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You can choose one of the following weight-loss treatments:

Phentermine For Weight Loss

Arguably, one of the most effective ways to lose weight is to eat at a caloric deficit. This is where Phentermine comes in handy. It's a diet pill designed to suppress your appetite. We typically prescribe this treatment for people whose BMI is above 30 and struggle to lose weight through conventional means.

Lipo-B Injections For Weight Loss

Physical activity is part of our weight loss program. We will create an exercise program for you, depending on your weight and your fitness level. These physical exercises should be combined with our medication and diet plans for the best results.

Exercise For Weight Loss

Physical activity is part of our weight loss program. We will create an exercise program for you, depending on your weight and your fitness level. These physical exercises should be combined with our medication and diet plans for the best results.

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The pricing for our program is broken down as follows:

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The Process

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Our Texas weight loss program involves three phases:

Book An Appointment


Call us at (415) 966-0848 or send us a message through our email [email protected]. We will connect you with our experts.

Develop A Treatment Plan


Our seasoned experts in medical weight loss will develop a suitable treatment plan for your health needs, schedule, and expected outcome. You need to maintain a positive attitude and have realistic goals.

Lose Weight


If you commit to our treatment plan, you can expect to see the results in a few weeks. A high percentage of our clients report amazing effects after a few weeks under our EZCare weight loss programs in Texas.

EZCare Clinic

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  • Approachability: We are your best choice for weight loss because we incorporate different approaches.
  • Qualified Physicians: We will use medication to trigger your metabolism and control your hunger urges.
  • 100% Support: Apart from medication, we will advise you on the right diet, relaxation techniques, and sleep patterns.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise is also an essential part of our weight loss programs in Texas. We will create a suitable exercise routine for you based on your fitness level.


Proven Clinical Outcomes

Overcome weight loss issues through us

“When I went in for my check-up, I did not wait for more than 5 minutes before the friendly staff attended to my needs,” said Tammy T. Others have recounted their experiences with EZCare Clinic as being efficient, convenient, and reliable for their needs.
I was always as fit as a fiddle. However, when I turned 40 years, I started losing interest in activities such as weight lifting and running. I also started indulging in beer and high-calorie foods. I developed a tummy and would pant after walking a short distance. Normal activities were also more challenging than before. When I realized my overweight condition was affecting my daily activities and self-esteem, I decided to do something. That’s when I went to EZCare Clinic. The professionals here patiently listened to me and developed a program that was suited for my needs. In a span of a few months, I had lost considerable weight. I’m still committed to the program because it works, and I believe in the next few months, I will achieve my ultimate goal.
I had an average weight, but I put on excess weight after I gave birth. I tried to jog daily, but I did not see any improvements. When some of my workmates commented about my body figure, I knew it was time to take additional measures. That is when I went to the EZCare clinic. The doctor here created a weight loss program that enabled me to lose 30 pounds in a few weeks. I have continued to follow this program, and I can gladly confess that I’ve seen significant improvements.
I was a fairly fit guy but added on a few pounds after I got married. It didn't bother me until my young daughter said something about me being fat. I knew I had to change, and EzCare weightloss clinic helped me do so. I lost 50 pounds, and I have managed to maintain my weight almost a year after the program.

Why Us?

Weight Loss Clinic In Texas

With EZCare specialists from any of our weight loss centers in Texas, you get a specialized plan to fit your weight loss goals.

  • Equipment: Our Texas weight loss center is equipped with the latest medical technology for losing weight.
  • Expert Staff: Our staff of experts is experienced in the management of weight disorders for patients with varying needs.
  • Careful Diagnosis: We will begin by running a few diagnostic tests to establish your health condition.
  • Professional Expertise: Our medical staff will develop a weight loss plan based on your needs, schedule, and expectations. Our doctor will also counsel you about the importance of having the right attitude.
  • Continuous Follow Ups: After you start your weight loss program, our doctor will check up on you to ensure you are faring well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia)
  • Orlistat (Xenical, Alli)
  • Liraglutide (Saxenda)-for long-term use

Our initial consultations cost’s $179.

EZCare Clinic has telehealth services. So, you don’t have to see a doctor in-person.

Our programs are designed to meet individual needs. Your weight loss journey is highly dependent on the designed programs and individual approach.

We have several weight loss programs which we assign after careful evaluation of your health. Some of the weight loss programs that we offer are:

  • Phentermine for Weight Loss
  • Lipo-B Injections for Weight Loss
  • HCG Injections for Weight Loss
  • Exercise Programs for Weight Loss

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