12 Famous Astrologers Connecting the Zodiac to Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly changed the normal way of doing things for everyone with staying-at-home and social distancing becoming the new norm. However, being away from work and lack of socializing has proven to be the major cause of anxiety and depression. This has led to more people fighting mental health conditions at home. Therapy and self-help being a waste of time and “Why bother when you can just take the pill?” is the most common and unfounded myth about mental health. To debunk this myth, we can show you other ways to deal with mental health issues that have nothing to do with pills. In this article, we will offer tips on how to keep your mental health in good condition depending on your zodiac sign. While it may sound strange relating astrology with mental health, astrologers have found ways to connect the two.

So What Does Mental Health Have to Do with Astrology?

Astrologers hold that when the Moon is in a stressful position with Saturn, you could be suffering from depression while schizophrenia or phobia may be the case when Rah afflicts the Moon. You may be delusional and become a maniac if Ketu afflicts the Moon. In the event that the 5th house of the intellect becomes suppressed by an Air sign, you could be at risk of mental disorder. Mental peace is signified by a combination of Moon and 4th house.

Choose Your Zodiac Sign Below

To better understand the relation between zodiac signs and mental health, we asked top 12 astrologists about mental health tips for zodiac signs. Below are their responses that can help you improve your mental health.

1- Aries: The Ram – By Danielle Arias

Aries: The Ram

Danielle revealed what are the best things to do when Aries are depressed?

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is often known for trailblazing and breaking through barriers. This is a fire sign that is led by inspiration; often diving in head first they rarely take the time to think prior to taking action. #1: Aries is associated with the head and the brain in astrology. If we think in terms of ruling planets; Aries is governed by Mars and Mars is associated with inflammation. With Aries ruling the brain we often see this inflammation come in the form of headaches. Headaches sometimes occur when a person has not taken the time to eat. #2: With Aries often eating on the go or forgetting to eat they can benefit greatly from mindful eating practices. Mindful eating has been proven to reduce stress as well as calories. Aries are also prone to sinus infections; Aries can help prevent these by drinking plenty of water and using essential oils such as Eucalyptus. An essential oil diffuser is a must for every zodiac sign. #3: Daily exercise is also a great way for those with planets placed in Aries to release pent up energy; however remember when cycling, horseback riding, skiing or playing football always make sure to wear protective headgear.

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2- Taurus: The Bull – By Melanated Momma Mani

Taurus: The Bull

Melanted Momma shares what Taurus can do to feel better

#1: As a sign ruled by Venus, those with Taurus energy need strong and consistent self-care routines to feel valued and stable. With Venus ruling beauty, love,, self-worth, and personal resources, an earthly sign like Taurus is comforted by a stable influx of resources. Whether that be material possessions like money or stable affection from another, Taurus craves stability. #2: Often seeking external pleasure, Taurus must learn to turn the attention inward and promote resourcefulness within. This means building Venusian energy (love) within. Self-love grows through actions taken to promote care of self. The key for an earth-based sign like Taurus is to do so consistently. Keep it simple. Stick to a morning and night routine. Wake up, take time for self before checking the phone or social media. Cleanse the face. Beautify yourself. Complete daily tasks and allow time to rest. #3: Promote stability within life and the mental stability as well as self-love for Taurus will amplify. It is essential for Taurus to build a stable foundation based on routine and self-care.

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3- Gemini: The Twins -By Jean-Marc Pierson

Gemini: The Twins

Jean Marc Pierson advises Geminis on how to relax

#1: So you’re in lock down, and your worst enemy, Gemini, is boredom. You hate boredom. You need a great variety of experiences. You need to be free to move around! …You’ve probably already thought of moving the furniture, make fifteen piles of books, magazines, colouring books, cross words, and a journal to write your thoughts in, in fifteen different places in your home or in your flat, so that you can change places as often as possible. #2: You like fun and communication. Messages are what Gemini are most fond of. You are on a desert island. It’s almost real now. Write messages. Put them in bottles. If you don’t have a bottle, try a paper envelope. Explore around the house to find alternative containers. Write love letters to strangers. When love becomes boring, write insult letters. Write pink poetry, dark poetry, blue poetry. All kinds of messages. Put them outside, with a mention “pick your message in a bottle, and leave yours if you wish”. Take advantage of the situation. You may never be on a desert island again. #3: And breathe. Do you remember how meditation is boring? You are so bored now. It can’t get worse. Great opportunity to meditate. Just sit and watch your breath. It is more boring than being bored sitting on the sofa? No. So sit still and see how long you can stay focused on your breath. It’s a game. Can you hold your mind for 20 seconds? Bravo. Next time you may be able to keep still for 25 seconds. You may become enlightened without even noticing. And if not, at least, you can think that something may happen at any moment.

