Gout Pain Relief

Gout Pain Treatment

Gout is joint condition that produces pain and inflammation from the excess uric acid that crystallizes in the blood. Gout is a type of arthritis that typically affects people 40 years or older also called gouty arthritis. Gout can produce symptoms such as pain, hot sensation, and swollen joints. Most people develop gout in their big toe and then it spreads to other parts of the foot and eventually to nearby joints. Depending on your condition, the doctors at EZCare Clinic may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to eliminate the pressure on the joints and reduce pain. Patients with chronic Gout may see an improvement in their symptoms through a customized health plan that may include diet changes, limited exercise, and decreased alcohol consumption to help decrease gout symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with gout, we may be able to help by providing a personalized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle. To learn more about how we can help you with gout pain relief, call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco at (415) 966-0848 to schedule an appointment today for a consultation.

Patients with the following may be directed to another healthcare setting:

  • Severe pain
  • Fever

What to Expect at Your Visit

  • No appointment necessary. Walk-in patients accepted.
  • Depending on your age, treatment at EZCare Clinic may vary.
  • Patients who experience severe shortness of breath or trouble breathing should visit the emergency room.
  • Sign-in at the front desk and be sure to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Our doctors will review your medical history and will talk about your allergy symptoms with you before conducting a physical examination.
  • Following testing, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and allergy needs.
  • Once your visit is complete, you may pick up a full summary of your condition and prescription at the front desk.


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