How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors’ Offices

Walk-In Clinics


The popularity and prevalence of walk-in medical facilities have increased immensely in recent years, as people are searching for more affordable and efficient ways to get the treatment and care that they require.

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As these clinics become more commonly used, it is crucial for patients to understand the differences that exist between going to walk-in, and going to a physician’s office.

In doing so, there are an array of factors that go into knowing the distinctions between the two, whether this includes the type of ailment or illness or the atmosphere of each specific location itself.

In order to shed light on how each one differs from the other, the below will provide insight into the specifics that you should know when considering either a walk-in or a traditional doctors’ office.


Minor vs Major Ailments or Illnesses

This is probably one of the foremost ways in which a walk-in clinic is different from a traditional physician’s office.

Sure, it is commonly known that minor ailments or injuries, can be resolved by walk-ins, such as:

This includes contraceptive care, motion sickness medication, screenings and physicals, and a vast array of other problems that are not chronic or life-threatening to the patient that is seeking the care.

However, when it comes to dealing with more serious or chronic conditions of a patient, walk-in clinics are often not equipped to handle the illnesses in this regard.

This is due to the fact that the individuals that staff these clinics, although prepared to deal with minor problems, cannot make definitive decisions when it comes to more serious ailments felt by patients.

As a result, these such conditions may require the patient to seek the attention of a traditional physician, and thus require the patient to go to a doctor’s office in order to seek treatment for their problem.


Walk-in Clinic
Conditions Treated at a Walk-In Clinic


Walk-Ins Are More Time & Cost-Efficient

Two things that are apparent when considering a traditional doctors’ office include the time it takes during the visit itself, as well as the cost that is attributed to seeing the general physician.

When it comes to the time, horror stories of doctor visits provide insight into the hours of wait that often accompany the visit, regardless of the appointment time that a patient may have been given.

Furthermore, the costs that are tied to seeing a traditional physician are also quite heavy and can dissuade individuals from getting the care that they need.

Walk-in clinics are advantageous in this regard because they provide quick and affordable care to patients with minor illnesses. Generally speaking, patients can be in and out of their treatment in under an hour and be on their way.

Additionally, these walk-ins tend to be more transparent and cost-effective with the prices that they charge, making it more feasible for individuals to seek the treatment and solutions they may need.


Staffed by Nurse Practitioners or Physicians Assistants

One thing that is an important differentiating factor between walk-ins and traditional doctor’s offices is that the former is not necessarily staffed with general physicians themselves.

Rather, the nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are often those who see and treat patients at walk-ins, as opposed to a specific doctor.

Although this may seem daunting to some, when it comes to minor ailments, NPs and PAs are more than knowledgeable and trained to provide the treatment necessary.

Simultaneously, they are able to prescribe medications and other treatments as they deem fit for the specific illness that an individual might be undergoing at the time.


Both Can Prescribe, but Walk-ins Usually Have Pharmacies On-Site

Another difference between doctor’s offices and walk-in clinics is that, although both institutions can provide patients with prescriptions for their medications, the traditional physician’s office generally does not have a pharmacy on-site.

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The convenience of walk-ins is that they can provide the prescription for the treatment that a patient needs, and the patient can then go and fill their prescription in a location that is either specifically on-site or in very close proximity to the clinic.

In this sense, those who are on a time crunch may benefit more from going to a walk-in clinic to get their issues treated and get the medication they need in a more efficient and effective manner.


Walk-In Clinic Benefits
Benefits of a Walk-In Clinic


Traditional Doctors’ Require Appointments

As walk-ins continue to gain popularity throughout the United States, and traditional doctors’ offices become an inconvenience to go to, it is crucial for individuals to understand the overarching differences between each, in order to make the best decision for themselves.

The distinctions above provide insight into the broader factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to go to a walk-in or if a visit to a traditional doctor is a more practical option for them.

Either way, arming oneself with the knowledge will open up options and opportunities, and ensure that the care that is received is the most beneficial for the specific individual and circumstance they are going through.

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One of the prominent differences between the walk-in clinics and general practitioners is that the latter requires appointments to be made ahead of time, whereas the former does not.

When someone is coming down with a common cold or flu and can feel the symptoms arising, quick and efficient care is the best way to ensure that the illness does not take full control of the body and cause an individual to become sick.

