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Book an Appointment

Select the ESA letter service after filling out your details to book your appointment. Choose a package that suits your needs. The last step is paying through our secure payments gateway.

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Speak to our LMHP

You will be matched with one of our mental health professionals qualified to offer Emotional Support animal registration Texas services. Expect a comprehensive evaluation during your video call appointment.


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Get Your ESA Letter

You will get a soft copy of your Emotional Support Animal Letter in Texas on the same day it is approved. The hard copy, sent by mail, should be in your possession within a few days.


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emotional support animal laws

Why You Need an ESA Letter

100% Certified Letters by Licensed Therapists

Having a legit and up-to-date emotional support animal letter in Texas allows you and your ESA the benefit of protection as provided under the law


Live with Your ESA

You can live with your ESA in any rental housing unit anywhere in Texas, even when these apartments have a no-pet policy. This also includes on-campus accommodation for students in compliance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Fly with Your ESA

Your ESA can fly with you in the airplane cabin. This is in compliance with provisions of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

Avoid Unfair Treatment

For both accommodation and travelling, an ESA letter ensures that you do not have to pay any additional fees for your Texas Emotional Support Animal.

About Us

We Offer a Range of Services Including ESA Letter Issuance and Renewal

Offering Online Services

EZCare Clinic is a leading clinic offering emotional support animal letter Texas services, among other medical services. Our team of licensed mental health professionals assess all applications on a case-by-case basis and approve new letters as well as renewals. We recognize and appreciate the role a Texas Emotional Support Animal plays in improving the quality of life of patients living with various mental and emotional conditions. Our team strives to ensure that you and your ESA enjoy the various protections by issuing 100% certified ESA letters.

We offer both in-person and online assessments, and you can choose what works best for you. Every evaluation is thorough, which helps our mental health professionals to identify other complementary therapies, in addition to ESA therapy that can help to improve your mental health. We are all about an integrative approach to addressing our patients’ mental health, and we customize all plans for the best possible results.


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We strive to ensure that our mental health services are easily accessible. Offering our services online provides this conveniently easy access to our clients all across Texas.

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ESA State Laws, Texas

Protecting You and Your ESA Pet from Unfair Treatment

Following are the emotional support animal registration Texas laws you should know about:


ESA & Housing

Residents of Texas with ESAs are entitled to the protections offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). Emotional Support Animal registration Texas laws allow your ESA to stay with you in a rental unit with an otherwise no-pets policy.

ESA & Travel

Federal Law classifies ESA’s as a special category for people with emotions support needs. This is covered under the Airline Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Under the law, an airline cannot charge additional boarding fees to take your ESA pet with you.

ESA & Workplace

Under the ADA, employers must consider accommodations that are needed because of a disability. However, they are not obliged to allow a disruptive pet at the worksite.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Are Here to Support You Through Any ESA Letter Related Queries

Following are common FAQ’s:

Any qualified and state-licensed mental health professional can write an ESA letter. At EZCare clinic, we have mental health therapists, marriage and family counselors, and clinical counselors licensed to provide their emotional support animal letter services in Texas. The license of such a professional need to be up-to-date for your ESA letter to be valid.


Yes. As long as the mental health professional offering the online consultation is licensed, then you are good. At EZCare, we offer both in-person and online consultations and assessments.

ESAs help to alleviate the symptoms of various mental and emotional conditions. Your letter, with respect to your right to privacy, will not disclose the specifics of what it is that qualifies you to have a Texas emotional support animal. Additionally, no landlord or airline can compel you to disclose any details regarding your diagnosis or how severe it is.

You can have more than one ESA, but you need to obtain an emotional support animal letter Texas for each of them. The general rule is that an ESA letter covers just one Emotional Support Animal.

Your Texas emotional support animal letter is valid for a year after the date it is issued. To keep enjoying the protections accorded to ESAs, ensure that you renew your letter on time.

You do not need an ESA letter for ESA registration. In reality, you are not required by law to register your ESA anywhere. Your ESA letter is, in fact, the only documentation that you are required by law to have and present to parties such as your landlord or an airline.

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