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There are millions of people, both young and adults, that suffer from ADHD. According to researchers, this condition could be genetic. There are three distinct subtypes known today. 

  • Anxious


  • Disorganized


  • Sudden outburst

    Explosive anger

  • Obsession

    Irrational fixations

  • Impulsive activity

    Acting carelessly

  • Mood swings

    Change of behavior

We’re committed to providing quick, accurate, and seamless ADHD diagnosis at our clinic or through remote consultation.

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Click the link below to take a quick pre-diagnostic evaluation quiz that is designed by health experts to check the possibility and severity of ADHD in adults.  Our ADHD quiz is based on the most common signs and symptoms of ADHD fulfilling DSM-V criteria. By the end of the test, you will be able to understand your condition more accurately and take necessary subsequent actions. 

If not treated, ADHD can negatively impact your life forever. Get your diagnosis today.

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