What Is L-Arginine and What Does It Do? 8 Benefits!



Your body is made up of many different components, all of which work to help you have the healthiest body possible.

Arginine has many benefits including, blood pressure control. Click the button below to schedule your appointment and let our experts guide you regarding your health. 


Various parts work in conjunction with one another to provide you with helpful blood cells and hormones that keep you functioning properly.

Many of these things that make up your immune and nervous systems combine and change their functions to make sure everything in the human body is working as intended.


Amino Acids

Among the many different systems in the body, amino acids are major compounds that have a hand in nearly everything that goes on.

They help the body from proteins, which means allowing the body to grow, heal, and break down food. This also means amino acids can break down and serve as energy.

Amino acids come in three categories:

  • Essential
  • Nonessential
  • Conditional

Essential amino acids have to come from food; nonessential amino acids do not have to come from food, meaning our bodies can produce them.

Conditional amino acids tend to only come in handy if our body needs them, such as when we are ill. Having a healthy variety in your diet contributes to this balance of amino acids.

There are also different ways to make sure you get the right kind of protein, in case your diet does not feature certain food groups.


Benefits of L-Arginine


What Is L-Arginine?

Arginine, also known as L-arginine, is an a-amino acid that can be found in most food and can be synthesized within the body. It can be classified as both essential and conditional, as arginine can be supplied by the foods we eat, supplements are taken, and within our bodies.

How we get arginine and in what quantities varies; some people have no problems getting arginine or don’t need more, while others need it for growth purposes, or may have a very rare deficiency.

Most people who get arginine will have it in them already just from their regular diet. It’s not uncommon in the slightest and helps widen and relax your blood vessels by helping create nitric oxide.

In addition to that, arginine also helps the body heal its wounds, which is part of what makes it a semi-essential amino acid. It can also help you with your immune system, which means it will keep you healthy in a regular capacity.

Even though arginine is easily gained from the body and the foods we eat, it can also be taken as a supplement.

Arginine is helpful due to its wide range of benefits– Click the button below to schedule your appointment with an expert.


This makes sense if you are low on arginine for whatever reason, but if you want or need more, it can be helpful.

However, it is important to know that taking in more arginine in supplement form can cause side effects, such as an upset stomach.

However, these side-effects are unlikely if you try to get more arginine via food.

Since adults tend to get arginine from the foods they eat, you want to make sure you get certain foods in your diet.

These include meats like turkey, chicken, and pork; you can also eat soybeans and peanuts, along with dairy products. No matter your diet, you should be able to get enough arginine in your diet with the variety of foods that provide it.


What Does L-Arginine Do Sexually?

Among the benefits of increased arginine is improving the sexual health of men with erectile dysfunction. While not a hard science, it has been said and proven to different degrees that arginine can help those with ED.

Ideally, since arginine helps widen the blood vessels, it allows for better blood flow throughout the body. Better and healthier blood flow through the arteries means more blood flow to the penis, thus a better chance of having a healthy and normal erection.

That said, arginine on its own does not necessarily improve erectile dysfunction completely.

It does keep you healthy and promote blood flow, but no concrete scientific evidence proves it will fully cure you of ED. However, there are some combinations with arginine that do help.

If your ED is not too severe, you can combine an arginine supplement with yohimbine hydrochloride. A more potent mix is arginine and Pycnogenol, which is a supplement made from pine tree bark (Pycnogenol is the registered trademarked name).


Side Effects of L-Arginine
What Are the Side Effects of L-Arginine?


A study demonstrated improvement in the erections of men ranging several ages; the combination of the two supplements also did not cause side-effects common in ED medication.


L-Arginine Benefits

Due to its nature as an amino acid, arginine can do a lot more for the body than you might think. 


1. Keeps You Young

Arginine can help ward off premature aging since it increases the release of HGH from the pituitary gland. HGH is the human growth hormone and is also known as an anti-aging hormone.  


2. Heart Health

Arginine improves blood circulation, helps prevent atherosclerosis, boost nitric oxide levels, prevents abnormal blood clotting, reverses coronary heart disease, lowers high blood pressure, reduces the chance of stroke, protects against heart attacks, and improves heart failure.


3. Digestive Health

Arginine decreases the incidence of gallstones, reduces constipation, alleviates ulcerative colitis, improves irritable bowel syndrome, and reduces ulcers.


4. Immune System Health

Arginine helps to prevent bacterial & viral diseases, blocks the formation of some cancers, counteracts inflammation, accelerates the ability of the immune system to recover from surgery, and boosts the immune system in general to more youthful levels.


5. Metabolism

Arginine lowers cholesterol levels, reduces insulin resistance, improves and may prevent diabetes, improves asthma, detoxifies the liver, alleviates cirrhosis, and helps with weight loss.


6. Nervous System Health

Arginine improves memory and cognitive function and helps ward off Alzheimer’s.


7. Musculoskeletal System Health

Arginine helps fractures heal faster, facilitates muscle growth, improves muscle strength and performance, and prevents osteoporosis.  


8. Skin and Hair

Arginine helps to prevent or reduce male pattern baldness, improves skin, and helps wounds heal faster.

Arginine helps to improve your health in general– Click the button below to schedule your appointment with an expert.


Whether as a supplement or from the foods you eat, arginine is an important element in our bodies. If you feel like you could benefit from more arginine, get in touch with EZCare Clinic.

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