If you have a mental or physical health disorder, you have likely met with a physician about finding the right treatment for you.

There are a variety of ways to treat ailments, ranging from pills to creams, with each bringing with them its own effects and range of effectiveness. Not all medicine types work for everyone, so it is not unusual that some people try to find alternative forms that might be more helpful for them.

This can be especially true for those who are recovering from mental disorders; prescription medication may not be enough or be helpful for those with these types of disorders. While they can be helpful and recommended, it is always important to understand the number of alternatives that are out there.

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Those recovering from a mental health disorder are often recommended therapy.

There are different types of therapy options, ranging from one-on-one with a licensed therapist to group sessions. You can even do activities that help you out mentally as well as physically. These same therapy techniques can be supplemented by prescription medication, but it is not required.

1. What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

If you are not interested in traditional forms of therapy, then you may prefer an alternate path. While it may not seem as conventional at first, you could benefit greatly from having an emotional support animal.

Also known as an ESA, these are domesticated animal companions who keep you comfortable and calm with their presence. They do not need to be specially trained in any way; as long as they are not an obvious hazard to anyone around them, they only need to keep you company.

It’s a straightforward and successful form of therapy that has worked for so many around the world, and it is highly recommended to those who do not want to engage with prescription medication or regular therapy sessions.

Emotional Pet Support Letter

This is also why it is so important to have an emotional support animal letter. EZCare clinic can provide you with a legitimate ESA letter that is signed by a licensed doctor, and that can work in any part of the country.

An ESA letter allows you to board airplanes without being hassled by the airline for having your animal companion with you. In this way, when traveling, you will not have to risk not having your ESA along wherever you go.

This document also allows you to live in apartment complexes that may take issue with you having an animal of any kind. With an officially signed ESA letter, you will not have to worry about landlords or airlines charging you with additional and unfair fees.

ESA Scams

ESA letter Misconceptions

2. Is EmotionalPetSupport.com A Scam?

One of the downsides to accessing the information on the internet is how easy it is to come across incorrect information or people who want to do you harm.

This is also the case with emotional support animal letters, as there are many websites online that have the sole aim of providing disingenuous products for the sake of profiting off unsuspecting ESA owners.

If you try and get a product from one of these sites, you run the serious risk of paying money for something that will not hold up with airlines or landlords.

Many of these sites have a similar pattern, and EmotionalPetSupport.com is no exception. What they ask you to do is fill out a questionnaire with basic questions pertaining to your health and why your ESA is vital for you.

This form is then sent out to someone (almost always referred to as a doctor) who will then look it over and determine whether you are suitable for having an ESA letter.

From here, you should be sent an electronic document; many of these sites do not offer physical documents, though the ones that do have it at an additional cost.

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This may seem normal and acceptable, and EmotionalPetSupport.com does a good job of making themselves seem very authentic.

Their homepage has all of the info you would likely want or need pertaining to ESA letters and even includes some text that makes them appear genuine (such as “Real Company With Most Positive Reviews”).

However, no matter how much text they may throw at you, they still fumble when it comes to the most important part of getting an ESA letter: they do not require you to speak with a licensed doctor. A

nyone can make a certificate and send it your way, but with a real ESA letter, you have to speak with a licensed doctor who can properly evaluate your situation for approval.

This can be done in person, over the phone, or through video chat; no matter which way, you must directly speak with a licensed doctor in order to get a genuine and valid ESA letter. If you receive a document signed by someone you never spoke to or interacted with, then that document is not valid as an ESA letter.


Red Flags to Spot in Fake ESA Letters

This is not the only thing that makes EmotionalPetSupport.com an untrustworthy website. Like too many other sites of its type, they seem to think that lumping service animals and emotional support animals together is perfectly fine.

Even though many sites, including this one, do point out that service dogs and ESAs are not exactly the same thing, they still provide their product in such a way that either or will do just fine.

What this means is that if you have a service animal (not an ESA), then their website will also work for you since a service animal could count as an ESA or fall under similar guidelines and regulations (which is not true).

Understand that service animals are trained and registered, where ESAs are not, and are never registered in any way (another thing many scam sites claim you do when getting a letter).

One more thing to note is when sites like these do not feature a verifiable address; this alone could warrant you from staying away. In the case of EmotionalPetSupport.com, they do have an address on their site, but it is not specific, only listing a city in Hawaii and its P.O. box number.

Searching this address with its P.O. box number can actually lead you to a government website under the name of Hawaii Business Express, which lists information pertaining to EmotionalPetSupport of the info provided, states that the purpose of the website is not ESA support but to provide web services such as SEO, web hosting, and Google PPC. 

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3. How Does EmotionalPetSupport.com Compare To EZCareClinic.com?

Getting an ESA letter from EmotionalPetSupport.com is just filling out the questionnaire on their homepage, waiting for someone to OK it, and then getting the letter via email.

The only qualifications come from the information you provide, as anyone can visit the website and just fill out the form; no doctor will be speaking with you to properly see if you qualify or not.

When you get to the part of the form where it asks you what sort of plan you want, you can choose between housing or travel for $99 or a combo deal for $149. Before that, you will come across various other offers relating to specific airlines and physical ID cards, which means the total price you might pay varies wildly.

How Can EZCare Clinic Help? 

EZCare Clinic makes it easy and legitimate by having you speak directly with a licensed doctor, either in person at our office or remotely over the phone or via video chat.

The doctor will be able to hear your reasons for wanting an ESA letter, which will allow them to take in your qualifications properly in order to provide true approval for a recommendation. Once approved, you will be sent your ESA letter electronically, as well as physically, at no additional charge.

While our prices are higher than EmotionalPetSupport.com, that is only because we are a genuine service that can provide full customer support along with renewal discounts, additional paperwork, and revisions. We start at $150 for housing or travel and $199 for both.

Do not get scammed by the many websites out there. Get in touch with a legit business and make an appointment with us today for more information on all its benefits.

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