping you combat anxiety.

Now it is time to look at the best fidget toys you can purchase to help you, your kid, or a loved one combat anxiety. 

1. Magnet Box

Magnet balls are fun and exciting fidget toys for anxiety. You can manipulate these magnetic balls into various patterns and shapes.

Or, you can simply run these balls through your fingers. Magnet balls provide a uniquely satisfying sensation that suits every anxiety sufferer. 

Fidget Toys for Anxiety

Common Fidgets for Anxiety

Magnet balls are also available in multiple colors. The cost of these magnetic balls varies depending on the number of balls in a set, plus the quality of the balls.

The price of these balls can range anywhere between $5 and $24 or even more. You can order these balls online, or you can purchase them from your nearest store.

Magnet balls are a favorite choice of anxiety-relieving toys among adult anxiety sufferers. Nonetheless, these balls aren’t the best fidget toys for anxiety relief among children.

Kids can swallow them accidentally while playing with them. 

2. Simple Dimple 

This toy is a unique fidgeting toy that comes with impressive silicone fidget buttons. The toy is constructed from plastic buttons that are crafted from authentic silicone.

Both adults and kids can use this fidgeting toy to relieve their anxiety. 

The benefit of this toy is that users can easily keep it in their pockets. You can also use the toy with your keys or bags. Furthermore, this toy doesn’t need much attention like most fidget toys for anxiety relief do.

This toy is superb since it encourages tactile stimulation via its pop buttons which keep the user’s hands busy all the time. 

This toy is attractive since it comes in multiple colors. Moreover, it is cost-friendly since its cost ranges from $5 to $15 dollars depending on its quality. High-quality versions of this toy can cost more than the average price. 

3. Zen Box Fidget Set for Adults

We all love to play with sand. Whether running the sand through your fingers or using sand to make castles. Zen box fidget set is a unique sand toy for adults. The fidget toy is also equipped with a sandbox and tools to help you cut and scoop sand. 

The sand in this toy awesomely flows in your hands. It never dries out. The toy costs about $29 or less. 

It is a great fidget toy for anxious adults, especially those working under highly stressful working conditions. You can carry this toy to your workplace, keep it, and use it when your anxiety and stress are overwhelming. 

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4. Fidget Necklace by Love, Dawn

Not every fidget toy for anxiety relief looks like an actual toy. This toy is a classic example. The toy comes in the form of stylish jewelry. Nonetheless, the fidget toy is designed to help users fidget away their anxiety. 

The fidget toy comes in a beaded bar necklace available in rose gold-filled, sterling silver, and gold-filled beads. The bar of this fidget toy measures three to four inches, making the toy perfect for fidgeting and spinning. 

The toy is affordable since it costs around $33. The fidget toy is a perfect fidget toy for women since they can conveniently carry the toy to their workplaces or homes.

5. Small Fish Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This toy makes a perfect choice of fidget toy for adults and kids alike. The playable hand-sized toy is easy to bring to school or your workplace. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry in your business meetings.

The stylish fidget toy comprises eight-strong blocks that are joined to each other with sturdy stainless steel bearings. 

The bearings aren’t just durable, but they also constantly fold and flip. The toy comes with a smooth surface. Its curved edges are easy on your hands, and they feel light on your arms and wrist.

The most outstanding feature of this fidget toy is that it complies with the ASTM global toy safety standards. Kids suffering from anxiety can conveniently carry this toy everywhere they go. 

This stress and anti-anxiety relief fidget toy are available online at $10. With this fidget toy, you can quickly eliminate anxiety and, at the same time, have fun without excessive noises by folding and flipping the toy.


6. Worldwide Therapy Tangle 

This fidget toy for anxiety is a twistable toy that boasts an ergonomic design, making it efficient and comfortable to use, especially for hand therapy. Kids can also use the toy in educational settings to help them with math comprehension and reading by keeping their restless hands and minds focused. 

The toy is a great device you can use to keep your hands busy, especially if you do too much writing and typing work. The fidget toy is beneficial for three-year-old kids, thanks to its non-complicated construction. 

The fidget toy comes in different structures, such as plastic and jelly structures. This fidget toy for anxiety is readily available online, and it costs between $10 and $20. Most importantly, this fidget toy is washable to prevent your kid from getting germs after using the toy. 

7. Magetimes Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

The name of this toy isn’t new to fidget, toy users, since it had a huge hype a few years ago. This toy is among the most popular spinning toys for anxiety relief. It is a valuable toy that can effectively help you manage your distress and anxiety symptoms. 

It has a long spin and bright rainbow colors, making it unique from other anxiety fidget toys. The toy is made from stainless steel, making it durable and providing the user with a lengthy and fast spin.

The fidget toy comes with a case making it easy to carry. Furthermore, the fidget toy is ideal for teens and adults. The toy is easy to use. You just need to spin it. The toy is readily available at both physical and online stores. This versatile fidget toy for anxiety costs between $8 and $13.

