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We wrote an review for customers that have or are in contact with this company.

At EzCare Medical Clinic, we’ve talked to too many patients with emotional or mental disorders who have been scammed by fake websites. This is especially true when it comes to the area of emotional support animals (ESAs).

ESAs are pets that provide comfort and support to their owners who have mental or emotional disabilities.

The owners are eligible to get an ESA letter that allows them to keep their pets with them in housing where pets are not normally allowed and in the cabins of airlines with no additional fees.

Unfortunately, sites like are scamming people with these disorders by selling them fake or invalid letters. Here is what we found out about and why it is a scam.

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What is

The fraudulent site claims to be able to register therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support animals. It offers services such as a registration lookup, registration for different types of animals, and ID tags and vests.

This is an easy-to-spot scam as there is no registry for emotional support animals and any site that claims to be able to register them is fraudulent.

At EZCare Medical Clinic, we never claim to be able to register your ESA. We simply offer valid ESA letters so you can keep your therapeutic pet with you at all times.

Is Legit?

It is obvious that is not a legitimate site. In addition to their liberal use of the word registration, it is never stated that you will speak with a licensed physician or mental health professional to qualify for an ESA.

There is also no physical address listed on the site, nor are there costs listed. Though there is a phone number to call for customer support, our attempts to speak with someone were always met with voicemail. 

EZCare Medical Clinic never uses the word registration and has a team of licensed physicians and LMHPs that interview all patients who wish to obtain ESA letters.


officialservicedogregistry Scam Reviews

The cost of our letters is $199 and this is also listed upfront before you give us any personal information. We also have our physical location clearly listed on our website and our customer service phone number is answered seven days per week.

We offer valid ESA letters that are guaranteed and accepted by airlines and landlords in all 50 states.

We care about our patients and we do not want to see them get scammed by sites like


When you live with a mental or emotional disorder, you need to know that your request for an ESA letter will be taken seriously and that you will not waste time or money on a letter that will not be valid. is easy to spot as a scam once you know what to look for. Remember, there is no registry for ESAs and valid companies will never claim to register your pet. Look for a legitimate clinic like EZCare Medical Clinic to get your valid ESA letter and keep your therapeutic pet with you at all times. 


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