Emotional Support Animal in Temple, TX

Legitimate Emotional Support Animal documentation from licensed doctors provided by EZCare Clinic in Temple.
If you have a medical condition, you can be recommended with an emotional support pet document in Texas from a licensed practitioner. This certificate will permit you to bring your animal with you on airplane cabins and to housing complexes that would otherwise charge you an extra fee. EZCare Clinic can provide you this prescription from a licensed practitioner, who will be able to approve having your animal as part of your mental or emotional health treatment, whether it’s an emotional support cat or snake. EZCare Clinic’s MDs are available on both Saturday and Sunday.


Speak securely with an MD via Telehealth video and phone communication.


Guaranteed 100% refund if your letter is not accepted.


We can be reached 7 days a week from 9am-9pm.

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Emotional Support Animal in Texas


Once you have spoken with an MD via Telehealth you are then able to receive a valid ESA letter online. Same day appointments during business hours available.


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Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Temple, TX



Residents of Temple are able to get one ESA certificate either for housing or for travel. If you do not have either one of these, you may be charged extra fees for having your ESA with you.



Coverage for both housing and travel. Includes support for 12 months, reduced pricing for annual renewals, unlimited revisions for documentation, and extra paperwork at no additional cost. Money back guarantee!



Allows Temple patients to renew their certificate, including both housing and travel. ESA letters only last for 12 months, so always be sure to renew before it’s too late.

Common Problems Temple Pet Owners Face

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas


Americans with disabilities regularly have to argue their way into a building or plane.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas


This is the extra fee or pet fee you would pay to fly with your pet.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas


This is the extra fee you would pay to live with your pet.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas


Leaving them at home alone when you travel or go to work can negatively impact the relationship.

ESA Letter Benefits

Oh, how those purrs and barks can be soothing! How those soulful puppy eyes can still be raging emotions and negative thoughts! Emotional support animals are a source of hope and the possibility of a happy life despite a mental health diagnosis. They are as helpful as service animals for individuals with disabilities. An ESA helps you travel and live with ESA animals anywhere and anytime. They save you from “no pet allowed” restrictions and hefty pet fees.


It has never been easier to get a legit ESA letter in Temple, Texas. A licensed mental Health Professional issues the EZCare Clinic ESA letter. The application is made securely online. The freedom to travel and live with an emotional support animal is well recognized and respected by laws such as the fair housing act and the air carrier access act. The only requirement is that the letter is issued and signed by a licensed mental health practitioner. With this letter, you can sue anyone that tries to separate you from the animal.


At EZCare Clinic, we do a secure evaluation online to assess your needs. Start the process here. We don’t waste your time. After the evaluation, we’ll review your case on the same day. If your health needs qualify for an ESA, we will send an authenticated ESA letter to you immediately. But the transaction doesn’t end there. For the entire period that you will use our ESA letter, you can enjoy our proactive customer service and communication. We are available 7days a week to offer you any support you need with our ESA letter.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas

#1 ESA Dog Temple


You have heard of service dogs, therapy dogs, and guide dogs. But there are also ESA dogs, and they are popular among people with mental health conditions in Temple. Dogs are loyal, and they pull their weight around the home.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas

#2 ESA Cat


Cats are Zen masters. Every moment spent with them is a lesson about stillness, patience, and calmness. Their purrs and petting their smooth furs can be the best cure for loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Emotional Support Animal in Temple, Texas

#3 ESA Temple


You may never be allowed to have a rabbit as a service animal, but by all means, you can have it as an ESA animal. Rabbits may be hard to train, but they are funny creatures. They are cute and easy to maintain.

Temple ESA Documentation Coupons and Promo Codes

All residents of Temple can apply one of the following discounts at their ESA application page.

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