The Charisma of Spirituality by Intuitive Kaia Sinclair


Intuition is your wiser inner system that guides and cautions you. Connecting to your sixth sense puts you in an intuitive state, bringing the best of your inner-self, presenting a better picture of yourself, which enables you to easily navigate your daily life, fulfill decisions, and accomplish your dreams.

When you are connected to your intuition, you get a deeper understanding of yourself and the environment you’re in, which doesn’t come from the analytical, rational, and logical part of your brain. Intuition introduces you to the spiritual world, making you understand the meaning of things such as sensations, images, and feelings.

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Understanding Stars, Intuitions and Spirituality With Kaia Sinclair

Kaia Sinclair is a young enthusiastic intuitive who has the power to help you discern esoteric things such as soulmates, starseeds, oversouls, and loneliness. She’ll help you cultivate your intuitive skills through love and positivity so that you can combat loneliness and negativity.

As a highly creative and innovative abstract thinker, Kaia understands how to read between the lines to help you focus on your future. She knows how to use philosophy, theories, novel ideas, innovation, and experiments to help you cognize the bigger picture of your intuitions.

With Kaia Sinclair’s help, you’ll be able to move out of your toxic environment and connect with your future by becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Kaia Sinclair will also teach you astral projection, giving you the power to move out of your physical self into the astral realm.

Once you’re able to astral travel, you can always project your dreams and live your present more prolifically.

Intuition is a subconscious process in which the subconscious mind brings into your consciousness information, solutions to problems, and the understanding of how to proceed in certain situations, read between the lines to size up a situation and take intellectual leaps of faith about the meaning of things. As such, their ideas are often difficult to communicate. Intuition helps you to gain mental peace by their rare and unique powers to heal and can help you learn the secrets of the universe.

We have interviewed a young enthusiastic Intuitive, who is trying the best to heal people and make them happy by spreading positivity and love through her intuitive skills!



What made you choose astrology (In a spiritual context) as a career path? Any Inspiration?


Thanks for asking. To be honest with you, I am actually not an astrologer at all. I am not a tarot reader, either. I am more of an intuitive person that works with Egyptian and Greek Deities to try to pass on messages to my fellow humans. I do so love astrology, but I’m still learning, and I only know the basics, so I wouldn’t say I am an astrologist or even in the Astro twitter community. The inspiration for my spiritual journey hahaha? Well, a woman, a beautiful woman that is my divine counterpart, opened my eyes, and I was able to finally see the light, but after we separated, I was able to learn through experience and other people. It’s interesting with spirituality that there truly isn’t a cap to it. You can reach the depths and still not be done with it, and that’s why I love it! Because it not only shows me what I can become but what I want to compliment me as well, such as career, connections, and environment. Spirituality really is a trip. That’s also why I love fantasy movies because it’s almost exactly like that, just more modern.


What is the difference between intuition and astrology? How can they heal a person?


I mean, Intuition just comes from the mind or feeling and seeing things like ESP. It’s much different from astrology but also can line up with it as well. Astrology really is more of a science in my eyes. You use planetary aspects and transits to see how the day goes, and you can also see how it will affect others, whether the energy is heavy or not. The thing with intuition is sometimes you just know without looking it up, you just know from your mind, or you have visions or you hear what may happen or how you are feeling. It’s more about alignment with the source. Astrology, I feel, can help explain things on a deep level, but it’s logic-based, and it can also help with identifying traumas of the past while intuition can be much of anything, people with healing hands have intuition, and thus heal people through the hands. I see astrology and intuition as two halves of the same coin. The ancients were into astrology and also had intuition. It’s good to have both.



What role does astrology play in maintaining your mental health?


I mean, It’s nice to look at, but I mainly meditate and take time to myself to maintain my mental health. I like to just take time to myself when I get in a mood and really see what’s up in my mind. A lot has happened for me recently, and the main thing which really helped me on this journey has been connections and family. Sometimes, I have to just be by myself as well and just deal with that in a sense. I feel like learning astrology has helped me understand myself more and other people around me. But, I would still recommend people to see an actual therapist if needed. Hahaha, I need one!


Do you believe each zodiac sign has a different impact on each individual’s mental health?


Oh yes! Every zodiac sign handles things differently, some spazz out, some cry, some scream, some become cold and do nothing, some have sex or indulge in risky behaviors to get themselves back where they need to be and depending on the zodiac around the person like who the signs are connected too can also impact you because some zodiac signs may not understand each other like other’s can.



You’re admired by many; what are your contributions for bringing mental peace?


Am I? Lol, I don’t really see that. I just see myself as a person that likes helping people; I would say I am a teacher, a leader, a builder, and I love helping others build connections with one another, but I just want to let people know on a daily that it is absolutely okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel but you can also transmute the pain into love and pulsate the love through your body. I love it!



What are some best tips for mental calm? How can we make our mind more attuned?


Best tips? Stop taking everything so seriously;  understand that life, especially on this planet, is meant to be taken more lightly, yes we have death, but it is only on a 3D Level, after 3D death there is life in the 5D. It’s almost like living again but without limitations. We limit ourselves with our minds, and we don’t know how to use our brains to help bring on an era of peace and prosperity in our souls. I see life as something you can make, something you can rewrite if it doesn’t fit what you love. Feel nature, feel your own body and soul and really understand what you want in life instead of what you think you want. Some people will live lives for others, and those people are the most miserable at the end of the day. But it does get better! But you got to get in touch with your body through what you feel and want, like music, or drawing, or writing. Things you desire, you know? Lol, I hope that helps.


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