ESA Letter

How Long Does It Take to Get an ESA Letter?

ESA Letter

Yes, you can get your Emotional Support Animal documentation today, it takes just a few hours. Our doctors are available to speak with you seven days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. You need to apply before 6 pm in order to get your documentation on the same day. With recent research emerging about the benefits of owning an animal, and the advantages that come with having a registered Emotional Support Animal letter, a lot of people with pets are starting to look into how best to get an ESA letter.

Unfortunately, most people tend to go the route of ease and convenience, which can cause many complications for them in the future. This is primarily due to the fact that these letters are illegitimate and a scam, and are technically not upheld under the laws and regulations that tend to protect ESAs. Given the fact that timing is often a big issue for people, it is important to understand the things that may impact the length of time you must wait to receive a legit ESA letter and the things that you can do to reduce your wait time in attaining the letter.

Keep in mind that the easy route of online services that generate your ESA paperwork automatically without you talking to a doctor is not the only scam, but they can also lead to legal trouble for you if uncovered that you are using a faulty piece of documentation. With that said, here are a few things that determine your wait time when attaining an ESA letter, and what you can do to reduce the extent of waiting you may have to endure.

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This is a question that you should most definitely ask yourself before even considering an ESA letter. Sure, having the certification may provide you with more benefits and opportunities when you are with your pet, but not having an emotional disability will immediately make it impossible for you to receive one. Due to the fact that mental health professionals are fairly adept and effective in spotting certain symptoms of varying emotional issues, this is the first thing that should be considered.

Think introspectively to get an understanding of how you are feeling, the symptoms that come with varying degrees of emotional or mental detriment, and if you truly believe that having an emotional support animal will be in your best interest. If you think these are all valid points in your mind, then the next step would be finding a mental health professional in your locale to get an appointment in order to see if you suffer from any specific diagnosis.

Finding a Mental Health Professional or Medical Doctor

If you have been living with a mental or emotional health disability for some time now, chances are that you already have a professional, therapist, psychiatrist, or licensed medical doctor to which you can reach out. In this circumstance, the process is made easy and efficient, in that it simply takes a call to book your next appointment with your doctor, in which you can tell them about your desired need for an emotional support animal to help with some of your disabilities.

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For those who do not know whether they have an emotional or mental disability, and have yet to be diagnosed with one, the next step is to identify a mental health professional or MD that you feel comfortable going to in order to determine whether an ESA would be in your best interests.

ESA Letter

Doing some research online into the history of the specific individual, as well as the specific things that they specialize in, will help aid the process of making it more effective and efficient. Once you find a therapist or other professional that you believe is best for you, reach out to their office to book an initial appointment so that they may diagnose you.

Given the difficulties in identifying whether or not someone has an emotional issue, these appointments may need to happen twice in order for the mental health professional to get a better understanding of you and the issues you may be dealing with.

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How to Get Your ESA Letter

For those who are already in contact with a mental health professional, the next appointment in which you visit them should revolve around the desire to have an animal for emotional support. Explain to them how you feel an animal will change your behavior and impact it in a positive way, and let the doctor determine whether or not they believe this really is true.

They will outline the different ways that an animal may benefit or detriment you in your lifestyle, enabling you a better and more thorough understanding of the decision you want to make. To get your ESA letter doctor might ask you to provide some medical records. For those without a mental health professional, upon making your first appointment with the doctor, ensure to tell the scheduler that you are doing so in order to understand whether or not an emotional support animal will benefit you.

This way, the doctor already knows the situation and will be better prepared to ask the questions they need to determine whether you have a specific diagnosis to provide and if your emotional support letter is in question.

Providing this information upfront and in a straightforward manner will provide a more seamless and efficient process for both you and your mental health professional.

ESA Letter

Where to Get an ESA Letter

Overall, with the number of people looking to get an ESA letter these days, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The wrong way is getting the letter online from an unlicensed clinic or attempting to find a mental health professional that is more likely to provide the documentation. This can waste a lot of your time, and cause unwanted headaches in the future. However, the right way to get ESA documentation involves being able to determine that you truly do have a mental or emotional health disability that would benefit from an emotional support animal, and talking more with your doctor to better understand it.

If you are going in with the right intentions, and take the right steps in determining whether you need an animal for emotional support, this is perhaps the only surefire way to ensure that the time it takes to get an online ESA letter is quick and efficient and that you do not waste your time trying to get one, only to be told that the emotional disability you claim is not valid or warranted.

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