Working remotely can help you if you as a patient of ADHD. However, the challenge comes when all other family members are home and you cannot concentrate on a single task. If you live alone at home, there will be no co-workers making noise in the background or tapping you to attention just when you started concentrating on a task. Family members can also be a distraction, so you need to ensure your home office is conducive to work.
Working at home requires stellar focus, organization, and time management. These are skills that patients of ADHD lack. Your boss and your colleagues might motivate you at the workplace, but at home, you are left to your element. Granted, you have to learn to self-motivate and self-direct. Below are tips to help you focus on tasks while telecommuting.

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Set Up a Quiet Workspace

Even if you live alone with no spouse, children, or pets, there are still lots of distractions in your home, there are still lots of distractions. Your favorite shows on TV, your phone, texts from friends, the internet, and social media are all distractions.
To avoid these distractions, set up an office in the quietest room in your home. This room should be free of distractions. Your study or a home office can help. If you live with your family, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Let your family understand when you are busy.
If you prefer background noise, you can play soft music or turn on a fan. Ensure your desk is free of clutter as this makes you more productive. You can improve your focus on tasks by changing positions while working. Start by having a standing desk to avoid sitting all day to get rid of anxiety. 

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Create a Schedule and Follow It Strictly

A work schedule helps you stay focused and organized and keeps anxiety away. Although you do not have to wake up at 6 like you would while working from the office, you still need to maintain a schedule every day.
For starters, dress up for work every morning. It puts you in the right frame for a workday and also makes you presentable on video calls. You can still have your sleeping pants on but a decent shirt or blouse comes in handy.
In your schedule, including time for tea and lunch breaks. Also, schedule time to walk out and enjoy the fresh air outside as you stretch your muscles. Working from home is not a ticket to work late every day, set your end time to create a boundary between home and work.

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Use Planning and Organization Tools

You can create a daily to-do list. You can also put sticky notes as reminders on your computer. You can also use apps on your computer or smartphone such as Google Calendar.
If you have upcoming meetings and deadlines to meet, set reminders on your smartphone or computer calendar to ensure you do not forget. When setting reminders set for meetings and deadlines set them a day earlier. If you are setting reminders for other events, set them an hour earlier to have enough time to prepare and ditch the worry of compulsive behavior.
Every morning before you start your tasks, look at your schedule, and create a to-do list. Break up your work into small manageable chunks and set a time for each task. If there is a task that you did not do at the end of the day, update your list.

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Take One Task at a Time

Focus is a challenge when you have ADHD. You need to take one task at a time and complete it before moving to the next task. When you multitask, you might end up not completing any task at the end of the day. You could also lose focus and work slower than your schedule requires. This is when you might start working late or working on weekends. This will interfere with your home life and take away your leisure time.
When working, use a timer so you can complete tasks on time. For instance, you can power down on a project for 45 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break. Ensure that the amount of time you set for a task is enough to complete a significant portion of the project.

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Stay In Touch With Colleagues and Take Your Meds

Even though you may not be meeting your colleagues physically, you need to stay connected with your co-workers and your manager. Make regular calls when you need clarification on tasks, attend all conference calls, and talk through emails and texts. Constant communication helps not feel isolated and gives you the motivation you need to carry on the tasks. You also need to take your ADHD medicine as prescribed.
If you have trouble concentrating even on the smallest tasks, you can schedule an appointment online and we will help you through it. Regardless of the stage of your ADHD, EZCare Clinic has you covered.

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