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4- Cancer: The Crab -By Amy Tripp

Cancer: The Crab

Amy Tripp tells Cancer what to do to reduce anxiety

For the zodiac sign of Cancer there are a few tips that can enhance their mental health. #1: Being near water is calming for Cancer (a water sign) and can soothe any tethered emotions. This can be a pool, ocean, or even a long bath. #2: Cooking can also be very therapeutic for the sign of Cancer. Food and nurture are especially important for this sign so it’s often soothing to cook for loved ones. #3: Cancer is to let your emotions flow through you but don’t cling to them. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon their emotions are prone to greater fluctuation and moodiness. Lastly, I would recommend Cancer have a home or a space in their home where they can retreat. Like the crab, it’s important for Cancer to have a protective shell when they need to seek refuge.

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5- Leo: The Lion -By Patsy Bennette

Leo: The Lion

Patsy Bennette suggests how Leos should behave proactively

Leos are active, motivated people and need to feel they are accomplishing something special in life. They need to feel confident so that they can accomplish great things. #1: Find ways to boost your self-esteem. This could come from such simple steps as improving appearance, positive self-talk and fitness. #2: Focus on your priorities and gain a sense of purpose to avoid feeling distracted and mentally exhausted. #3: Cultivate a sense of support towards those you love. You will experience abundant love and support in return.

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6- Virgo: The Virgin -By Avia Venefica

Virgo: The Virgin

Avia offers valuable insight tailored to Virgos mental health

#1: Embrace Your Stellar Ability for Order: As a Virgo, you like things neat and tidy. This aspect of your personality is a super-power! In a world of chaos and disorder, you have a natural ability to create order. Use this super-power to organize your environment. You can even offer help bringing order to the lives of people around you. Doing so will make you and others feel more effective and satisfied. #2: Share Your Compassion for Underdogs: There is always a need to help all kinds of creatures in this world, and you, dear Virgo, are the perfect person to take on that task. VirgoS are naturally connected to animals of all kinds. In fact, your mental health can be highly improved when you reach out to help animals in need. Consider volunteering at animal shelters, or wild animal rehabilitation facilities. Doing so will help your world, the creatures in it, and will also make you feel like a much-needed hero! #3: Plant Your Way to Harmony: Along with a kinship with animals, your Virgo type is also deeply connected with the earth. Mosts Virgos have amazing green thumbs;, and are able to give life to the world by planting, gardening and caring for organic life. Consider planting seeds, caring for trees, or starting a garden. At the very least, nurture a house plant. You will be amazed at the positive impact this will have on your mental health!

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7- Libra: The Scales -By Bronx

Libra: The Scales

Bronx addresses how Libras can be positively confident in their powers

#1: Protect your boundaries! Be more assertive. The sign of libra is all about balance and harmony, which is a great thing. However, this sign often puts the needs of others above their own and can fall into the habit of people pleasing. Learning how to just say “no” is easier said than done, but it will save you a lot of extra stress. #2: Try and build a stronger sense of self. Libra is also the sign of partnership and has a hard time doing things on their own or making their own decisions whole heartedly. Libras are more likely to fall victim to codependency. Practice making choices more often without looking to others for outside validation. This will help you feel more independent. #3: Address self esteem issues, don’t deny them. Libra ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, love’s beautiful things and people. But sometimes they can use that to fill a void and boost their ego. Work on loving yourself and boosting yourself up without relying on material things or people to achieve this.

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8- Scorpio: The Scorpion -By Joanne Madeline Moore

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Joanne offers the best tips for Scorpion’s mental health

#1: Express your deepest feelings. Scorpios can be very secretive and private and keep emotions bottled up inside. So find someone who you can really talk to, either an understanding loved one or – if required – a trusted mental health professional. #2: Practice forgiveness. Scorpios have a tendency to hold onto the past and keep grudges. So it is important that you learn to forgive others … and yourself. Choosing to forgive helps you move on with your life in a positive, powerful and proactive way. #3: Learn to relax. Scorpios are very intense and driven and can have trouble winding down. So it’s important to find a relaxation method that works for you, and incorporate it into your daily routine. Meditation, yoga, breathwork, creative visualization, Tai Chi and chanting are all suitable choices.

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9- Sagittarius: The Archer -By MILK ASTROLOGY

Sagittarius: The Archer

Milk Astrology explains habits that a Sagittarius can adopt to feel good

Sagittarius people are inherently wild at heart and really need to feel that they’re not caged or boxed in. When they feel trapped or methodical, this can feel incredibly defeating for them. Sagittarius people need to constantly be active, both mentally and physically to be able to feel creative and excited about the world around them. But this doesn’t have to mean hiking or trekking through the mountains. This could be something as simple as: #1: Reading a book #2: Listening to good music, #3: Having good conversation

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10- Capricorn: The Goat -By Demetra George

Capricorn: The Goat

Demetra George guides on tactics that Capricorns can make the best use of

#1: Create a daily structure. What do you need to do every day for self-care? Set aside a regular time for doing it and follow through. #2: Don’t be your own worst critic. Beware of any internal beliefs that no matter what you do, it’s not good enough and think you must excel in order to feel simply adequate. Have realistic and doable expectations. #3: Loosen your need to manage and control and manage others. This will allow more intimacy into your life and lessen your sense of isolation.