However, with traditional doctor’s offices, making an appointment can mean not being able to get the attention needed in a timely manner, which may cause the sickness to kick into full swing before the appointment arises.

With walk-ins, patients can seek the care that they needed immediately after feeling any of these symptoms, and hopefully resolve the problem before it becomes a major issue for them.

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  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Stephanie Macias

    February 20, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    ONE WORD! A M A Z I N G! Couldn’t be happier with this clinic. They provide an extremely extensive list of services and i get to go whenever i want. I have been to a new doctor’s office every single time I’ve needed anything and don’t get me wrong the first visit is always great, getting a follow-up appointment is what’s the problem. With EZCare it’s completely different because they are a walk-in clinic near me with convenient hours of operation which is totally great. I’m sure that other Walk-in Clinics might have these perks as well but keep in mind that not all walk-in clinics treat their patients with the same professionalism this clinic has provided to me which i’m sure they have provided to all their other patents as well. All and all great team; i WILL be coming back!


  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Karen Melgarejo

    February 23, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    I came to this walk-in clinic because I had been feeling awful for the past few weeks and had no idea what was wrong. I tried everything from vitamins to teas and even a few home remedies and nothing helped me. I decided to come in to this clinic because It was a clinic near me and I was promised I’d be seen almost immediately and from the moment I walked in the staff was very nice and patient with me. Dr. Daniels saw me right away which was great because I was feeling awful! She found the problem right away and prescribed me the meds I needed to get me going. Thanks to her I feel a lot better and am now back to work. Thank you EZCare for the hospitality and understanding. I definitely recommend this place if you want to be treated as a priority and efficiently.


  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Eleanor Simmons

    February 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Honestly, I have always hated Doctors’ offices. Appointment must always be made prior to being seen by the physician and by the time you can get an appointment you’re either already getting better or no longer feeling as sick as the first day. Since I decided to turn a new leaf and try a Walk-In Clinic I have been nothing else but happy. Everytime I’m feeling under the weather I just show up to the clinic and I’m seen by the doctor almost immediately. I also love the fact that you can save money at a Walk-In Clinic and their hours of operation are pretty convenient for my schedule. I understand why the evolution of Walk-In clinics has progressed so much, It’s because they provide the same services (If not more) than traditional Doctor’s offices. If you are looking to get rapid medical help maybe it’s time you should consider a Walk-in Clinic. Preferably EZCare this place is great!


  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Luis Vasquez

    March 1, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    I went to the ezcare walk-in clinic because of the great reviews on Yelp and was not disappointed! This clinic strikes a nice balance between between efficiency and caring of their patients. I felt that the doctor was very professional and at the same time really considerate about me and my health concerns. The staff were kind and professional and you save money at this walk-in clinic, Prices are super transparent. It doesn’t get any better than this ezcare is the way to go.


  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Ellie Calderon

    March 8, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    I needed a prescription refill as my previous doctor had retired and closed down his clinic. I decided to give PlushCare a try as the service looked to be more affordable, faster, and easier than going into a local clinic. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations.

    Making an appointment was easy using the EZCare’s website. I checked to make sure my issue was on their extensive list of services. I then clicked on the “Online Visit” button. This brought up a page with times available for an appointment. I clicked through to book the appointment. My credit card was charged. I received an email confirming my appointment saying the doctor will be calling me at the appointment time.

    One hour before the appointment time, I received a call from an EZCare staff member telling me that in California, a video consultation was required instead of a telephone consultation. She emailed me a link to download the Zenmd app. I logged in using my email and a password that I created.

    At exactly my appointment time, Dr. Boudreau gave me a call through the app. I enjoyed my interaction with the Doctor as she was personable, knowledgeable, took the time to discuss my issue, and sent the Letter of recommendation right away.

    Overall, I enjoyed my experience using EZCare. It was cost efficient, easy, fast, and a pleasant experience. I would definitely use them again, as long as my issue is on their list of what they treat and I don’t need the doctor to interact with me physically. On this consult, I saved lots of transportation time, waiting time, and money. It took the hassle out of my having to visit a doctor or clinic.


  • How Walk-In Clinics Differ From Traditional Doctors
    Amanda Drew

    July 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    That’s really cool that walk-ins tend to have pharmacies on-site. I’ve recently moved to a new area, and I’ve got this headache I can’t shake. It seems like it’d be a good idea for me to find a walk-in medical clinic to go to.


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