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What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

For those who suffer from physical or mental health disorders, finding the right kind of recovery can be very difficult. Prescription pills are common, but they are not always safe or the right choice. Everyone is different and reacts to medicine in their own ways, so pills and other forms do not work for everyone. Therapy is usually recommended along with prescription medicine, but even this is not always helpful. While speaking with someone is important and vital to recovery, it does not always get the job done in a way that fully helps the person. In these cases, the patient may look elsewhere for recovery or for alternative medicine that can help them in ways more traditional medicine cannot.

Emotional support animals are an alternative form of therapy for people who have physical or health disorders. Whether it’s a dog, cat, pig, or snake, an ESA provides immense comfort and ease for their owners. They do not do this in any particular way; their presence is all that is needed for the owners to receive the effects of the treatment. This is why an ESA may not appear special on the surface because they’re just being themselves (a domesticated pet) is really all that they need to be. What does make them special is the relationship they share with their owners, who do not simply view them as pets. For those who have ESAs, they know that they can not go a day without them, as they are vital to their recovery and well being.

Due to how important ESAs are, EZCare Clinic offers owners the chance to get an officially signed emotional support animal letter. If you want to travel or look for a new place to live, you will want to be with your ESA every step of the way. But it’s very easy for airlines and landlords to not allow animals of any kind, regardless of the situation. This is why ESA letters are so vital, as they provide a valid and legal reason for why you must always have your animal companion with you at all times. With this document, not only will airlines and landlords allow you to keep your ESA, but you will not be charged any additional fees for doing so. You will have peace of mind when making your next trip or when looking for a new place to live. As long as the ESA letter comes from a legitimate business that has you speak directly with a licensed doctor, you will have nothing to worry about.

Is FreeMyPaws.com A Scam?read freemypaws.com reviews

Getting a genuine emotional support animal letter is important because it is very easy to come across fraudulent websites online that are only in the business of scamming people. These sites take advantage of those who don’t know better and don’t know what to look out for when browsing online for an ESA letter.

Many of these scam sites follow patterns that can be easily identified once you have seen enough of them. FreeMyPaws.com is no exception, as it provides some of the most egregious examples of this. For starters, the most obvious sign of these misleading sites is the way they provide you the letter. First, you fill out a questionnaire, then wait for someone to look it over, after which you will be approved for a letter. One of the interesting differences with FreeMyPaws is that they claim a therapist will contact you via telephone once your form has been looked over.

FreeMyPaws.com likes to bundle service animals and emotional support animals together, which is highly problematic because these two are not the same thing. In the realm of getting any type of documentation, for example, what you would get for a service animal differs from that of an ESA. This is because service animals are trained and registered because they help their owners with very specific tasks. Since an ESA is essentially just a regular animal companion to everyone except the owner, nothing more is needed other than a letter from a licensed doctor.

However, FreeMyPaws wants to make you think you need so much more than just an ESA letter, which is where things get really weird. To set the scene, there are a variety of products sold on their site that are supposed to cater to Emotional Support Animal owners, but the two most important are the ID kits and “Therapist Reference Letter.” The kits come with a vest, ID cards, tags, and a certificate; contrary to what you might think, that certificate is apparently not the letter. Plenty of other sites would be more than pleased with just selling you that kit and calling it a day, but that’s not how Free My Paws plays it. They actually have a separate product (the therapist letter) which is the actual ESA letter. The product page for this is actually where it is stated you would be speaking with a therapist via the phone. Why they would try to sell you both of these is any one’s guess, until you remember they take advantage of people’s ignorance when it comes to ESA letters. Many who might visit this site and this product page won’t realize the difference of having one or the other (or both), so Free My Paws takes the risk and sells both to the same potential customers. Even though one of these products would render the other useless, it doesn’t matter because it’s likely the person purchasing one or the other (or both) doesn’t know any better.

Two more quick things to point out about FreeMyPaws.com is the lack of a physical address and the fact that they claim you can register your ESA. Let it be known that you cannot nor do you ever register your animal companion as an ESA. This is not something that exists; if any of these sites ever makes the claim or implication that your ESA must be registered, stay far away. As for the physical address, any legitimate business should have one, so for it to be missing completely on their website is another red flag.

How Does FreeMyPaws.com Compare To EZCareClinic.com?

It should be no surprise that EZCareClinic is the clear winner versus FreeMyPaws.com, from the way you get your letter to the customer support we provide for each of our patients. While FreeMyPaws just has you fill out a form and maybe speak with someone, EZCare always has you speak with a licensed doctor who will be able to properly evaluate you. Instead of useless ID kits and questionable letters, EZCare can get you an official ESA document both electronically and physically that comes with full customer support and renewal discounts.

FreeMyPaws kits go for $49 to $139, depending on how much money you want to throw away on useless accessories; their “Therapist Reference Letter” sells for $125. EZCare Clinic doctors consultation costs $150 for a basic package and $199 for the full ESA package which includes all additional paperwork you might need for 12 months. These letters come with full customer support, renewal discounts, document additions, and revisions.

If you don’t want to get scammed by one of the many websites out there, then make your appointment with EZCare Clinic. Call us or visit our appointments webpage today.

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