EZCare-Online Consultation for COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the world we know. This pandemic is a threat to those living in the United States and everyone across the globe. This disease mimicks many flu symptoms, but is much more deadly than any strain we have come to face before.  Due to this increasingly growing threat to your life, EZCare has opened the opportunity to you for online consultation if you have urgent concerns about this deadly virus.

EZCare’s streamlined telemedicine service is available to you or anyone with concerns about COVID-19 and this current outbreak. We have experienced healthcare providers ready to give you the information you need to get through these difficult times. These telehealth providers will provide accurate and up-to-date information, unlike those misleading posts found on social media.


In response to the recent developments concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the growth of its potential threat to the United States and worldwide, EZCare clinic is opening a streamline telemedicine service available to ANYONE who is concerned about the outbreak and wants to receive more information from an experienced healthcare provider.

As the coronavirus outbreak is rapidly unfolding in the United States and continuing to add thousands of new cases around the globe, thousands of social media posts and statements “informing” people on what to do and how to deal with the virus are overwhelming the web feeds. Such posts would wrongly instruct people to hold their breath for 10 seconds to diagnose whether you have coronavirus or that drinking hot fluids kills the virus. Seeing all this, we at EZCare clinic have finally decided to prioritize our mission to educate, to make sure people understand what coronaviruses are, and, most importantly, to help them navigate through the abundance of information currently floating around on the web.

As it has already become apparent that many of us in the United States have been exposed to the virus and, sadly, let’s face it, there will be many more; schools are closing, many companies suspending their operations, the federal and state governments are asking people to self-isolate and practice the so-called “social distancing,” which is completely reasonable and called for. To contain the outbreak, people are asked to stay at home whenever possible.

With all these measures in place, it may become challenging for an individual to get adequate access to a reliable source of information. For example, you are asked to isolate yourself for 14 days (which is the incubation period of COVID-19) if you know to have been in contact with someone tested positive for the virus even if you do not have any symptoms. Well, how do I go about seeing a doctor to make sure I am OK, you may ask. The answer is, you don’t; you are encouraged to stay home and only seek help if you start exhibiting the symptoms. And this is completely justified, since, unfortunately, our healthcare system is simply not prepared to accommodate everyone should the things really start going south.

It may seem that with how things unfold currently, the only way to get personalized professional medical advice when it comes to coronavirus is actually to get the virus. Favorably, this does not have to be the case, thanks to the telemedicine care. Our experienced healthcare providers at EZCare Clinic have got you covered: we have put together a new service that allows you to speak with a licensed medical practitioner from the comfort of your home on your schedule. And NO, you do not need to be sick to get a telemedicine appointment with one of our doctors; you can speak to our healthcare professionals even if you are simply trying to get information on the prevention measures.

EZCare Clinic now offers general medical telemedicine consultations, including consultations regarding any virus (including COVID-19) problems; the consultations are designed to provide easy, streamlined access to professional medical advice for those seeking general information on the virus, its symptomatology, and prevention/containment. The consultations are NOT designed to replace actual treatment and medications. The consultations will be provided by top-rated physicians.

The content on this website is solely intended to provide general information regarding viral infections is not for diagnostic purposes. Nothing on this website replaces talking with your healthcare professional to assess your condition and determine the need for a treatment plan appropriate for you. The information on this site is not intended to make a diagnosis or to take the place of talking to a US healthcare professional.



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