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Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

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Book an Appointment

Fill out a date and time that is most convenient for you when you book your appointment for our ESA letter service. Choose a plan that best suits your needs. Enter your payment information on the secure payment gateway.

Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

Step 2

Speak to Our LMHP

A state-licensed mental health professional will get in touch with you to confirm and make arrangements for your scheduled appointment. The professional will conduct your evaluation by video call at the selected time.

Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

Step 3

Get Your ESA Letter

Once approved, a PDF-version of your emotional support animal letter will be emailed to you immediately. The hard copy of the ESA Letter will also be mailed to your address within two to five business days.

Why EZCare Clinic?

Over 65,000+ Clients have improved their Mental Health with EZCare Clinic

Reliable service that is 100% compliant with state and federal laws

emotional support animal laws

Benefits of an ESA Letter

100% Certified Letters by Licensed Therapists

An ESA letter will earn you a waiver on pet restrictions in housings and airplanes even though their no-pets policies will apply to other animals.

Live Freely with Your ESA

You can live freely in any rented apartment with your ESA as provided for under the Fair Housing Act (FHAct.) Landlords verify your ESA letter before making any accommodations for your animal.

Fly with Your ESA

An emotional support animal letter New York will allow your ESA admission inside the airplane cabin. Your Emotional Support Animal can fly with you at no extra fee, in accordance with the provisions of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA.)


Avoid Unfair Pet Deposits

An emotional support animal letter New York allows you to keep your Emotional Support Pet without having to pay any unfair extra deposits. A legitimate letter from LMHP (licensed mental health professional) can help avoid this issue.


About EZCare

We Offer a Range of Services Including ESA Letter Issuance and Renewal

Offering both Online Services and Walk-ins.

We serve people from all walks of life in New York and across other states. We have a team of medical board licensed mental health professionals that will assess and approve your ESA letter application. We take great pride in being a reliable ESA letter service and guarantee that all letters issued are 100% certified.

At EZCare, we understand the value an Emotional Support Animal New York adds. We are committed to getting you a legit ESA letter after following New York emotional support animal laws so that you can have your ESA with you wherever you live and when you travel.


Telehealth at EZCare

Mental Health Presents in So Many Different Ways for Different People

We know going in to see a doctor may be quite a challenge.

At EZCare, we offer mental services online because we believe that everyone should have easy access to quality and affordable mental health services.

how to get an esa letter

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

“I’m a worrier and was anxious about the approval process taking too long. EZCare delivered on their promise of fast delivery. Got my letter in my email the same day it was approved. Thank you again.”

Sophie M

3 days ago

Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

I first had a lot of questions so I emailed them and they always got back to me within a hour and was so friendly. I got my appointment for an ESA letter…

Joyce Y.

a month ago

Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

I needed to get my dog registered as an ESA animal and EzCare made it painless. I met with the doctor and received my letter 10 minutes later. Thank you…

Destiny T.

a month ago

Emotional Support Animal Letter New York

“Things couldn’t have gone any better. Such a fast and hassle-free process. I got my letter in the email the same day I was approved.”

Brent F

a month ago

Our Pricing Packages

We Are Committed to Providing Access to Affordable Emotional Support Animal Letter Services

The cost covers your evaluation with our licensed mental health specialists and the cost of processing and delivering your paperwork once approved.

ESA Basic Package


ESA Full Package


ESA Renewal


ESA Additional Form


ESA State Laws, New York

Protecting You and Your ESA Pet from Unfair Treatment

Following are the New York state emotional support animal laws you should know about:


ESA & Housing

New York residents with ESAs are entitled to the protections offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). New York state emotional support animal registration laws allow your ESA to stay with you in a rental unit with an otherwise no-pets policy.

ESA & Workplace

In New York, there are additional protections for ESAs that apply in the workplace. Under the ADA, employers must consider accommodations that are needed because of a disability. However, they are not obliged to allow a disruptive pet at the worksite.

ESA & Travel

Federal Law classifies ESA’s as a special category for people with emotions support needs. This is covered under the Airline Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Under emotional support animal laws New York, an airline cannot charge additional boarding fees to take your ESA pet with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Are Here to Support You Through Any ESA Letter Related Queries

Following are common FAQ’s:

All the letters that we issue are 100% compliant with the federal laws that apply to ESAs, namely, the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACCA.) Again, all the letters are approved by qualified mental health specialists who are licensed by the medical board.

EZCare Clinic offers same-day issuance of New York emotional support animal letters once approved under emotional support animal registration laws New York. You will get a PDF version of your letter via text or email on the same day. Expect the hard copy in your mailbox within a few days.

EZCare is home to different mental health professionals, including licensed mental health counselors, licensed family, and marriage counselors, licensed clinical counselors, and licensed social workers. Based on your circumstances, you will be matched with a professional qualified to approve letters in New York.

Approval of your ESA letter is not guaranteed. If for whatever reason, your ESA letter application is unsuccessful, you will get a refund thanks to our money-back guarantee. The refund will be exclusive of a consulting fee.

Your ESA letter will come with the professional letterhead of the signing mental health professional. It is dated and signed and will contain the license number and contact information of the mental health professional who signs it.  The content of the letter basically covers confirmation that yours is a certified ESA under emotional support animal registration New York and that you do need it on account of a mental or emotional disability.

Your ESA letter will expire after a year. We offer a discounted rate to our clients for renewing the letter under the renewal plan.

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