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Adderall is a drug combining two central nervous stimulants, dextroamphetamine, and amphetamine that helps improve focus, attention, and controls behavior problems. However, the primary use of the drug is to treat ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The drug was approved by the FDA in 1996 and is available only under prescription.

Before you take Adderall, you should understand that it has some side effects on your body. In this article, we show you how to get rid of Adderall tongue as a side effect of the drug.

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Effects of Adderall on Your Body

If Adderall is used as prescribed and intended, the side effects won’t be adverse. However, those who use the drug for non-medical purposes are likely to experience adverse side effects [1*] . According to statistics, 25 fatalities and 54 serious medical concerns were reported between 1999 and 2003 relating to ADHD stimulants medication like Adderall.  Consequently, the Food and Drug Administration warned about the risk for cardiac death due to Adderall.  This means users of this drug ought to be careful with it. The odds of severe side effects are high if someone uses Adderall with other drugs or alcohol. Some potential side effects of Adderall on your body include;

What Does Adderall Do to Your Tongue, Teeth, and Mouth?

Can Adderall cause dry mouth? Yes, adding to the side effects mentioned above, Adderall can cause some effects in or around the mouth area. Some users have reported dry mouth after taking the drug, while others complained of face, throat, and tongue swelling. This results from an allergic reaction to Adderall.

Does Adderall affect your teeth? In some cases, the patient may start biting their tongue or lip due to a reaction from taking the drug, a condition known as bruxism. [2*]  If you’ve been asking, what does Adderall do to your tongue? Now you know.


How to Get Rid of Adderall Tongue and Dry Mouth

Some side effects of Adderall only last for a short period and disappear on their own. However, Adderall tongue is a serious effect and should be addressed immediately. If you experience swelling of the tongue, face, or throat after taking Adderall, treat it as a medical emergency. There’s no better way to deal with Adderall tongue than to visit a doctor. The doctor will examine you and probably issue a prescription to help relieve the soreness. Alternatively, you may want to stop taking the drug for a while or reduce the dosage. But remember, all this should happen only under the doctor’s advice.

What Helps Dry Mouth from Adderall?

If you’re unsure of what helps dry mouth from Adderall, here is a solution for you. Like any other stimulant, Adderall may cause dry mouth by inhibiting saliva production. This affects your general dehydration, making it difficult to chew or swallow meals. The good news is that there are some things you can do to remain hydrated and nourished. For instance, drinking a lot of water will help with dry mouth from Adderall.

Also, eat nutritious foods like:

  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables
  • Lean proteins
  • Fruits

Chamomile tea and warm milk can also help you stay hydrated, preventing dry mouth.

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Adderall Withdrawal

If you wish to discontinue taking Adderall, start by talking to your doctor. It’s worth noting that the symptoms of your condition may resurface once you stop taking the drug. Also, you’re likely to have some withdrawal symptoms when you withdraw from using Adderall. The withdrawal signs vary and may be more or less in some people than others.

Some of the common Adderall withdrawal symptoms include:

The symptoms may be severe, especially if you suddenly stop taking the drug after using it in high doses and for a long period. The best way to stop taking Adderall and to avoid the withdrawal symptoms is to reduce the dosage slowly as you walk your way out.

How to Get Rid of Other Effects of Adderall

As seen above, Adderall has many effects on the human body, and it will only help if you know how to deal with them. Here is how:

  • First, take the drug as directed by your doctor or pharmacist
  • Do not raise or lower the dosage against the prescribed dosage, as you’ll be misusing the drug
  • Read the patient instructions or medical guide that comes with the drug before taking it

What Should I Avoid While Taking Adderall? 

When using Adderall, avoid taking other stimulants like nasal decongestants and caffeine as they may worsen the side effects of the drug. Practice better sleep hygiene to deal with insomnia. For this, go off screens some 30 minutes before sleeping and make it a habit to sleep at the same time daily. If you experience any side effects, tell your doctor immediately. Also, when taking the prescription, your doctor should know everything about your medical history and conditions.


Adderall is an FDA-approved treatment for ADHD, among other conditions. The drug has some side effects, including heart conditions, insomnia, and dry mouth. If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of Adderall tongue, you can now do it, all thanks to our guide.


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