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Wellness & Physicals San Francisco

Everyone wants to stay healthy. However, we cannot prevent when life throws obstacles in our direction. Wellness and physical examinations, performed by medical professionals, help us keep tabs on what’s going on under the hood.

Whether it’s normal aging, an undiagnosed medical issue or even a hormonal imbalance — there’s something that can affect the health of all of us. Health problems do not discriminate and therefore adults of all ages should visit a doctor for checkups on a regular basis.

EZCare Medical Clinic provides many wellness & physical examination services. Our medical professionals are friendly, courteous and all licensed to practice with the Medical Board of California. We welcome you to our San Francisco office for any of the services listed below.

*Note that age restrictions can apply — we’re also unable to accept insurance as payment for physicals and TB tests.

Come to EzCare Medical Clinic For The Following:


General Medical Examinations

Your annual physical is something you shouldn’t ever avoid. Beyond that, we recommend you get a general medical exam done on a more frequent basis. A visit every 4-6 months will do more to ensure you keep a close eye on your body’s health and wellness. This recommendation especially applies to anyone that’s genetically predisposed to health issues like diabetes and heart problems.

Sports Physicals

Physicals aren’t just for the average Joes either. Athletes need these examinations to ensure they don’t overwork themselves when in an injury-prone state. Even if you don’t play at the professional level your health is still in question. Some signs of health problems aren’t so easy to notice, such as low blood pressure or an elevated heart rate. These simple signs can be picked up at a medical examination and by finding out sooner you’ll have more control over the underlying condition

Camp Physicals

Due to the nature of certain camp activities, you might need to pass a physical examination before you can attend. Our walk-in clinic will provide that examination and help you get the clearance you need.

DOT Physicals

EZCare Clinic complies with FMCSA’s guidelines when it comes to DOT physicals. We’re able to provide an exam that will be respected by the DOT. This examination checks your vision, hearing, blood pressure, pulse rate and general physical factors. A urinalysis is also done to check for diabetes and other underlying disorders.

When visiting our clinic for this exam, be prepared to supply a list of all of your medication, who prescribed it and what dosage levels you take. Also bring documentation on medical problems, such as hearing problems, sight issues or heart disorders. If you’re diabetic, also bring us your blood sugar logs and your latest HbAIC lab result.


Contraceptive Care

Are you looking for contraceptive care measures to prevent yourself from getting pregnant? Our friendly doctors will help you determine the best medication for you. Book an appointment and let us know what types of contraceptives you’ve been prescribed in the past. We’ll also look at your medical history and determine which contraceptive medication is most likely to give you little to no side effects.

Ear Wax Removal

An accumulation of ear wax in the ear canal is an issue that can cause hearing loss. We provide ear wax removal services for those that suffer from wax buildup. Many techniques might be used to make this happen, ranging from scraping to gently washing and sometimes softening with drops. We’ll also provide you with advice on how to keep your ear canal clean without causing any damage.

Epinephrine Injection Pen Refills

Epinephrine injection pen refills are available at EZCare Clinic’s San Francisco location. You can walk-in or make an appointment with us ahead of time to set yourself up for a refill. We know how important it is to keep properly stocked on epinephrine injections. If you’re ever about to run out, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Eyelash Lengthening Consultation

Our doctors are capable of assessing your eyelash situation. Upon determination, if lengthening seems suitable for you, we can also prescribe LATISSE. This prescription treatment is the first of its kind, FDA-approved and capable of fixing eyelash shortage.


We’re able to provide malaria prevention assistance before you travel to a foreign country. Antimalarial medications can be prescribed before your trip to help your system block out malaria if you come into contact with it during your travels. Make sure to come in early as you’ll want to spend at least a few weeks on the medication before leaving so your body has adapted to it. We’ll work with you to determine which particular antimalarial medication will provide you personally the best results.

