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Structural Family Therapy

Structural Family Therapy (SFT) is a form of family therapy that concentrates on the family unit’s structure and improves relationships and interactions among the family members. According to the proponent of this theory, Salvador Munich, the family members regulate the responses that every member has to both external and internal inputs. The SFT is driven […]

marriage and family counseling

Marriage and family relationships are incredibly complicated. There is a lot that goes on in marriage and family relationships that is not clearly understood through our cultural models and upbringing. This highlights the need for marriage and family counseling, particularly at a time when the divorce rate and family conflicts are at an all-time high. […]

A Guide to Understand How Relationship Counseling Works

March 28, 2022 Health Articles0

Romantic relationships are challenging work that requires regular maintenance to keep them running properly. If there are relationship problems, the best solution is to have it repaired immediately to avoid additional future complications. In many instances, couples can implement basic maintenance and repair certain situations themselves. However, relationship counseling and the assistance of a licensed […]

Five Reasons Why Do People Go to Therapy

March 18, 2022 Health Articles0

There are numerous reasons to answer the question of why people go to therapy. Generally, the most common ones are to find relief from specific problems in life or to gain greater insight into themselves. If you’re going through something difficult or don’t know where else to turn, then you should consider going for professional […]

strategic family therapy

  Strategic family therapy is a technique designed to help improve family dynamics. This cross-cultural intervention is suitable for families with children and adolescents. Do you have an adolescent who has emotional instability or behavioral issues? Strategic family therapy can help you deal with family dysfunction and instability- Click the button below to schedule your […]

What Principle Underlies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a special kind of talking therapy focused on rationalizing erratic thoughts and behaviors. It’s achieved by challenging your cognitive errors and reframing the issues more rationally. But what principle underlies cognitive behavioral therapy? Although cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment should be tailored to individuals’ problems, it has 10 underlying principles that apply […]

Somatic Therapy Defined 1

February 11, 2022 Health Articles0

Until recently, medical experts treated the body and mind separately. However, this has changed as medical practitioners develop a new emphasis on the intricate web of the body and mind connection after realizing that, as humans, we store memories, experiences, and emotions on a cellular level. Therefore, events such as traumatic experiences can take a heavy toll […]

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