Some of the first things that come to mind when you mention ADHD are:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsiveness
  • Distractibility

ADHD comes with numerous symptoms, adults with high-functioning ADHD may not realize they suffer from the condition, making it difficult to diagnose. For most adults, high-functioning ADHD comes with symptoms and signs unrelated to attention or focus.

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Defining High-Functioning ADHD

As the name suggests, high-functioning ADHD refers to when you suffer only mild symptoms or show severe signs of ADHD, but you can still function well despite your impairments. Most people assume that if you are intelligent or have a high IQ, you cannot suffer from ADHD. However, intelligence and IQ do not counter ADHD. On the contrary, intelligent individuals with ADHD can exhibit more signs of cognitive challenges and functional impairment than their counterparts without ADHD. Usually, high-functioning individuals suffer from unique challenges accompanying ADHD. Just because a person has a high IQ doesn’t mean they feel smart when they have ADHD.

In most cases, individuals with high-functioning ADHD struggle dealing with shortcomings such as forgetfulness or inability to process things faster. As such, they tend to judge themselves harshly by viewing them as weaknesses. For an individual with a high IQ used to excelling, ADHD symptoms may lead to low confidence. You may also suffer the high-functioning ADHD identity crisis as you try coming to terms with the need to work harder at some aspects of your life.

How Do You Know You Have High-Functioning ADHD?

Since high-functioning ADHD may not manifest itself the same way as ADHD in kids, it is crucial to know the symptoms.

Below are a few signs to help you establish if you have high-functioning ADHD:

Procrastination and Poor Time Management

You may have high-functioning ADHD if you procrastinate a lot and opt to do things later. Usually, planning or working way ahead of deadlines consistently is a problem for adults with ADHD. [1*]  On the same note, individuals with the condition find it difficult to maintain schedules and meeting deadlines.

High Functioning ADHD Benefits

Low Self-Esteem

The intense frustration that comes when things don’t go as planned and the frequent shortcomings can lead to low self-esteem. When you are always missing deadlines, running late, or being told to stop interrupting conversations, your confidence suffers.

Interrupting Conversations

High-functioning ADHD can make it difficult for you to listen. As such, you tend to interrupt during conversations due to impulsivity, which may make communication difficult. If you find it hard to let others speak without interrupting, you may be suffering from ADHD.

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Fidgeting and the inability to remain still for long is a typical sign of ADHD. If you avoid sitting for long periods, whether at work or school, and are frequently moving around, you may have ADHD. Also, watch out for fidgeting and even tapping your toes or fingers in situations that require stillness or calmness. The restlessness and moving about usually occur as a means of burning excess physical energy.

Low Tolerance to Frustration

Whether it is your desk not being organized the way you like it, or things not going as planned, you get intensely frustrated and can barely control your feelings. If you notice that you get thrown off, confused, or feeling like your entire day is ruined when things don’t go as you wish, you may be suffering from high-functioning ADHD.

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online

As you’re under the treatment of a mental health professional, you might be prescribed an ESA. Then, the therapist will fill a prescription out as a written letter that states your requirement for this type of treatment. This letter has to include:

  • The disability is specifically listed by the DSM-IV or V
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High Functioning ADHD Symptoms

Consider seeking help if you have the symptoms for an accurate ADHD diagnosis. Doing so will give you access to professional assistance in managing the symptoms, kicking out the negative habits, and improving the overall quality of your life.

Can You Be High-Functioning and Have ADHD?

You can be a high-functioning individual working as a doctor or lawyer and still have ADHD. While most people assume that high-functioning individuals don’t excel in academics, having ADHD doesn’t translate to stupidity. It only means that you have a challenge being attentive or staying focused. Therefore, you may have ADHD even though you are intelligent or possess significant abilities.

Challenges begin when you start working and dealing with workplace issues, as they lessen your ability to manage your ADHD symptoms. If you are wondering what lies ahead after you  get help with high-functioning ADHD [2*] , you will be pleased to know that professional intervention can transform your life for the better. Not only will it change your perception of yourself and your abilities, but it also allows you to channel your abilities to your benefit. EZCare Clinic is always available to help you through your journey to recovery from high-functioning ADHD.

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