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How It Works

Application and Processing in 3 Simple Steps!

EZCare offers you a personalized treatment plan that includes an emotional support animal California letter sent by email or postal mail.

Emotional Support Animal California

Step 1

Book an Appointment

Your journey to own an Emotional Support Animal California as per California emotional support animal laws starts with the first appointment. No traveling is involved.

Emotional Support Animal California

Step 2

Speak to our LMHP

We will connect you straightaway to a licensed mental health practitioner. In under 5 minutes, they’ll ascertain whether you are a good candidate for emotional support animal registration California.

Emotional Support Animal California

Step 3

Get Your ESA Letter

You directly qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter California if you have a mental health condition that significantly impacts your life.

Why Choose Us?

Over 65,000+ Clients have improved their Mental Health with EZCare Clinic

EZCare has helped thousands of people get the Emotional Support Animal letter California.

emotional support animal laws

Advantages of an ESA Letter

100% Certified Letters by Licensed Therapists

ESA letters show that your pet helps you deal with psychological health issues. They are a ticket to live or travel anywhere with your ESA as you like.

Live with Your ESA

With the EZCare ESA letter, you can live in any flat with your ESA. You can sue the landlord if they discriminate against you because of your emotional support animal California.

Fly with Your ESA

California emotional support animal registry is your permission to take your pet on a bus, a train, a cab, or an airplane. You won’t have to pay extra to bring your Emotional Support Animal California on a flight.

Avoid Pet Restrictions

Pet restrictions may prohibit having all pets or certain breeds in apartments, dorms at the office, or hotel room. The registered emotional support animal California may help to get around that.

About EZCare

We Offer a Range of Services Including ESA Letter Issuance and Renewal

Offering both Online Services and Walk-ins.

EZCare is a board-certified medical clinic in California with walk-in and online services. We work with qualified doctors and psychotherapists in providing comprehensive health services in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We believe that mental health services should be easy and accessible, which is why we are committed to delivering help to you in the comfort of your home.

No more waiting in long lines to register emotional support animal California. You can speak to a doctor or therapist in a matter of minutes. No insurance is needed! With our Emotional Support Animal California letter services, you can be sure that the document will be authentic and fully compliant with regulations.

Telehealth at EZCare

Mental Health Presents in So Many Different Ways for Different People

Contact us from the comfort of your home

The term “telehealth” is sometimes rendered “telecare”. It just means remote medicine that uses technology. At EZCare, through the internet, laptops, tablets, and their small cameras, you can do the majority of your medical appointments from home – except those that require some sort of surgery, of course, and that has nothing to do with ESA animals. So, stop wondering how to register your dog as an emotional support animal in California, just click on the button below!

how to get an esa letter

What Our Customers Have to Say

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They only have good things to say

Emotional Support Animal California

“I’m a worrier and was anxious about the approval process taking too long. EZCare delivered on their promise of fast delivery. Got my letter in my email the same day it was approved. Thank you again.”

Sophie M

3 days ago

Emotional Support Animal California

I first had a lot of questions so I emailed them and they always got back to me within a hour and was so friendly. I got my appointment for an ESA letter…

Joyce Y.

a month ago

Emotional Support Animal California

I needed to get my dog registered as an ESA animal and EzCare made it painless. I met with the doctor and received my letter 10 minutes later. Thank you…

Destiny T.

a month ago

Emotional Support Animal California

“Things couldn’t have gone any better. Such a fast and hassle-free process. I got my letter in the email the same day I was approved.”

Brent F

a month ago

Our Pricing Packages

We Are Committed to Providing Access to Affordable Emotional Support Animal Letter Services

Take advantage of our affordable prices to get a legitimate ESA Letter. We have tiered and accommodative pricing:

ESA Basic Package


ESA Full Package


ESA Renewal


ESA Additional Form


ESA State Laws, California

Protecting You and Your Esa Pet From Unfair Treatment

Following are the ESA laws you should know about:

ESA & Housing

With an ESA letter, you can live with your Emotional Support Animal San Francisco or Los Angeles, even where the landlord has a no pet policy. You are protected from all forms of discrimination in housing with the Fair Housing Act. These federal laws allow your ESA to stay with you in a rental unit with an otherwise no-pets policy.

ESA & Travel

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) covers is a federal law that’s enforceable in California when you travel with an emotional support animal Los Angeles. ACAA states that airlines should make accommodations to allow passengers with an ESA letter to travel with their pets in the main cabin.

ESA & Workplace

In California, there are additional protections for ESAs that apply in the workplace. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), on the other hand, ensures that tenants with a mental health issue (and an ESA letter) have the right to live with an Emotional Support Animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Are Here to Support You Through Any ESA Letter Related Queries

Following are common FAQ’s:

The EZCare ESA letter is issued by board-certified and licensed mental health practitioners. The letter is issued in line with federal and state regulations and is consistent with ACAA and FEHA.

The EZCare team comprises licensed mental health practitioners, including psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, physicians, and nurses.

FEHA laws state that if you must bring your ESA to work, your employer or colleagues should not stand in the way.

When you need to fly with an ESA letter California, an ESA letter from a licensed mental health practitioner can be of great help. The ESA letter explains your mental health issue and why you need to be with the Emotional Support Animal. Please note that you will have to comply with airline pet rules such as vaccination and training.

You can take a registered Emotional Support Animal Los Angeles, with you wherever you go, including college dorm and apartments. All you need is the ESA letter, and at EZCare, we make it effortless. You will have a brief online consultation and receive your letter a few minutes later.

No. FEHA laws prohibit your landlord from charging you extra pet rent or pet deposit, provided you have an ESA letter that explains why you need the animal.

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