How to Help a Partner With Depression?

A depressed spouse can make living together feel lonely. You may have to work harder to make your relationship work if one of you is depressed. But there is no need to assume that your relationship will end because of this. A happy, contented relationship is still possible. You can move from a state of dissatisfaction to maintaining the lively partnership you know you’re both capable of by understanding how to deal with a depressed partner.

Read the article below to learn how to be supportive and grasp how to help a partner with depression.

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Symptoms of Depression

Every person’s experience of depression is different. This disorder’s symptoms might linger in a variety of ways. It isn’t always about being depressed and alone. Acquiring a thorough understanding of the illness and its symptoms is a crucial first step in assisting your partner. A minimum two-week period of either a low mood or a lack of interest or pleasure is a necessary component of a depressive disorder. Other signs of depression could be:

  • Sadness and hopelessness
  • Weight gain or loss (including changes in appetite)
  • Sleep problems (sleeping more or less than usual)
  • Getting tired quicker (even simple tasks can take a long time)
  • Anxiety or feeling agitated
  • Excessive anger
  • Recollections about the past (including feelings of guilt or worthlessness)
  • Difficulty concentrating and making important decisions
  • Suicidal thoughts and thoughts of death
  • Physical symptoms (headache, body aches)

Can You Have a Healthy Relationship With Someone Who Is Depressed?

There is no one to blame for depression. It is a complex mental illness that impacts a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Although severe, it is treatable.

Dating a depressed person might be challenging. You could feel disturbed and confused after it. You might not know how to support your partner while still looking after your emotional well-being.

You may find it difficult to keep up a relationship with someone you’re dating who has depression while also looking out for your mental well-being. However, that doesn’t imply that a depressed partner and you can’t have a happy relationship. You can help your depressed partner without compromising your relationship or your mental health by recognizing their problems and learning how to respond.

How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression creates barriers both within and between people. There may feel like an unending gap between you two when someone you love has been forced inside those walls. You’ll need to develop several skills if you’re dating a depressive person or have a depressed spouse. You can strengthen your relationship with your partner with the following useful tips.

1. Understand What Depression Is

Depression is not the same as grief. Being an understanding partner means having a thorough understanding of the complexity of depression. Read online materials written by professionals and speak to people who have been in similar relationships if you are dating someone who suffers from depression to learn more about the condition. This will enable you to comprehend your partner’s struggles more fully. You can also consider discussing with a mental health professional to encourage your partner to get assistance in coming out of depression.

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2. Care for Them

Those who are suffering from depression want you to care about them more than anything else. Seeing you try to understand them will mean so much to a depressed person. Simply being there for someone who is depressed and expressing your support is one of the most vital things you can do for them. While they express their feelings, hold them close or simply listen. Offer to assist them with scheduling appointments or completing some everyday tasks they find difficult to complete.

3. Maintain Balance in the Relationship

It can be challenging to live with a severely depressed person. Your partner may think his or her needs must always be met, frequently at your own price. To make your relationship successful, you must keep a balance. Even though cheering up your depressed partner or spouse could be required for a little period of time, it cannot be sustained over the long run in a partnership. Put yourself first when you need it, and don’t feel bad about it.

4. Give Them Hope

Depression steals hope, which is one of its worst aspects. Many depressed persons are unable to express how hopeless they feel. This is due to the difficulty of describing what they are going through. Reminding them of their motivations for continuing to live, whatever they may be, give them hope. Maybe it’s their family, children, faith, or something else. These individual-specific reasons may encourage individuals to hang on a little longer till the discomfort passes.

5. Help Them With Daily Tasks

Daily tasks can seem difficult when you’re depressed. Simple chores like grocery shopping, laundry, or bill paying pile up, and it can be challenging to know where to start. A great first step in helping with depression would be to offer assistance with daily tasks. Even though your partner could be grateful for your offer of support, they might not be able to express their needs to you effectively. So think and choose your words wisely; for example, instead of saying, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” say, “What do you most need help with today?”.

6. Listen to Them

Extreme loneliness is a prevalent symptom of depression. They could think that no one is available to them to talk about their struggles. When depressed, it may be difficult for a person to articulate their emotions. Just listen to your partner speak; don’t interrupt. Encourage them to talk about their issue but refrain from attempting to offer any quick fixes. Your support is the most important thing you can offer.

7. Preparedness for Emergency Action

You must take action if you have even the slightest worry that your friend might hurt themselves. Call emergency services if you believe there is a chance that your partner might make a suicide attempt. If the other person is stubborn and doesn’t want assistance, you may have difficulty choosing what to do. In the near run, they might even resent you for getting involved. But eventually, when they feel better, they will appreciate your quick action.

8. Encourage Them to Seek Help

It’s essential for someone who is severely depressed to receive professional assistance. There are numerous counselors and support groups, and both can be helpful. Someone with severe depression could also require medicine to treat their ailment. Encourage your friend to get medical attention. Try to convince your partner that depression is a disease that can be treated. Your loved one doesn’t have to face this challenge by themselves.

Can Depression Make You Want To Leave a Relationship?

There may be times when you consider ending your relationship while living with a partner with depression. But keep in mind that your partner’s circumstance is not hopeless. Depression may be cured, just like other illnesses, with the proper medical care and the help of friends like you. So keep trying to reach them. The professionals at EZCare Clinic can assist you or a loved one in escaping the grip of depression. Contact us if you need help!


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