ESA Scam

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ESA Scam

We wrote an review for customers that have or are in contact with this company. Our team at EZCare Medical Clinic has seen first-hand how a valued pet can be much more than a companion.

Pets can be a form of therapy for those experiencing emotional or mental disorders such as:

That’s why getting a letter designating your pet as an emotional support animal is important.

With a valid letter, your pet can live with you in housing that otherwise has a no-pets policy and can travel with you in the cabin of an airplane, all with no added fees or deposits.

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Unfortunately, there are scam companies out there like that provide fraudulent letters that will not hold up when examined by landlords or airlines. Here is what you need to know about and why they are a scam.

What Is is a fraudulent website that claims to offer housing or travel letters—or a combination of both—to those who want to live or travel with their pets. However, valid ESA letters cover both housing and travel, so this is the first red flag that this is a scam website.

ESA Scam Review Service Scam

At EZCare Medical Clinic, we only offer what you need—one ESA letter that covers both travel and housing, and that is guaranteed in all 50 states.

Literally, you are not buying a letter, you are getting a consultation with a licensed doctor and receiving a prescription afterward. In order to get this prescription, you have to speak with a licensed MD via telehealth or in-person.

The name of the doctor or the clinic should be available on the website so anyone can verify it with the Medical Board or the State Agency.

It might be considered as an Unlicensed Practice of Medicine if someone is hiding their name.

To verify a clinic as a legitimate medical service, you can visit the website. From there, you type in the name Doctor ESA and would see the license number but that is not the case and no information is found.

The only conclusion we can make is that this service is trying to make us believe they are real doctors, which we were unable to verify with the Medical Board.

Terms and conditions mention that they are not a medical provider, so who are they? A referral service? Do they sell leads to doctors? It is illegal in medical fields to sell leads like that!

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Is ESADoctors Legit? is not a legitimate medical service. Along with offering multiple forms of ESA letters which are unnecessary, they also have confusing language regarding their licensed physicians.

In one section, it states that you will be connected to a therapist to provide you with an ESA letter.

In another section, it states only that an LMHP will review your questionnaire to see if you qualify.

For an ESA letter to be valid, a licensed physician or mental health professional must speak to you and go over your health records. At EZCare Medical Clinic, our doctors always interview patients either in person or via our telehealth platform.

ESA Scam Review Service Scam

Another red flag is that there is no physical address listed for and no phone number to call for more information. The only way to contact customer support is to fill out a form on the site.

Those who provide valid medical services (ESA letters) must have a physical location where their professionals work. Our team clearly states our physical address on our website and we have a customer service line that is answered seven days a week. Both of these are missing from’s website and are clear indications that this is a fraud.

At EZCare Clinic, we care about our patients who are experiencing mental and emotional struggles.

Not only do we provide valid ESA letters written by licensed professionals who personally interview our patients, but we also offer a number of other services via telehealth or in our clinic.

We strive to educate those who are looking for ESA letters so they will not be taken advantage of by scam sites such as and will instead find a valid service so they can keep their treasured pets with them as much as possible.

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