Mental Health Insurance
Coverage at EZCare

We aim to offer the best online therapy covered by insurance and prescription management, making mental health treatment more accessible and more affordable. Now, EZCare Clinic collaborates with several insurance providers to ensure that your path to relief is smooth and convenient.

The development in the medical field has succeeded in making mental health treatment a crucial part of healthcare. This has resulted in more people coming out and speaking of the mental challenges they are going through. And EZCare Clinic is there to help overcome such issues.

We offer personalized treatment for ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. You can get online prescriptions and attend therapy at EZCare Clinic covered by insurance.

EZCare Clinic Insurance

Several insurance providers are at the forefront of advocating for mental wellness by covering mental therapy and medication management

EZCare Clinic: Insurance Coverage Options

The following insurance companies work with EZCare Clinic, by state:
Our collaboration with these insurers is to make therapy and pharmacological mental health treatment more affordable for our patients and their loved ones. The customer support team will help you confirm insurance eligibility and book an appointment and will guide you through the whole treatment process

Haven’t found your insurer or state?

We are working on expanding our network of insurance companies that cover mental health treatment. Keep in touch so as not to miss important news about new partnership programs!

We Work with the Best

At EZCare, we offer insurance coverage for mental health treatment because we want to make online therapy sessions and medication management cheaper and more accessible to everyone. This is a more detailed overview of the insurance providers that offer EZCare Clinic therapy covered by insurance:

AETNA Insurance

AETNA offers various medical plans to its clients, some of which cover mental health therapy. AETNA Insurance’s mental health provider has a subsidiary known as AETNA Behavioral Health. This subsidiary’s website provides the general public with information on the insurance policy and offers support to existing and new members. The Aetna health insurance for telehealth allows its users to:

Humana Insurance

Humana Insurance provides a wide range of medical plans to their beneficiaries to aid healthy lives across all generations. They have a subsidiary known as Humana Behavioral Health that offers therapy plans via the management of the therapist network. Every Humana medical plan comes with a document with a summary of how it works and the benefits provided to make it easier for its users to choose a viable plan.

Tricare Insurance

Tricare offers coverage for both traditional and telemedicine services that address mental conditions and substance use. Some of the services that beneficiaries of this insurance can access are Opioid Treatment Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, psychotherapy, crisis management, Medication Assisted treatment, group therapy, and medication management. 

Tricare has been at the forefront of offering war veterans and soldiers on active duty help and assistance to address issues like depression and PTSD. The company has several medical plans, and each of them is inclusive of mental health therapy.

Get help at EZCare Clinic with or without insurance.

Here Is How It Works

When patients seek help at EZCare Clinic, there is a simple process to follow. The three main steps are next:

Complete an Eligibility Check
If you want to use your health insurance for mental health coverage, you have to start with an eligibility check. You can ask the support team for help. You will be told about the amount you can save with your insurance plan. Otherwise, you still can receive high-quality care without insurance.

Go Through a Brief Assessment
After signing up, you will be asked a few questions needed to assess your symptoms. The questions cover the topics of your medical history, symptoms, and current medication prescriptions if any. This evaluation helps us to get a scope of your mental health and choose the best therapy technique and medicines.

Book an Appointment
EZCare Clinic has a big team of doctors specializing in different conditions. They do their best to develop a suitable treatment plan for every patient, and the sessions are always based on trust and openness. Book an appointment choosing from the available dates and time slots to get prescription management and online therapy covered by insurance.

Start Ongoing Therapy
Follow the treatment plan developed by the doctor. It may be short-term or long-term and include online therapy sessions covered by insurance, medication management, or both elements. We aim to help our patients not just manage the symptoms but also find the root causes of the condition and correct them.

A Quick Guide on Using
Your Insurance at EZCare Clinic

When choosing the best online medical insurance, one needs to understand its terms. And if you plan to attend online counseling or receive prescriptions online, remember to ask your provider if telemedicine is covered by the insurance you selected. Knowing the details of the insurance company’s policy and the process of submitting a claim for reimbursement helps one navigate their insurance simpler.
Understanding Your Policy

Insurance companies operate differently. Some of them cover all online mental health medication and substance abuse treatment, others cover partial treatment for mental therapy, and others cover only physical therapy. For example, receiving anxiety medication online with insurance is one of the leading mental health medication services provided by insurers.

It is crucial for one to read the policy of the insurance provider before signing an agreement with them. The policy should also be able to explain the limits of mental health coverage, and all the necessary steps to follow for reimbursement. Before going for treatment, it is crucial to understand this process.

Submitting Claim for Reimbursement
Although federal and state laws help patients access mental health therapy, some insurance providers do not cover the treatment cost if they believe that the treatment is not a medical necessity. A letter from the doctor in charge can help the patient claim reimbursement from the insurance provider. Insurance companies require their clients to submit medical records for reimbursement both for the services held in offline clinics and via telemedicine. One needs to seek advice from a health insurance professional to understand the reimbursement process or follow the insurer’s instructions attentively step-by-step and collect all the necessary documentation. Whether one attended a talk therapy session or has received online mental health medication with insurance, digital records are provided for the services. You can also contact our support team to get answers to the key questions about reimbursement.

Benefits of Working With EZCare

Mental health professionals at EZCare Clinic treat various mental conditions and have a good reputation in doctor-patient relationships. Working with the EZCare clinic comes with several benefits.

Professional Staff

The doctors and staff at EZCare Clinic are professional, experienced, and devoted to treating ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and provide letters for emotional support animals. Our mental health experts also go to all lengths to ensure that every patient is treated equally with respect despite age, gender, financial ability, race, or color.

Telehealth Mental Therapy Sessions

For the patients who find it more comfortable to get help online or cannot make it to the clinic, EZCare offers telemedicine sessions. Various pieces of research have shown that online mental care is as effective as traditional one, and therapists ensure the sessions are effective fostering a clear line of communication. Also, telehealth is commonly covered by insurance

Affordable Prices

Your mental health is as vital as physical health. EZCare provides affordable medical plans and chooses board-certified professionals to help people overcome their conditions. Patients start with an initial visit and can use the benefits of a flexible system of follow-up visits according to the personal treatment plan and can attend therapy online covered by insurance.

Integrative Medicine

EZCare Clinic is committed to continue growing and develop in terms of diagnostics and treatment techniques. The human body is dynamic, and new conditions are being discovered as well as ways to address them.

Mental Health Care Insurance

EZCare Clinic focuses on making mental health care accessible to all. Therefore, the clinic collaborates with health insurance firms such as Humana, Tricare and AETNA to offer cheap and efficient treatment for mental health and drug abuse disorders.

Various Modes of Payment

We embrace different modes of payment and ensure that every patient’s needs are met. EZCare Clinic accepts insurance plans, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Our Services

We use the skills and expertise of licensed doctors to meet the needs of our patients. The clinic offers online sessions, including psychotherapy and consultations with prescribers covered by insurance. Some of the most common services provided at the clinic are:
If you are looking for a mental health facility with licensed doctors who will take care of your needs, EZCare Clinic is the right option for you. Contact us at 415(966)-0848 and talk to our professionals. We offer different medical services and have various medical plans that also fall under EZCare Clinic insurance coverage. Our staff will help you pick the right plan for you.

Meet Our Team of Board-Certified Doctors

Get the quality help you deserve from therapists who accept insurance for online talk therapy sessions and medication management. Receive a personalized treatment plan and beat depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

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