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It Isn’t Complicated to Legally Protect Your Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Whether traveling, working in stressful environments, or recovering from trauma at home, it’s smart to prepare legally, so your ESA is protected.

Step 1

Book an Appointment

Fill out an application. From there, you schedule a “telehealth” meeting. Choose a package that suits your needs. The last step is paying through our secure payments gateway.

Step 2

Speak to Our LMHP

Speak to a licensed mental health professional to obtain your Emotional Support Animal letter in Florida. The LMHP will perform a thorough check-up by video call at the selected time.


Step 3

Get Your ESA Letter

Upon approval, the ESA letter will be emailed to you in a PDF format. The hard copy of the ESA Letter will also be mailed to your address within two to five business days.

Why Are We The Option You Should Choose?

Over 65,000+ Clients Have Improved Their Mental Health With Ezcare Clinic

EZ Care Clinic provides key benefits in getting an Emotional Support Animal letter in Florida:

emotional support animal laws

Real Benefits Of An ESA Letter

100% Certified Letters by Licensed Therapists

Florida Emotional Support Animal letter allows you to keep your pet with you wherever you are:

Avoid Discrimination from Tenants

Often, housing situations don’t allow animals. However, when a tenant has a psychological or medical need, housing complexes are not allowed to discriminate against them.

Function at Your Best

With the right paperwork, housing, travel, and other restrictions won’t keep you from functioning in a stable way wherever you happen to be in society without being forced into additional payments. 

Protection at Workplace

Also, with an ESA letter, you can stop questions from some businesses, residences, or employers regarding your condition. A certified ESA letter is good for you, your animal, and your community.

About EZCare

Psychological Problems Are Best Serviced Through EZCare

You deserve the best, most convenient options out there

EZCare Clinic offers such options and can fully educate you about existing emotional support animal laws in Florida. You need the right sort of therapy and the right sort of documents to protect you in the situation you are dealing with.

Many unique issues exist that are specific to people seeking animal therapy. At EZCare, we assist you in getting the help you need fast, professionally, and in a way that you can trust. We also provide these services in a way that takes your ease into account. We want to help, not make things complicated.

Telehealth at EZCare

Your Convenience is Our Pleasure

Contact us from the comfort of your home

The term “telehealth” is sometimes rendered “telecare”. It just means remote medicine that uses technology. At EZCare, through the internet, laptops, tablets, and their small cameras, you can do the majority of your medical appointments from home – except those that require some sort of surgery, of course, and that has nothing to do with ESA animals.

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Check out some of the reviews of our most satisfied customers to help give you an idea of what you stand to gain:

Our Pricing Packages

We Are Committed to Providing Access to Affordable Emotional Support Animal Letter Services

The cost covers your evaluation with our LMHP and the cost of processing and delivering your paperwork once approved

ESA Basic Package


ESA Full Package


ESA Renewal


ESA Additional Form


ESA State Laws, Florida

At EZCare Clinic, We Can Help You Know Exactly How You Are Covered Under the Law

Following are the ESA laws you should know about:

ESA & Housing

Emotional Support Animal Housing Laws in Florida make residents entitled to the protection offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). These federal laws allow your ESA to stay with you in a rental unit with an otherwise no-pets policy.


ESA & Workplace

Emotional Support Animal Florida has additional protections for ESAs that apply in the workplace. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers must consider accommodations that are needed because of a disability. However, they are not obliged to allow a disruptive pet at the worksite.


ESA & Travel

Federal Law classifies ESA’s as a special category for people with emotional support needs. This is covered under the Airline Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Under the law, an airline cannot charge additional boarding fees to take your emotional support pet with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Whole Process Can Be Confusing, So It’s Understandable You’ve Got a Few Questions

Following are common FAQ’s:

Air Carrier Access and Fair Housing acts are federal laws that apply in this situation. The ESA letters we provide fully comply with such laws. Licensed and qualified mental health practitioners will sign your letter, and we assure the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Licensed mental health professionals at EZCare Clinic are fully qualified, they’ve passed necessary exams, and they will sign your ESA letters to provide you medical verification in reference to ESA rights you’re entitled to from your disability.

Different ESA letters will come with different rights. Housing ESA letters allow you to get qualifications even if your housing option has restrictions against pets, provided the landlord is running an apartment with four or more units and owns multiple properties. Travel letters also allow you to fly in the cabin of the plane with your pet at no added cost.

The truth is, you don’t need to go through a website to get your ESA letter. However, you do need to get the signature of a mental health professional, and the services of EZCare Clinic make this a lot more simple. You don’t need to use our services, but we can help you how to get an emotional support animal in Florida.

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