Motion Sickness Prevention

Do you regularly suffer from motion sickness when traveling? Or, is it a symptom of your pregnancy? In either circumstance, our doctors are able to provide personalized solutions to help you prevent it from recurring. We’ll also advise on non-prescription medication that might help you and write prescriptions when needed.

One-Time Medication Renewal

Many circumstances can occur that prevent you from getting to your doctor in time to refill your regular prescription. We offer one-time refills in the event that you need a fast fix. Whether you’re stuck between appointments or here on vacation, we’ll be able to help.

Pregnancy Tests

Do you believe you might be pregnant? Come to our walk-in clinic and get tested by a medical professional. We have the most accurate pregnancy tests in stock. Don’t trust what a random store-bought test says if you’re uncertain. We’ll help you reach a definite conclusion on whether you actually are pregnant or not.

Smoking Cessation Program

We provide personalized solutions for those that are trying to quit smoking. Our customized plans include many options, from counseling and therapy to prescription medication. We’ve successfully assisted many San Francisco patients quit their horrible habit. If this is something you’re facing, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. We’ll help make it easier for you to “overcome the odds” and drop the habit for good.

TB Testing

At EZCare Clinic we can test for TB bacteria. This test will help you determine whether you’ve been exposed to tuberculosis, a very contagious bacterial infection and airborne disease. We’ll help with treating it and getting you healthy again if your TB test comes back positive. Please remember that this procedure is not payable with insurance.

Weight Loss Programs

Our specialist weight loss doctors can do wonders for your fat burning goals. We start by consulting you and determining your current health, weight loss barriers, lifestyle, etc. Then, we’ll develop a personalized weight loss program for you to follow.

Our clinic provides recommendations for over-the-counter medication that can help with weight loss. Further, we can prescribe weight loss medication such as Lipo-B injections, phentermine pills, and HCG injections. Some less serious prescriptions we can provide include choline, inositol, l-carnitine, methionine and vitamin B complex (some of these are available as OTC supplements).

Weight loss is a very finicky subject. The best course of action depends on many different factors. We recommend you speak with one of our doctors to determine what will create the greatest results for you personally. Everything from genetics to medical history comes into play when deciding what weight loss treatments are both safe and effective for a patient.

Beyond our basic treatment solutions, we will also offer to counsel through our cognitive behavioral therapy program. We provide a hands-on approach and do everything we can to help you get into a fit body and, more importantly, a healthy lifestyle.

Please note that we do not blindly prescribe weight loss drugs to new patients. Everyone comes to us for an initial consultation where we assess their physical health. If no apparent conditions or medical conflicts are present, we’ll recommend the prescription treatments that are deemed as necessary for your situation.

In the most severe circumstances, when a lot of weight needs to be lost, that’s when we might recommend phentermine (a super powerful appetite suppressant), HCG injections or Lipo-B shots

Come to EZCare Clinic Today!

EZCare Clinic is centrally located in San Francisco. We’re on Market St and located just a few blocks from the San Francisco Armory. For scheduling purposes, you can head to our Appointments page or give us a call at (415) 966-0848…we’re open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm and always ready and eager to help!



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Joshua Korbel
Joshua Korbel
23:34 04 Jan 18
This clinic is very professional. My Dr. Is attentive, understanding and professional. The treatment plan has been working great for me. There's a guy in the front office, I think his name is Eddie, he is very knowledgeable,friendly and super helpful. I had some questions regarding paperwork, he went out of his way to explain everything to me and prevented me from making a mistake I would have seriously regretted. Thanks Eddie!read more
Gabriela Revilla
Gabriela Revilla
20:32 31 May 18
Went in for services and were quick and attentive. Saw a physician quickly and got everything taken care of. Great place to go!read more
David L.
David L.
2023-03-18 12:12:47
TL DR: I PAID $200 for ADHD evaluation and prescription in January... it's deep into March, and still no PRESCRIPTION or updates on my EVALUATION.It's been...read more
Jamal G.
Jamal G.
2023-03-09 16:01:54
The customer service is great it took a little while for my meds to be sent but everything else is fine