Some people lead such busy lives that they may not always have time to see if they are doing well physically or mentally. They may have a busy schedule, such as taking care of a loved one or working multiple jobs.


On top of being caught up in many things, life is not always consistent or straightforward. Things can happen that can make us think things are getting better or getting worse.

Sometimes we can find solutions to the problems we face, and other times the problems are too much for us to handle. A side-effect of all this can be the emergence of symptoms to things we had not previously noticed.

ADHD Symptoms

It’s possible that we may have noticed these symptoms before, but we did not give them much attention or just chose to accept them as part of our lives. 

Maybe you are distracted easily, and you never thought it was a problem. You have managed to go through life just fine as is, but maybe now it’s causing your work to suffer.

Perhaps you could control this habit of inattention, but you now find yourself unable even to stay still. This may also cause you to be unorganized and distracted, all of which can seriously interfere, not just with your work but your home life.

These are all signs and symptoms of ADHD, a well-known disorder that affects many. Not everyone affected by ADHD seeks treatment for it, but anyone who has it, whether the case is major or minor, can benefit from being evaluated for it.

If you’re interested in medication, our licensed doctors can approve a Concerta prescription [1*] for you, a well-known and popular drug that has helped millions worldwide find relief.


What Is Concerta Used For?

Concerta is a common medication used to treat the symptoms associated with ADHD. It is a stimulant medication whose brand name is Concerta; the more scientific name for the stimulant itself is methylphenidate.

While most forms of methylphenidate effectively perform the same task of treating ADHD, Concerta is an extended-release (XR) drug that has a much stronger dosage than some other types.

It can last in your body for a whole 12 hours, which is why doctors recommended that you only take it once per day. Trace amounts of it are also more likely to stay within your body due to the XR potency.

adhd medication

Effects of Concerta

What methylphenidate generally does is help the brain keep releasing dopamine from the brain’s reward center. The reward center is where the motivation you have to get up in the morning, eat a meal, and go to bed comes from. Dopamine is a major factor in that; as a neurotransmitter, it helps keep us motivated to do things that involve survival and pleasure, including eating and any number of other things.

If there is any reward involved, be it not going hungry or getting immense joy, the reward center will be pushing you towards doing it.

Drugs like Concerta go looking for dopamine that is no longer producing and releasing from the brain for one reason or another.

Concerta locates dopamine and not only helps it with the release, but it keeps it connected with the brain’s receptors. From here, your brain will become stimulated, and you will have increased brain activity, which will help you keep focus and be alert.


What Are the Side Effects of Concerta?

In addition to keeping your brain focused, Concerta can also produce a very relaxing effect, one which can cause some people to become dependent on the drug.

Though legally prescribed, Concerta is very easy to abuse; this is part of why doctors will almost always prescribe low doses to start, especially since it’s so potent and strong.

The effect can be classified as euphoric, equivalent to a drug high; this can make it extremely appealing to take advantage of.

It is also possible to overdose on methylphenidate, just as it is possible to be taking too high a dosage of Concerta. For these reasons, it is vital to understand how easy it has been for people to become addicted; if you think you might be susceptible to addiction, you may not want to take a drug like Concerta.

How Does Concerta Work?

So far, we’ve covered how methylphenidate helps your brain release dopamine has, but now we’re going to more specifically talk about Concerta and how it differs from similar drugs.

It comes down to the osmotic-controlled release oral delivery system or OROS for short. The pill that houses the actual drug has a hole at one of its points; when ingested, the medication absorbs water, which results in osmotic pressure that pushes the drug out from the spot.

Concerta’s status as an XR drug, combined with OROS, allows it to last as long as it does within the body. The system lets the drug work as intended, providing users 12 hours of ADHD treatment.


How Concerta Works

How to Get Concerta in San Francisco?

You can buy Concerta at your local pharmacy, but you must be prescribed by a licensed doctor first. Licensed doctors at EzCare Clinic can help you get this prescription if you qualify.

Everyone is different, so we make sure to cater to your individual needs and understand what would work best for you.

Our psychologists evaluate your symptoms and help you understand them; we can look at the possible options that can work for you.

Our professional staff and licensed doctors evaluate all their patients appropriately and provide the best options for treating your disorder. 

EzCare Clinic San Francisco can help you better understand these signs and symptoms


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