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According to the World Health Organization, out of 1.9 billion women of the ages 15 – 49 years, 1.1 billion of them require family planning. Eight hundred forty-two million use contraceptives, but around 270 million are struggling to meet their contraception needs. Could you be one of them? No need to fret; in this article, you shall get insight into five modern birth control methods you can use.

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Accessing contraceptive methods of your choice is a human right, like education, freedom of speech, and life. Contraceptives prevent women from becoming pregnant. If you are sexually active and not ready for a child, using a birth control method would be the best option. Thanks to the advent of technology, today, the market is spoilt with options for you. In return, it becomes hard to choose an ideal contraceptive method. Here is a review of the five most famous modern control methods.

1. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

As its name donates, Long-active reversible contraception (LARC) lasts for long. It comes either as an implant that lasts for five years or an intrauterine device (IUD), which lasts for either three, five, or ten years. It depends on the package you choose. Their efficiency is rated 99%, making them the most effective birth control method available today.


Birth Control and their type
What are the different types of contraception?


2. Hormonal Contraceptives

The contraceptives come either as the Depo Provera injection or the pill. The pills are of two types as follows;

  • Progestogen-only contraception pill: It makes the cervix produce thick mucus that prevents pregnancy as the sperms become disabled to swim towards the eggs. The pills have progestogen and not estrogens, giving rise to its name “progestogen-only pill.”
  • Combined oral contraceptive pill: The pill contains the progestogen and estrogen hormones that prevent the eggs from developing. That means no periods since no egg gets released from your ovary.

Since 8 out of 100 people using this pill get pregnant, it is renowned for being 92% effective. But its efficiency can go up to 99% only when taken continuously and correctly. You take a  pill everyday day.

With the Depo Provera Injection, you receive an injection every three months. Generally, this injection is usually 97% effective but can rise to 99% when taken on time.

3. Barrier Methods

Barrier methods bar the sperms from entering the vagina. They include the following;

  • Internal condoms
  • Condoms

The advantage the condoms have over other forms of birth control methods is they prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can get them from the nearest family planning clinic, doctor, pharmacy, online shops, or the store next door.

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4. Emergency Contraception

The emergency contraception comes in two options;

  • The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP): It gets designed to be taken three days after having unprotected sex. It is 98% effective on an average-weight person. But if your weight is beyond 70kg, a copper IUD is most preferred. Otherwise, you may need to take a double dosage of the ECP.
  • The Copper IUD: It gets inserted if you have had unprotected sex up to five days. With a 99% effective rate, Copper IUD ranks on top as the best emergency contraceptive.

You can use emergency protective contraceptive when;

  1. You have unprotected sex
  2. Contraception in use fails. For example when a condom splits
  3. You miss taking your contraceptive pills more than once
  4. You diarrhea or vomit while taking contraceptive pills
  5. You miss your contraceptive injection
  6. Coerced to have sex without using any birth control methods


Facts about birth control
Did you know? – Facts about Birth Control.


5. Permanent Contraception

It is also known as sterilization and prevents all pregnancies that can happen in the future. Reversing this kind of contraception is impossible, that’s why you should be sure whether you need it performed on you. If you are through with having kids, it’s the best option to take. It is of two types as described herein;

  • Vasectomy: It is a procedure done to men only, and entails a small surgery to help block the sperms from going into the semen. The semen is the liquid ejaculated through the penis when a man reaches orgasm. The testes still produce sperms after a vasectomy, but the body soaks them up.
  • Tubal Ligation: It is done on women only as it involves tying, blocking, or removing the fallopian tubes. As a result, the eggs cannot travel from the ovaries, and the sperms cannot swim to the eggs. However, the procedure does not affect your menstrual cycle.

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The use of birth control methods helps in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. For any help concerning modern birth control methods, please book an appointment with us for assistance. The use of contraceptives may come with side effects like hormonal imbalance and anxiety, which we also help manage and treat.

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