Emotional Support Animal in Irvine

At EzCare Clinic, We provide legitimate Emotional Support Animal letters from licensed mental health LMHPs in Irvine.
An emotional support dog letter is a document provided to you by a licensed MD or mental health physician that indicates that your pet is part of a treatment program for your mental health or emotional disability. An Emotional Support Animal certificate allows permission to airline cabins and pet restricted housing without extra fees and/or deposits. The professional staff at EZCareClinic is dedicated to providing Irvine patients with legitimate services as well as a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Please keep in mind that our doctors are available on Saturday and Sunday and appointments are not needed but they are encouraged.


Secure video chat with MD. No auto-approvals


100% Refund if not accepted by Airline


We are available 7 days 9 am- 9 pm


Same day appointments are available during business hours. Online ESA documents are legit only after a telehealth visit with a licensed MD.


(415) 966-0848


Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine



Irvine residents can get one letter for housing or airlines.



For Housing and Airlines, 12-month support, unlimited ESA documentation revisions, additional paperwork for free, low-cost annual renewals.



Irvine patients ESA online renewal package. Full package included.

Common Problems Irvine Pet Owners Face

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine


Have shown growing cynicism towards Americans with disabilities

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine


Unfair-fee restrictions on one-way travel

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine


Discriminations in providing accommodation

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine


Unfair rents for housing with high pet deposits

Benefits of ESA Letters

Emotional support animals is a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit to an individual with a disability, which significantly limits a person’s major life activities. Under the HUD’s Fair Housing Act, ESAs are reasonable accommodation for persons with disability. Unlike common belief, ESA is not pets but rather a companion-animals that help to mitigate the negative symptoms of a person’s emotional mental disability by calming and reducing emotional distress. An ESA can be any animal prescribed by a licensed mental health professional with a letter showing they are part of the individual’s treatment journey.


EZCare Clinic is a walk-in clinic in California, with its headquarters in San Francisco. Our services are open to both local and online clients in all the 50 states with a wide range of medical problems in a comfortable non-judgmental environment. Our staff comprises of MD and therapists licensed in California to handle medical conditions ranging from sexual dysfunctions, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. We walk with you through the Irvine emotional support animal registration process to ensure you acquire and live with your ESA liberally.


At EZCare Clinic, we are dedicated to serving our clients across the country 7 days a week between 11am and 7pm. At the bottom of each page on our website, we have a customer service assistant ready to answer all your questions with the chat button. You can also call our offices (415) 966-0848 to make enquiries or book an appointment online to commence the process of obtaining a legally valid and legitimate emotional support animal letter in Irvine from a licensed California ESA MD. Same day appointments are available to enable you get your documentation.

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine

#1 ESA Dog Irvine


Dogs are the most common type of emotional support animals in Irvine due to their ability to comfort people through affection and companionship. People often confuse ESAs with service animals, as they tend to offer similar functions. Although service dogs have been trained to perform, specific tasks needed to aid a person with disability, they can act as therapy dogs in cases of extreme physical impairment.

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine

#2 ESA Cat


Not all Irvine patients can have dogs as their assistance animal. Cats are loving and playful members of human families. While they cannot be trained as a service animal, cats are exceptional and docile ESAs due to their hygiene, size, and ability to bond to the caregivers. Since they are quite and masters at caring for themselves, cats are a better option for those who require low maintenance ESAs.

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Irvine

#3 ESA Irvine


Rabbits have fun and unique personalities that help relieve stress and provide the love and companionship that a disabled person requires. The floppy ears and twitching nose is enough to cheers some up when feeling down. Since they are low maintenance and require little space, they are ideal for apartment dwellers who do not have worry about keeping their neighbors up at night.

Irvine ESA Certificate Coupons and Promo Codes

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Emotional Support Animal Letter Scam in Irvine

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