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You might hear people saying that ADHD is loosely diagnosed in children. That claim is true to an extent; some kids show ADHD at an early age but grow out of it around 8 years of age. The reality is these children don’t have ADHD, they just are not sure how to tame their hyper behaviors and overactive brains.

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With adults, ADHD is a much clearer cut. Your brain has already matured and it’s easy to link any neurological inconsistencies to specific disorders. When visiting an ADHD doctor, you will typically get checked for both ADD and ADHD. In reality, ADD is a specific type of ADHD and they’re not two completely different disorders.

Doctors diagnose ADHD in adults first by looking for major red flags.

Signs of Attention Issues

  • Do you have any attention issues?
  • Do you suffer from paying attention to detail?
  • Do you struggle with prioritizing important tasks?
  • Do you get distracted by absolutely anything that’s around you?
  • Do you frequently hear that you have horrible attention skills when conversing?
  • Do you struggle with absorbing more than just a few sentences of the written word?
Signs of ADHD

ADHD Symptoms

Signs of Hyperactive Behavior

  • Do you fidget, tap your fingers repetitively or have a similar coping mechanism?
  • Do you never feel like you can get relaxed and always feel angst internally?
  • Do you chase adrenaline rushes or take on large risks carelessly?
  • Do you take on more than you can handle without realizing it?

Signs of Impulsive Behavior

  • Do you have no control over your spending habits?
  • Do you get bored and recklessly chase excitement?
  • Do you blurt things out, interrupt people or say things at the wrong times?
  • Do you generally make impulsive decisions regardless of how important they are?

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Signs of Functioning Troubles

  • Do you stay messy and unorganized?
  • Do you struggle with planning and time management?
  • Do you regularly procrastinate even the smallest tasks?
  • Do you rely on others to maintain organization in your life?
  • Do you struggle with applying hindsight into your decision-making?

These questions are some examples of what an ADHD doctor San Francisco will ask to evaluate the likelihood of you having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many other factors will come into play during your assessment but this should give you an idea.

ADHD Treatment Planning

Rest assured, life is not over because you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. You now have confirmation that your mental and neurological setbacks are real. Knowing the cause of the barriers you face every single day is a major step toward self-improvement.

Now you can move forward and plan out your treatment solutions. If you get your ADHD diagnosis in San Francisco at EZ Care Clinic, here’s an idea of what your treatment program might include:

Neuropsychology ADHD Medication

Medications are usually prescribed to control the symptoms associated with ADHD. These medications can be either stimulants or non-stimulants.

Following are the common stimulants prescribed:

  • Adderall
  • Focalin
  • Vyvanse
  • Concerta
  • Dexedrine
  • Ritalin

If the stimulants do not produce the desired outcome, an ADHD doctor may move you to non-stimulants. Such as:

  • Strattera
  • Kapvay
  • Intuniv

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A professional will work with you to restructure how your brain operates. The goal will be to teach positive behaviors that remedy ADHD’s nagging symptoms. CBT can help [1*] heal many issues that are frequent with ADHD in adults — such as brain fog, negative thoughts, a lack of productivity, low self-esteem, and self-worth issues.

people with adhd

Things People With ADHD May Find Hard to Do

Family Therapy

While not always necessary, family therapy could be a beneficial part of your ADHD treatment process [2*] . The reality is that there is no full recovery. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is cruel and relentless; you live with it for life. CBT only teaches you how to stop the disorder from holding you back. Meanwhile, family therapy helps your loved ones learn what the disorder does to you so they can cope better when rough patches come up.

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