ESA Letters Scam Review: Is the Site Legit?

ESA Letters Scam

Finding the right recovery options for a mental or physical health disorder can be frustrating for some patients. There are many options out there for all types of people, but it can also make looking for the right type of treatment more difficult.

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Being prescribed pills can be helpful for some, but it can also be harmful to others. As all people who suffer from disorders are different, these different treatment options exist because some work better for others.

There is not one definitive choice, which does allow for patients to look into alternatives they may not have previously considered.

Among traditional medication, there is therapy, which comes in different flavors depending on what you’re recovering from and what you prefer as a patient.

While many think of therapy as a one-on-one session with a therapist, this is only one of the forms for recovery that exist.

While a combination of pills and therapy sessions is common and sometimes recommended, you can choose another path that better suits you.

For one thing, group therapy sessions are a thing that you might prefer, but you also may not want to have sessions with people you do not know.

There is also a high chance that a regular therapy session is not something you want to be doing, even though it is a highly encouraged recovery method for some physical and mental health disorders.

Luckily, alternatives in the realm of therapy do exist and have resulted in impressive results for some patients.

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals, or ESA for short, are animal companions that act as a significant form of therapy for owners from their mere presence.

They do not need to be specially trained in any way, as they are essentially just regular domesticated pets.

The difference is how the owner interacts with them; they are not simply pets but legitimate forms of therapy for those who are recovering from health disorders.

ESAs are able to comfort and calm their owners in a way other forms of therapy cannot, making them extremely important and useful as recovery treatment.

What’s more, your options for an ESA are more varied than you might think. While you can choose a dog or a cat, other unique animals such as pigs, snakes, birds, and rabbits are also viable.

If you want to get an emotional support animal, then make sure you also have an ESA letter from EZCare Clinic. While getting an ESA is no more difficult or different than choosing a regular pet, an ESA letter is a different scenario.

These letters allow you to live in a residential complex or board an airplane without being hassled by landlords or airlines.

The letter essentially permits you access to these places because it states that the ESA is vital to your recovery.

Just so long as it is signed by a licensed doctor who has spoken with you previously, an ESA letter will make your life that much easier and better.

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Is Legit?

You have to be careful when looking for how to get an emotional support animal letter online.

Too many sites exist for the sole purpose of scamming you of your money, either with illegitimate letters, ID cards, vests, or all three, along with any other additional material they may bundle together.

One of the most common things that many of these sites share is how they provide their version of a letter: simply fill out a form, answer some questions, someone (an unknown party) will look it over and approve you, resulting in the letter.

They will never require you to speak with a licensed doctor, which is not how legal and valid ESA letters are done. Even if they mentioned licensed doctors, none of it is legit if you do not directly speak with the licensed doctor who will write you the letter. is one such website that features the previously mentioned patterns.

While you can determine their validity just through that, the more serious and notable problem is that they say you register your ESA.

If you were not sure before, this is all you really need to know to stay away.

This is because ESAs are not registered; you do not register them or provide info on them on any sort of ID card.

All you need is a document signed by a licensed doctor that states that you are recommended to have the ESA for treatment.

In fact, to further clarify, the ESA letter is not so much for them but for you the patient, so if anyone is getting registered for anything, it would be you.

How Does Compare to

With all you really do is fill out a questionnaire and wait for an unknown person’s response.

It doesn’t matter what sort of document they provide you, since you won’t be speaking directly with a licensed doctor, thus stripping it of any validity. has you speak with a licensed doctor in order to be properly provided and approved for an ESA letter.

An ESA letter from EZCare Clinic costs between $150 for either housing or travel, and $199 for both, plus $99 for annual renewal.

The reason these prices are higher than places like is that they come from a legitimate business. offers different sets at prices that range from $49 (for basic registration or letters) and $129 (for a combination they dub the Ultimate ESA Package). does what most other scam sites do: ask you to fill out a questionnaire, wait for someone to approve it, then receive a document. You can only get a physical version of the letter with the Ultimate combo package.

Not only does EZCare Clinic actually have you speak with a licensed doctor, but you can do it either in person or remotely via telehealth communication.

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