8. Tungsten Spinner Rings

These spinner rings can be used as fashion jewelry and serve as an effective fidget toy for anxiety relief. These rings are in high demand nowadays, thanks to their numerous anxiety-relieving benefits. The rings are ideal for men and women equally suffering from anxiety. 

Reduce Anxiety

5 Tips and Tricks to Lower Anxiety

These rings are spinnable, meaning that they help with alleviating anxiety. You can also use these rings in your mediation sessions to help calm your mind. They are a favorite choice for adults since they can wear them anywhere and help them release their anxiety without worrying whether other people are observing them. 

There are many varieties of Tungsten spinner rings, depending on the quality and brand. You can order these rings for your anxiety relief at the cost of between $12 and $139.

9. The Mezglobe Desk Companion 

This fidget toy is a suitable anxiety-relieving toy to carry at your workplace. Its design makes it a captivating fidgeting toy to have in your office. It appears like a metal orb once it’s stationary.

However, the fidget toy melts magically when given a spin since its sculpture allows it to melt seamlessly into the liquid matter.

This toy will help complement your office décor. Furthermore, it can help you release anxiety after pinning it on your office’s desk.

The fidget toy is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, making it a top-quality fidget toy. Its leather jacket prevents it from scratching your office desk.  

The fidget toy gives your office desk an eye-catching design, thanks to its helix design. This great anxiety–relief toy costs around $ 35. 

10. Tom’s Fidget Flippy Chain 

This toy comes with a design that helps you magically eliminate your anxiety, stress, and restlessness. 

The tiny fidgeting toy has a few rings and bolts attached to it for easy spinning and flipping. Reviews from users show that this toy is perfect for helping anyone suffering from anxiety. Nonetheless, the toy isn’t ideal for kids due to its small size. 

However, it makes a handy fidget toy for adults since they can carry it anywhere, either at work or social gatherings. You can also use the toy with your house keys or car keys. The toy isn’t just handy but also cost-friendly since it costs around $7. 

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11. Freegrace Sensory Squeeze Balls 

Is your racing mind taking a toll on your life? Or are your work and home responsibilities weighing you down? These squeezy balls offer a satisfying way to relieve your stress and anxiety. The toy can also provide you with mental peace in the long run.

This toy is among the most popular anxiety fidget toys. You can wear the fidget toy on your hands, fingers, and muscle tension. It is made from unique pliable rubber foam that is coated with a special gel or liquid.

You just need to press the toy and then relax. Pressing the toy persistently provides you with a feeling of relaxation that helps you combat stress and anxiety.

These balls are readily available online. They also come in tons of varieties and at affordable prices. Most of them cost below $12, depending on their quality. These balls are handy and ideal for both kids and adults. 


This fidget toy was invented by a 12 years old kid named Jacob Sperry. The boy had ADHD, and hence he invented this fidget toy as a way of helping him remain focused and manage his ADHD symptoms while learning at school.  It took Jacob two years to design and make this toy, which now boasts worldwide popularity. 

The fidget toy keeps your fingers busy, and your mind focused. It further helps you keep stress at bay. It comes with four colored rings that work separately. You just need to place the rings in your hands while popping them apart to keep your fingers busy.

The fidget toy is suitable for kids since they find its rings attractive. Most children see this toy as a fun tool they can use to release their anxiety. The most significant selling point of this toy is that it is readily available at a cost not exceeding $20.

13. Shonco Magic Start Tube 

This fun fidget toy is suitable for adults and kids alike. You can give the fidget toy to your kid to keep them busy. Moreover, you can use the toy to control your fidgeting, especially at work. The toy comes in the form of a 3D puzzle magic cube designed to help stop your fidgeting due to anxiety. 

Fidget Toys

Risk Factors for Fidgeting

You can transform the toy into multiple interesting geometrical figures while keeping your fingers busy from fidgeting. The toy is available both in shops and online, and it costs a meager $4.

14. Anpole Fidget Bean Toy 

You can use this toy as a multi-purpose fidget toy in the form of a fun keychain you can use when you feel anxious or stressed. It is suitable for both kids and adults. You can also carry the fidget toy anywhere since you can easily attach it to your cell phone, keys, or backpack. 

Children find this fidget toy quite appealing thanks to its multiple peas painted as numerous facial expressions. The toy is available online at $9.

15. Magnetic Metal Fidget Pen

Everyone likes fidgeting with pens either unconsciously or consciously, especially when bored during a business meeting or a classroom session. This fidget pen toy is suitable for people who like fidgeting with pens. You can quickly transform the pen into a spinning magnetic toy. 

It comes with 12 steel balls and thirteen magnetic rings. The toy makes a perfect toy for anyone who gets bored quickly and needs regular activity to keep them focused. The fidget pen is available online at $10. 

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Final Verdict 

Though there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of toys in combating stress and anxiety, reviews from people who have previously used anxiety fidget toys show that these toys can be helpful in managing fidgeting due to anxiety.

Thus, these toys can be an excellent option for you if you have a problem with frequent fidgeting. So, visit EZCare Clinic or simply book an appointment by clicking the banner below and letting our mental health experts help you deal with your anxiety. 


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