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11- Aquarius: The Water Bearer-By Tess Lee

Aquarius: The Water Bearer
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Tess Lee indicates how Aquarians can combat mental health issues

Tip#1: Leveling with where you are at. Don’t get too consumed or caught up with the future and planning on how things are going to go. This is only going to propagate stress and concerns. The best thing for Aquarians to do when they are immersing themselves into projects and goals is to allow “freeform”; don’t be overly interested in the structure and details. Tip#2: Embodiment. Aquarians struggle staying in their body because they immediately filter or mentally process difficult feelings/information. Emotions are meant to be felt viscerally. Breathing techniques can be really helpful here, specifically breath focus. Tip#3: Embrace the most quirky parts of themselves. Many Aquarians experience a degree of marginalization from peers as they navigate the world. They often look at these “quirky” parts as something shameful or outlawed. This can grow into resentment against the self. It’s important Aquarians learn to validate themselves and verbally do so. They have to encourage positive reinforcement for themselves.

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12- Pisces: The Fish -By Haley Comet

Pisces: The Fish

Haley Comet describes how Pisces can achieve happiness.

#1: Honor your sensitivity

The sign of Pisces in astrology is a mutable water sign, who’s archetype is the fish. The element of water in astrology is associated with emotions. Unlike the other water sign symbols (Scorpio is a scorpion and Cancer is a crab), fish do not have a protective shell to guard their deep-feeling natures. They are often told just how sensitive they are, as even the slightest comment can bruise their compassionate hearts. Because of this, Pisces can feel that their kindness and softness is a character flaw. Rather than perceiving this sensitivity as a weakness, it’s important for the Pisces to realize that so many of their beautiful qualities – their empathy, their kindness, their rich experience of life – is attributed to their sensitivity. There is nothing wrong with you, fish, start your self love journey by recognizing you are a more sensitive, emotional being and setting up your life to honor your sensitive dispositions.

#2: Regularly connect yourself to something bigger than yourself

Pisces, in astrology, is associated with finding a deeper meaning in life and transcending reality. Pisces has a desire to connect to a higher purpose with their lives and life can feel meaningless if these fish feel out of water without their spirituality. The mechanics of what it is that you believe in isn’t important – so long as it’s something that makes you feel connected to something bigger, broader and more magical than the mundane reality of life. Some PIsces connect through time in nature, through religion, through participating in an altruistic cause, or losing themselves in a creative pursuit. Since Pisces is associated with escapism, setting up these constructive avenues of escaping is much healthier than relying on substances to mimic this feeling of broader connection.

#3: Enact boundaries – learn to say no!

Pisces is a sign of universal, selfless love. Because of this inherent compassion, Pisces can overextend themselves in an effort to be everything to everyone. Pisces are empathetic beings, so they take on the emotions and sufferings of others by mere osmosis, which can weigh them down and drain their energies. It’s very important for the fish to enact boundaries with their loved ones so they don’t overwhelm their energetic and emotional bandwidth. Learn key phrases to say no when you feel emotionally drained and exhausted. Give yourself permission to stay home when you know the party will be overstimulating for you, to answer the text at a later time when you are in a good head space to address it and to limit exposure to draining, dramatic individuals. Communicating honestly with friends and family that you aren’t able to be reached and available 24/7 is important so they can manage their expectations.
Astrology and mental health certainly have a deep connection. But don’t forget to consult a healthcare professional for your mental health problems. Visit EzCare Clinic to get a consultation from the finest health care professionals. Book your appointment today!
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  1. Nicole Garceau says:

    You failed to mention the work of Dr. Glenn Perry in this piece. Dr. Perry is a liscenced psychotherapist and the leading astrologer in the world in connecting mental health to astrology.
    His work and years of research has connected these signs to specific psychopathologies
    Aries – Anti-Social personality disorder
    Taurus- Borderline Personality Disorder
    Gemini – ADD/ADHD
    Cancer – Histrionic Personality disorder
    Leo – Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    Virgo – OCD
    Scorpio – Paranoid Personality Disorder
    Sagittarius- Mania
    Saturn – Depression
    Aquarius- schizoid personality disorder
    Pisces – schizophrenia

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      Hi Nicole! Thanks for reaching out! We really appreciate such ken readers and the fact that you took out time to mention the work of Dr. Glen Perry. We will definitely keep this in mind! Thanks again for your contribution.

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